The Wild Cherries

The Wild Cherries

The Wild Cherries was an Australian rock group that formed in late 1964 playing R&B, which evolved into experimental psychedelic music. The fifth version of the group disbanded in 1972, but several past members reunited for one concert on 26 January 2002.

Wild Cherries Mk I 1964-66
John Bastow (vocals, harmonica)
Les Gilbert (bass)
Geoff Hales (drums)
Rob Lovett (guitar, vocals)
Malcolm McGee (lead guitar, vocals)
Kevin Murphy (drums)

Wild Cherries Mk II
Keith Barber (drums) Jan. 1967- Oct. 1968
Peter Eddy (bass) 1967
Les Gilbert (organ)
Danny Robinson (vocals) Jan. 1967- Oct. 1968
Lobby Loyde (aka Barry Lyde) (lead guitar)
John Phillips (bass) Jan. 1967 - Oct. 1968

Wild Cherries Mk III (Oct. - Nov. 1968)
Barry Harvey (drums)
Lobby Loyde (aka Barry Lyde) (lead guitar)
Steve Pristash (bass)
Barry Sullivan (rhythm guitar)
Matt Taylor (vocals)

Wild Cherries Mk IV (Nov. 1968-April 1969)
Brian Wilson (lead vocals) Nov. 1968
Tim Piper (guitar) Dec. 1968-Apr. 1969
Steve Pristash (bass) Nov.-Dec. 1968
Barry Sullivan (lead guitar (Nov. 1968), bass (Dec. '68 - Apr. '69)

Wild Cherries Mk V (1971-72)
Lobby Loyde (guitar)
Teddy Toi (bass)
Johnny Dick (drums)


The Wild Cherries Discography Tracks


GROO0061LP, GROO061LP The Wild Cherries 16 Pounds Of R&B (LP) Groovie Records, Groovie Records GROO0061LP, GROO061LP Portugal 2017 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

FK-2052 The Wild Cherries That's Life(7") Festival Records FK-2052 Australia 1967 Sell This Version
FK-1879 The Wild Cherries Krome Plated Yabby(7") Festival Records FK-1879 Australia 1967 Sell This Version
FX 11,422 The Wild Cherries Krome Plated Yabby(7", EP) Festival Records FX 11,422 Australia 1968 Sell This Version
FK-2258 The Wild Cherries Gotta Stop Lying(7") Festival Records FK-2258 Australia 1968 Sell This Version
FK-2535 The Wild Cherries I Don't Care(7") Festival Records FK-2535 Australia 1968 Sell This Version
H.1006 The Wild Cherries I'm The Sea (Stop Killing Me)(7") Havoc (4) H.1006 New Zealand 1971 Sell This Version


RV-05 The Wild Cherries / The Throb (2) The Wild Cherries / The Throb (2) - Let's Meet The Throb The Wild Cherries(7", EP, Comp, Mono) Raven Records RV-05 Australia 1979 Sell This Version
HAC113 The Wild Cherries That's Life(CD, Comp) Half A Cow Records HAC113 Australia 2007 Sell This Version


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April 20, 2017
Isolated geographically in the southern Pacific Ocean, Australian rock musicians may as well have been playing their trade on another planet as far as North American, British and European audiences were concerned. Indeed, in terms of rock music per se, only the Bee Gees (who were primarily pop) and the Easybeats made any headway internationally, and only then once they’d relocated to the mother country.
Yet despite its vast distance from the all-important American and British markets, Australia gave birth to vibrant music scenes that delved deep into beat, R&B, punk and psychedelia. Many of the recordings from this period have found their way on to compilations over the years, most notably Raven Records’ superb Ugly Things and the noteworthy Sixties Downunder series. Thanks to the dedicated and exhaustive work of respected Australian music archivist Glenn A Baker, mastermind behind Raven Records, these priceless gems have provided a handy introduction to Oz legends like the Missing Links, the Purple Hearts and the Master’s Apprentices.

Less celebrated than many of their Australian contemporaries but arguably more significant in the creative stakes was Melbourne’s Wild Cherries. Where most Oz bands during those halcyon days blatantly wore their influences on their sleeves, the Wild Cherries were uniquely original and uncompromising in their delivery and execution. “Exciting, revolutionary excursions into a musical void with no concessions to commercial demands” is how Australian rock journalist Ian McFarlane describes the band’s music in his superb Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop.
The 16 tracks are the ones that Australian labes didnt want to put out on a recording, to wild for them, so expect not more than that on this LP. The inside inner brings a ton of photos and texts by Nick Warburton.

If you are in 60's savage stuff as The Kinks or The Pretty Things or even in to more late 60's psychedelia, this is for you.

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