Sal Solaris

Real Name:Константин Мезер (Konstantin Mezer) & Иван Напреенко (Ivan Napreenko)

Sal Solaris is a Russian duo working in the post-industrial field since late 1990s. Starting its experiments with static sound exploration of unearthly landscapes, the project has elaborated its distinctive 'modus operandi'. Today its powerful noisy ambient neighbors with dark techno patterns. Collaborators say they practice audiotherapy for 'broken cohesion of the world', as well as propaganda of neoteny, inner and outer space conquest and global shift towards anti-capitalist paradigm. Sal Solaris has releases on such labels as HauRuck!, Cyclic Law, KultFront, Zhelezobeton etc, runs its own label NEN Records, collaborated in studio and/or played live with Reutoff, Ancient Methods, Deutsch Nepal, SHXCXCHCXSH, Bad Sector, Demdike Stare, Heinali to name but a few.

Rostov-on-Don / Moscow , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , Facebook ,
Members:Иван Напреенко, Константин Мезер
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