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Lordz of Brooklyn, also known as The Lordz is an American crossover hip hop/rock group from New York. The group was started by brothers Mike McLeer (Mr. Kaves) and Adam Mcleer (Admoney) as the Verrazano Boys but eventually changed to Lordz of Brooklyn where they were joined by Dino Cerillo (Dino Botz), Paulie Nugent (Paulie Two Times), and Scott Westerman (Scotty Edge). In 1995, their debut album All in the Family received favorable reviews and established them as a well-known underground group.

Through the rest of the 90s, they would often collaborate with Everlast, and in 2000 with Bumpy Knuckles they released the EP The Lordz of Brooklyn Meet Bumpy Knuckles. In 2003 they released the album Graffiti Roc which included collaborations by Busta Rhymes, Korn, Rampage (2), etc.

In 2006, rebranded as The Lordz, they released the album The Brooklyn Way and had a reality show by the same name a year later. While the group continued touring they eventually returned to their original name and released the album Family Reunion in 2020.

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Members:Adam Mcleer, Dino Cerillo, Mike McLeer, Paulie Nugent, Scott Westerman
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