Real Name:Rednex

Swedish novelty-act. Producer Patrick Edenberg used his alias Pat Reiniz for this project. All other members also have an alias.
Until 2011 the band performed in fixed formations.
From 2012 on the band performs in mixed formations depending on the location where they perform and the availability of the members.
In 2012 a short-lived separate band line-up was created for performances in New Zealand and Australia.

Current members:
Ace Ratclaw (Tor Pentén) (2004-2007, 2009-now)
Boneduster Crock (Björn Scheffler) (2003-2004, 2015-now)
Misty Mae (Cecilia Karlsson) (2014-now)
Spades (7) (Jan Blumentrath) (2015-now)
Pervis The Palergator (Christian Sterba/Christian Nakanishi) (2017-now)
Cash (47) (Uwe Grunert) (2017-now)
Zoe (64) Duskin (Nika Karch) (2018-now)
Jiggie McClagganahan (Yana Görisch/Yansn) (2018-now)
Moe Lester The Limp (Ďuro Varga/Dnes (2)) (2018-now)
Pickles (Siddy Bennett) (2019-now)
Dixie Chopper (Benjamin Giubarelli) (2022-now)

Past members:
Mary Joe (Annika Ljungberg) (1994-1997, 2004-2008)
Billy Ray (Jonas Nilsson (18)) (1994-2001, 2015-2018, reserve from 2018 on)
Bobby Sue (Kent Olander) (1994-2001)
Ken Tacky (Anders Arstrand) (1994-2000, 2015)
Mup (Pat Reiniz) (1994, occasionally from 2012 on)
B.B. Stiff (Urban Landgren) (1995-2001, 2015-2018, reserve from 2018 on)
Whippy (Mia Löfgren) (1999-2001, 2015-2018, reserve from 2018 on)
Scarlet (5) (Julie Tulley) (2001-2004, 2009-2012)
Dagger (4) (Anders Sandberg) (2001-2005, 2009-2017, reserve from 2017 on)
Joe Cagg (Roy van der Haagen) (2001-2003, 2009-2018)
Jay Lee (3) (Jean-Paul Engeln) (2001-2003, occasionally from 2019 on)
Snake/Cotton Eye Joe (Jens Sylsjö) (2005-2008)
Maverick (56) (Anders Lundström) (2006-2008)
Dakotah (Nadja Flood) (2012-2015, reserve in 2017)
Abby Hick (Christine van de Ven) (2012-2018)
Rufus Jones (Pontus Söderqvist) (occasionally from 2012 on)
Rattler (2017-2018)
Cassidy (2017)

Any new member performing in their trial period has the nickname Puppy (male) or Puppette (female).

Rednex NZ members:
Rayanna Randy Payne (Theresa Murphy) (2012)
Rawtooth Rick (Anthony Sibbald) (2012)
Slimboy (Pascal Roggen) (2012)

Members-timeline from the official website:

Permanent members
1994: Bobby Sue (Kent Olander), Billy Ray (Jonas Nilsson), Ken Tacky (Anders Arstrand), Mup (Ranis Edenberg), Mary Joe (Annika Ljungberg)
1994–1995: Bobby Sue, Billy Ray, Ken Tacky, Mary Joe, BB Stiff (Urban Landgren)
1996–1997: Bobby Sue, Billy Ray, Ken Tacky, BB Stiff
1998–1999: Whippy (Mia Löfgren), Bobby Sue, Billy Ray, Ken Tacky, BB Stiff
2000: Whippy, Bobby Sue, Billy Ray, BB Stiff
2001–2003: Scarlet (Julie-Anne Tulley), Dagger (Anders Sandberg), Joe Cagg (Roy van der Haagen), Jay Lee (Jean-Paul Engeln)
2003–2004: Scarlet, Dagger, Ace Ratclaw (Tor Penten), Boneduster Crock (Björn Scheffler)
2004–2005: Dagger, Ace Ratclaw, Boneduster Crock, Annika Ljungberg
2005–2005: Dagger, Ace Ratclaw, Annika Ljungberg, Jens Sylsjö (Snake)
2006–2006: Anders Lundström (Maverick), Penten, Sylsjö, Ljungberg
2007–2008: Anders Lundström (Maverick), Sylsjö, Ljungberg
2009–2012: Scarlet, Dagger, Ace Ratclaw, Joe Cagg
Pool member changes
2012-13: Dakotah (Nadja Flood), Abby Hick, Dagger, Ace Ratclaw, Joe Cagg, Rufus Jones, Mup
2014: Misty Mae joins.
2015: Whippy (Mia Löfgren), Boneduster Crock, Spades, Billy Ray, BB Stiff join.
2017: Pervis the Palergator, Cash, Rattler and Cassidy join. Cassidy leaves. Dagger becomes reserve.
2018: Zoe, Jiggie McClagganahan, Moe Lester the Limp join. Whippy, Abby Hick, Boneduster Crock, Joe Cagg, Rattler leave. Billy Ray, BB Stiff become reserves.

Historical changes:

Whippy & Abby Hick are no longer members of the pool.
Billy Ray is a reserve.
Joe Cagg is a temporary reserve til the end of 2018 and will thereafter leave Rednex.
Boneduster Crock will take a break from Rednex until May 2019, possibly longer.

2018, May
BB Stiff becomes reserve
Moe Lester the Limp joins Rednex

Jiggie McClagganahan joins Rednex

Zoe joins Rednex

2017 November
Cash joins Rednex

2017 August
Dagger becomes reserve.

2017 June
Cassidy leaves Rednex

Rattler & Cassidy & Pervis the Palergator joins Rednex , MySpace , Facebook , Facebook , Facebook , X , YouTube , YouTube , Wikipedia , Wikipedia , Imdb
Aliases:Collo Rossi
Members:Anders Arstrand, Anders Lundström, Anders Sandberg, Annika Ljungberg, Boneduster Crock, Cecilia Karlsson, Dagger (4), Jan Blumentrath, Jay Lee (3), Jens Sylsjö, Jiggie McClagganahan, Joe Cagg, Jonas Nilsson (18), Julie Tulley, Kent Olander, Mia Löfgren, Moe Lester The Limp, Nadja Flood, Nika Karch, Patrick Edenberg
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