Canadian progressive rock band Nightwinds. They played High Schools and Festivals in the Toronto area. Their only album was produced by 2 members of Klaatu (Dee Long & Terry Draper), recorded in 1979 and not released until 1991 on CD.

Sandy Singers (vocals)
Gerald O'Brien (keyboards)
Terry O'Brien (guitar)
Mike Gingrich (bass)
Mike Phelan (drums)

Nightwinds was a progressive A-level bar band whose line-up would go on to greater things as individual members. They played around the Southern Ontario club scene, rotating with the likes of Rhinegold, Saga, FM and the like throughout 1978 and 1979. The band came to the attention of Klaatu members Terry Draper and Dee Long (on hiatus from their own recording career) when Terry and Gerald O'Brien were moonlighting in that duo's Top-40 cover band FUNN. Draper and Long took Nightwinds into the studio to record their debut album. Personnel conflicts erupted and the LP did not see the light of day until 1991 when Ken Golden's Laser's Edge Records released the rough monitor mixes of the original album on CD for the first time.

Mike Gingrich would eventually wind up in Klaatu's touring act in 1981/82. Gingrich would also play with the likes of Max Webster, Toronto and other Canadian acts as a session bassist; Gerald O'Brien would go on to form Surrender before touring with Klaatu as well. Eventually, he hooked up with Gerry Mosby (his old bandmate from The Hunt) to work in a jingle house, but soon grew tired of this in pursuit of more lucrative songwriting jobs. O'Brien lives in Los Angeles and is a member of expiremental jazz act Exchange with Steve Sexton; Terry O'Brien became an executive at BMG Publishing in the 1990's before moving to Vancouver in 1997; Sandy Singers manages a Food Bank in Kingston and was the vocalist in a showband called Soul Survivor.


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