Trashrock for Life, Anti-Pop and a strong affinity to the life principel of Motörhead…

Friedemann (voc), Pilse (git), Matze (bass) und Hanse (dr) aka COR are a band, which can justifiably be described as "cult". Yeah, right, this word is used to inflationary extent in nowadays music business, but it's a rare treat to see it being used in absolute correctness. Like here. Let's face it: attitude, meaning and message rarely go together in the long run, all three combined with sturdiness and endurance are treasure. Or cult. Or COR. Founded 2002, having 10 full-length albums under their belt and one of the most dedicated fanbases in Europe is only half of the tale one can tell about the band. The second half is their attitude, their total D.I.Y. approach and their full-blown ambition to keep true to themselves. All their albums have been released by themselves on their own label, they do their own promotion, their own management, print their own T-Shirts and yes, you can even expect them growing their own food. This all happens on the band-owned label Rügencore Records, based on Rügen island, where the fourpiece hails from - North-East Germany. Their sound reflects this attitude - no compromise, never surrender. The natural combination of Punk roots, Motörhead-trained snot and an urge in destroying a few clichés gets topped by lyrical finesse, that is unusual for the genre. Their live energy is legendary and their albums bring back the sound of a club filled with sweaty, slam-dancing punters. COR take no prisoners. They just simply convince you to join their team. No need to threaten you if you resist. For one simple reason: you cannot. (Andreas Kohl 2012)
Members:Christian Jungnickel, Friedemann Hinz, Johannes Hinz, Matthias Arndt, Robert Lefold
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