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September 6, 2018
edited 2 months ago

Dancing with tears in my eyes

In my life there had been a lot of artists who have enthused me, from whom I till today listen to their tracks.
But there had been only a handful who have given an unique aura to my personal development, a soundtrack to the things happen to me. James Bernard aka Influx has given others and me this gift. A gift of sounds which are made also for a higher level as just for the dance.
My first contact and at the same moment a key-experience was for me to listen the first time to 'Dreamscape' in a radio show by Sven Väth who is known for his unique talent to find tracks shocking the world by their special quality of impressiveness, tracks who change the behaving of the listeners and tracks which are new for most of them. Me and my brother had been same impressed and this track unites us in memories and stories till today.
James Bernard released this more deep going, more emotional track on the Rising High sublabel Sapho. The founder of Rising High Records, Caspar Pound, was also an exception talent in what he did and that he pushed the releases of Bernard is one more proof that we talk about one of the most important artists in 90s techno history. Bernard built Pound a memorial with the wonderful track 'Caspar's Ghost' which closes the circle of knight service to the techno world by two big and absolute unique talents.
Bernard knows all about quality ambient, acid trance, techno, IDM but also hard(core) acid.
His most known moniker is Influx (hammer tracks = the complete SAPH 14, the tracks '2001', 'Paradise Regained', 'Imnoscan', 'Black Out', 'TB-Rage', 'Macrocosm (3/4)', 'Eros' ...to name just a few - better check out all others!) but also his tracks under Cybertrax (more hard, acid and experimental sounds + also ambient soundscapes; my favorite tracks e.g. = 'Visions' & 'Drifting') are well known. Together with C. Degrasse he formed DKO on Sapho, one 12“ was released in 1994, the last 12“ at all on Sapho.
1999 James released a nice IDM 12" under the project name Protocol, after his 98 similar style cd-album 'Razorblades n' Icecream' ('Yup Yup' & 'Cryen' are soo strong...or the dancing shadows of 'Techstyle') and one year later he produced two rave/electro/breaks 12“s together with Dj Sandy as Sybertracks. Under his aka Expansion Union you can find a cd album and several 12“ promos on TVT/ Wax Trax!. The sound is more harsh, broken beat/ big beat style. From the long players Bernard released under his real name is Atmospherics the most successful. It contains as the title already leads to more ambient sounds (I love 'Phosphorous' and 'Lost In It'!).
Bernard also released several very rare CDRs, even 3x 3CDr packages (Influx - Digging Through The DAT Tapes - Unreleased Works, Influx - Rising High Records Eps, James Bernard - Unreleased Works 1994-1999) which are beside others from his discography very sought after today.
For me the philisophy of sound in James Bernards music brings me what I searched for all the time in my musical life.
True deep and strong feelings formed into soundwaves: the art of James Bernard!

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