Hugh Bullen

Real Name:Hugh Aldwyn Bullen

Trinidad e Tobago born jazz bassist based in Italy.
Died 1st of november, 2016.

Story (From Innspirals Records website and other sources)
At the age of fifteen, Hugh joined the Soul Trinity band as the bass player, with his brother Kelvin Bullen. They played supporting acts to Jimi Hendrix, Cream (2), Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, Graham Bond and the John Mayle Blues Band.

Years later, Hugh Bullen joined the top soul band Joe E. Young & The Toniks with Aretha Franklin at Hamersmith Odeon (Now Eventim Apollo) in London. After Joe E. Young & The Toniks, Hugh performed with American soul singer Herbie Goins & The Nightimers. While on tour in Italy, he was spotted by Wess Johnson, an American musician living in Rome. Wess invited Hugh to join his band, Wess & The Airedales, and as a result, Hugh stayed in Italy for a number of years, becoming one of the countries most sought after bass players.

In Milan, Hugh recorded and performed with many of the great Italian song writers such as Lucio Battisti, Antonello Venditti, Aria, Eugenio Finardi, Ivan Graziani, Lucio Fabbri and Rocky Roberts. While in Milan, Hugh and Walter Calloni were credited with creating the new "Milan Sound", this was subsequently acknowledged in Italian rock music history books.

He also released a solo album along with guitarist Franco Mussida (from the progressive band Premiata Forneria Marconi). The album was called Feeling.

In the late 70s, Hugh started releasing singles in disco style, most of them in Italy.

In 1979, Hugh Bullen returned to England, and started playing with Gonzalez. Hugh was a fill-in sub for the band.

Hugh appeared in their fifth album, Move it to the music.

Hugh returned to London in the 90s, to join the R&B band The Boogie Brothers (5). The band spent five very good years touring France, Norway, Russia, Denmark, Ireland and performed at many of London's top clubs. During this time, the band performed along side the Gypsy Kings and headlined with world acclaimed Motown singer Edwin Starr.

Hugh married Adesuwa Obaseki, and have formed a musical duo and a team performing mostly gospel music, with a record label, Innspirals Records, and a recording studio, 7 World Music in London.

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In Groups:Gonzalez, Joe E. Young & The Toniks, The Boogie Brothers (5), The Nightimers, Wess & The Airedales
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