Fra Lippo Lippi

Fra Lippo Lippi

Norwegian post-punk synthpop band.

Fra Lippo Lippi Discography


Fra Lippo Lippi In Silence (Album) Uniton Records Norway 1981 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Small Mercies (Album) Uniton Records, Uniton Records Norway 1983 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Songs (Album) Virgin Scandinavia 1985 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Light And Shade (Album) Virgin, Virgin Italy 1987 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi The Colour Album (Album) The Record Station Sweden 1989 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Crash Of Light (Album) Easter Productions Norway 1989 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Dreams (Album) Sonet Grammofon AS Norway 1990 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi In A Brilliant White (Album) EMI Philippines 2002 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

20180 Fra Lippo Lippi Tap Dance For Scientists(7") Private Records 20180 Norway 1980 Sell This Version
UNITON 005, uniton 005 Fra Lippo Lippi Now And Forever(7", Single) Uniton Records, Uniton Records UNITON 005, uniton 005 Norway 1982 Sell This Version
U 014, UO 14 Fra Lippo Lippi The Treasure(12") Uniton Records, Uniton Records U 014, UO 14 Norway 1983 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Say Something (Single) Uniton Records Norway 1984 Sell This Version
Lacer7 Fra Lippo Lippi / Minox Fra Lippo Lippi / Minox - Leaving / Suite Maniacal(7", Ltd) Industrie Discografiche Lacerba, Industrie Discografiche Lacerba Lacer7 Italy 1985 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Come Summer (Single) Virgin UK 1986 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Shouldn't Have To Be Like That (Maxi, Single) Virgin Italy 1986 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Every Time I See You (Single, Maxi) Virgin, Virgin France 1986 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Some People (Single) Virgin Philippines 1987 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Angel (Single, Maxi) Virgin Europe 1987 Sell This Version
VGN45-8093 Fra Lippo Lippi Light and Shade / Leaving(7", Single) Virgin VGN45-8093 Philippines 1987 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Count On Me The Record Station Sweden 1989 Sell This Version
EAST 2 PROMO Fra Lippo Lippi Every Time That I See You (Live)(7", Promo) Easter Productions EAST 2 PROMO Norway 1989 Sell This Version
113 664 Fra Lippo Lippi A Little Rain Must Fall(7", Single, Promo) Ariola 113 664 Germany 1989 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Love Is A Lonely Harbour (Single) The Record Station Germany 1989 Sell This Version
Fra Lippo Lippi Mothers Little Soldier (Single, Maxi) Ariola Europe 1990 Sell This Version
TCD 9662 Fra Lippo Lippi Thief In Paradise(CD, Single) Sonet Grammofon AS TCD 9662 Norway 1992 Sell This Version


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May 26, 2005
edited over 7 years ago
This band is all but forgotten now. But for a brief moment in the mid-80s, in the wake of a-ha's commercial success, FLL were considered Norway's new bright hope on the pop market (it should be added that a-ha's achievements injected a proportionless optimism in the music business and media in this country, particularly as Norwegian bands' previous attempts to impress an international audience had all been notably lacklustre). FLL, who coined their weird name from an Italian renaissance painter, landed a lucrative recording deal with Virgin in 1985 on the strength of their excellent hit single "Shouldn't Have To Be Like That" and the album "Songs", and shortly afterwards they went to the US to record an LP which the label hoped would give them the The Big Push. Those dreams would soon be shattered, but although the band's (or rather their label's) quest for international stardom ultimately flopped, FLL still recorded some quality music, and they would also enjoy considerable success in more remote parts of the world.

Although they made their name with sophisicated, jazzy pop music with a distinctly polished touch, FLL originally came from the alternative scene, their first album "In Silence" (1981) being a gloomy piece of gothic-inspired post punk / new wave which was moodier than a Joy Division fan on a bad hair day. I'm no goth fan at all, but I still find "In Silence" an enjoyable, if slightly depressing listen (the fact that Rune Kristoffersen provided the vocals at the time doesn't make the music any more uplifting - his strangely indecipherable delivery gives the music a hollow, abstract touch). However, the band's style would change radically with 1983's "Small Mercies"; at this point, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Per Øystein Sørensen had joined the band, and the sound became much more accessible and pop-oriented. This transition was completed on their third album "Songs", a finely crafted melancholic pop album which is their best effort to date.

Virgin then drafted Steely Dan's Walter Becker to produce their next album, and sent Kristoffersen and Sørensen across the dam, hoping that they'd return with a mega-seller (Norwegian journalists even joined the duo to provide reports from their recording sessions in LA). But the band's west coast adventures produced decidedly mixed results; Walter Becker's habitual perfectionism, a ton of guest musicians and a prolonged recording process all contributed to making the album a somewhat over-polished and directionless affair. And when "Light And Shade" finally appeared in the shops in late 1987 in one of the tackiest sleeves ever seen, the public's interest had definitely waned, and Virgin didn't even bother to launch the album on the American market before they eventually dropped them altogether. FLL would nevertheless record another two albums in the following years, and while the rest of the world stopped caring about them, the duo would, in a weird parallell to a-ha's post-80's following in Brazil, enjoy enormous popularity in the Philippines, of all countries.

In the mid-90's, FLL more or less ceased to exist; Rune Kristoffersen instead proceeded to form the Rune Grammofon label, which would release everything from avantgarde and noise to jazz and folk music (including his own electronic improvisational project Monolight) to regular acclaim in publications such as The Wire. Per Øystein Sørensen, on the other hand, would appear in less rewarding settings such as the Eurosong contest before relaunching FLL as a solo project in 2003 (with Kristoffersen's blessing) - however, the new album he recorded ("In a Brilliant White") was apparently never released outside their core market in East Asia. Around the same time, Kristoffersen reissued some of the older FLL material on Rune Grammofon on two compilations, but due to copyright issues with Virgin, some of songs that appear on the "Best Of" album are inferior re-recorded versions. Either way, FLL remains a band of the "they could have been massive" variety that actually made some very fine music.

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