In Vitro Test

In Vitro Test

Real Name:
Fabio Casagrande Napolin
Originally intended as an offshoot of La Casa Rosa Confetto training, with time became the solo project of Fabio Casagrande Napolin.
In Vitro Test named after the homonymous Stereotaxic Device track included in the 1990 album Stereo Taxic Device.
This project was active from 1992 to 1995, during which it made some demo tape.
In Vitro Test is then entered into a hiatus, returning to active between 2002 and 2008, during which he participated to some compilations on CD and during which he baked the CDr L'Age Du Triangle D'Or.
From 2005 to 2006 F.C.N. became the bassist of the Italian dark wave band The Sunset Boulevard (2) and shoegaze Kitsune.


In Vitro Test Histoire De L'Oeil (Cassette, 1992)
In Vitro Test Histoire De L'Oeil 2 (Cassette, 1993)
In Vitro Test & Los Muros The Pink House's Lift / Ciò Che Sta In Alto / L'Occhio Solare (Cassette, 1994)
In Vitro Test Shaved - Raccolta Demo 1992/1996 (Cassette, 1998)
In Vitro Test L'Age Du Triangle D'Or (CD-R, 2002)
In Vitro Test Le Dernier Jour Dans L'Espace (2003, unreleased)
In Vitro Test Le Dernier Jour Dans L'Espace (Extended) (2003, unreleased)
In Vitro Test & David T. from Inner Glory Envolée Pindarique (CD-R, 2005)
In Vitro Test Der Anhalter (2007, unreleased)
In Vitro Test Souvenir Du Triangle D'Or (mp3, wav, 2010)
In Vitro Test feat. Erik Ursich & Sylvia Schlecker In Heaven (Everything Is Fine) MK Ultra (mp3, 2015)

Various Carichi Sospesi (Cassette, 1993)
Various Mondo Boiazzo (Cassette, 1995)
Various Slam - Bam - Thank You Ma`am! (Cassette, 1995)
Various Sogni (Cassette, 1996)
Various Circolo Della Vela Vol. 1 - 2002 (CDr, 2003)
Various Flesh Gets Wasted And Dogs Get Angry (CDr, 2004)
Various Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years Of Afe (mp3, 2006)


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