Robert Tepper

Real Name:Antoine Roberto Teppardo

Hailing from Bayonne, New Jersey, Robert Tepper began his career as a writer in New York City, eventually uniting with singer Benny Mardones. Tepper co-wrote Mardones' hit song "Into the Night," which not only hit the top charts and earned a Grammy nomination on its initial release in 1980, but re-charted again nearly a decade later.

In 1985, Tepper moved to Los Angeles, signing a record deal with Scotti Brothers. When Sylvester Stallone heard "No Easy Way Out", he chose to use it on the Rocky IV soundtrack and in the film, becoming one of the year's biggest hits. "No Easy Way Out" was issued as a single, climbing into the Top 30 in early 1986. It preceded Tepper's debut, but failed to retain the public's interest. One more single, "Don't Walk Away," made a showing, stalling in the lower reaches of the Hot 100. The album "Modern Madness" came with no notice two years later, followed by Tepper separating from the label in protracted legal proceedings.

After the second album, Tepper got caught up in the recording industry politics and was chained without being able to get out of a deal for several years. Without being able to record any new solo albums, Tepper accepted the chance to join the reformed act Iron Butterfly, which he toured America with, and also started to record an album for, with nearly Tepper writing all the songs. Eventually, Robert Tepper finally got out of the deal with Scotti Brothers and was free to record as a solo artist again. Iron Butterfly's label offered Robert the chance to record a solo album, life looked pretty happening for him again. But before Robert had the chance the accept the Iron Butterfly treaty or produce a third solo album, the whole set up of the record label were signed to fall apart and Robert was once again part of the music industry politics. There really was "No Easy Way Out" for him.

After years of been locked away and spending the time writing songs, Robert felt strong enough to get back to the action again and decided to get a new album out. In 1996, "No Rest For The Wounded Heart", the third of Robert Tepper's solo albums was finally released, on MTM records. , Facebook , MySpace , , Wikipedia
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