Julian Ruiz

Real Name:Tomas Julián Ruiz Garrido

Journalist of SER radio stations and engineer with a degree in Politics. Born in Murcia 1950, he started in the 60s in "Los Roller". Producer of over a hundred albums, having also achieved 14 number one on the charts. He has worked, among others, with Nino Bravo, Alaska Y Los Pegamoides, Orquesta Mondragón, Azul Y Negro, Tino Casal, Objetivo Birmania, Burning, Danza Invisible, Cómplices, Miguel Ríos, Manolo Tena, Rafa Sánchez and Marta Sánchez. It is also the composer of the projects Elbosco, CCCP (4), Esperanto (10), Atlántida (4) and The Globe Icon, with sales approaching five million copies in recent years. Founder with Paco Martín of MR label.
Owner of Plásticos Y Decibelios production company (named after his radio show). , Wikipedia
Aliases:Ars Mundi (2), Rojotua, Thomas Garr
In Groups:Los Roller
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