J.G. Thirlwell

Real Name:James George Thirlwell

Born: January 29, 1960, Melbourne, Australia

Native of Melbourne, Australia, Jim Thirlwell conceived the basic Foetus concept, when he relocated to London in 1978. The first Foetus release "OKFM / Spite Your Face" appeared in January 1981 on Thirwell's own Self Immolation label. Relocated this time to New York City in 1984, he operates since then under many monikers: mainly Foetus, but also Wiseblood (with Roli Mosimann), Steroid Maximus, Ectopic Ents International. Thirlwell has also produced, mixed and/or performed on vast quantities of recordings including many of the releases on Lydia Lunch's Widowspeak label and artists as diverse as The The, Nurse With Wound, Pantera, Virgin Prunes, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Coil, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arto Lindsay, Marc Almond and countless others... , Bandcamp , Wikipedia , Instagram , Facebook , X
Aliases:Bubba Kowalski, Clint Ruin, Foetus, Frank Want, Karl Satan And The Transvestites From Hell, Manorexia, Phillip Toss, Steroid Maximus, The Immaculate Consumptive, Xordox
In Groups:Baby Zizanie, Come, Freq_Out, Garage Monsters, Hydroze Plus, The Flesh Volcano, The Foetus Symphony Orchestra, The Freq_Out Orchestra, The Murray Fontana Orchestra, Wiseblood
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