Checkpoint 303

Real Name:
حاجز ٣٠٣ (Ḥājiz 303)
Checkpoint 303 is an avant-garde activist sonic project that creates experimental electronic music that aims at raising international awareness about the ongoing injustice and suffering of the civilian populations throughout the Middle East and the arab world. The duo is made up of Palestinian SC Yosh and Tunisian SC Mocha and combines field recordings predominantly performed in Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria & Yemen with electronic beats, FX, oud and subtle oriental tunes.

Using site recordings from Palestine, Checkpoint 303 constructs soundscapes live that weave cinematic audio with experimental sound processing and complex rhythms. Through its compositions, collected sounds and noise, Checkpoint 303 spreads a message of peace and a call for the respect of human rights. Contrasting with the mainstream media's exclusive depiction of violence and suffering in the middle-east, CP-303's sound collages also report on the heroic hope that subsists in the region as well as the seemingly banal but ever so meaningful little things that embody a daily search for normality in a state of emergency.


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