Cent Ans De Solitude

Real Name:
Jean-Yves Millet
Sound project of the man behind Les Nouvelles Propagandes label (France).
Created in the middle of the 80’s, CENT ANS DE SOLITUDE is a one man musical project, formerly based in Tours.
Apart from the first “extreme” industrial wave (WHITEHOUSE, SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND, S.P.K., NON, etc.), the band sets up dark atmospheres while developing long ambient electronic sequences, repetitive and cinematic with some snatches of minimal melodies that are captured before they disappear forever. No lyrics, few slogans, a guideline constituted by sound montages, sonorous sequences which merge, fade away, and then come back, melting into each others with the aim to delve deep into everyone’s fantasy world. A visual music that becomes a fledged image of forgotten emotions.
CENT ANS DE SOLITUDE displays a sound spectrum as a long sequenced-shot, changing sounds, noises, and events that come up at a hidden level of vibration and end with a vision of a world as people make it ... and un-make it...
Whether studio or on stage, the approach of this self-described “sound craftsman”, remains the same; to develop evocative ambiances, alternating between darkness and melancholy. To do so, he uses pre-recorded electronic layers and sounds, adding some acoustic elements; live manipulations of bastardized objects from their original function, such as scratched metal, hit stone, misused springs etc... the physical strength of sound being effected by the level of vibration on the objects.
To conclude, C.A.D.S. conceives his music a bit as one can conceive life; a strolling through the world with some sensitization points to situations, events, people, places. Contrary to many artists in electronic music, C.A.D.S. isnt only wrapped up in his inner world. The music is created with an interest in societal phenomena such as terrorism and the actual international facts of socio-political situations in Tibet, Myanmar, and Palestine...
C.A.D.S. invites you to take part in this journey; a halfway-point between self consciousness and subconscious.
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