Larry Heard

Real Name:Larry Heard

Born on the South Side of Chicago on May 31st 1960.
Larry Heard is an USA DJ, producer and musician, playing drums in various bands between 1977 & 1984. He left bands in 1984, purchased a keyboard, a drum machine and composed deep house classics "Mystery Love" and "Washing Machine". Since 1986, Larry Heard produced several dance hits, as well as underground, deep house and ambient albums.
He is managed by Rene Gelston. As founder of the influential group Fingers Inc. along with Ron Wilson and Robert Owens, he is widely known as a pioneering figure in 1980s Chicago House music.

Sites:Bandcamp , Facebook , Wikipedia
Aliases:2nd Avenew, Ace "Smokin" Amy, Blakk Society, Disco-D, Gherkin Jerks, Loosefingers, Mr. Fingers, The Housefactors, Trio Zero
In Groups:Fingers Inc., Nightshift (10), The It, The Ram Project
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