Real Name:
Ephraim Wegner / Flo.Huth
Skug was founded in Freiburg/Germany by Ephraim Wegner and Florian Huth in 2003. Though meanwhile both musicians live in different towns of Germany, they still meet regularly to compose new pieces of music, to program music software or just in order to make music.
Skug's music creates a very visual aspect which gives enough space to the listener to realise his own imagination and to unfold his own fantasy. Like in fine arts, a picture emerges successively by applying one layer of colour after another, Skug create their work bit by bit. Spaces are interchangeable – topoi that exist and can be experienced anytime and everywhere.


Skug Discography Tracks


Crónicast 049 Skug Variations (1, 2, 3)(File, MP3, 256) Crónica Crónicast 049 Portugal 2009