Exorcist (4)

Real Name:
Virgin Steele
1985. Jack Starr, founding member of Virgin Steele was about to leave his band due to severe musical differences with the rest of the band. In the meantime, Virgin Steele guitarist and keyboardist David DeFeis, started to work with Piledriver (2), where he met guitarist Edward Pursino, who came to jam with Piledriver. Eventually they decided to record an album but they could not release it as Virgin Steele since the name still belonged to Jack Starr. Thus Exorcist was created. Then Jack Starr was officially kicked out of Virgin Steele and after a successful lawsuit the name Virgin Steele was given to David DeFeis. Edward Pursino replaced Jack Starr in Virgin Steele, but due to the legal settlement, Exorcist kept their name and the Exorcist members were not be associated with the lineup of Virgin Steele's "Noble Savage" LP even though they wrote it. First and only Exorcist LP, "Nightmare Theatre" was out in 1985 and in it, all members used pseudonyms. Supposedly there was a second Exorcist LP composed in 1987, however it was never released, and nothing is known regarding it's existence. So in fact, Exorcist is actually Virgin Steele, albeit with drummer Edwards who was also briefly in Jack Starr's Burning Starr.

Damien Rath alias The Lion (4): vocals, production (real name: David DeFeis)
Marc Dorian: guitar (real name: Edward Pursino)
Jamie Locke (2): bass (real name: Joe O' Reilly)
Geoff Fontaine (2): drums (real name: Mark Edwards)


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Exorcist (4) Nightmare Theatre (Album) Cobra (2) US 1986 Sell This Version


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July 16, 2015
Really in essence it isn't Virgin Steel because it doesn't sound like them I think. this LP is great. cult classic! Too bad another Lp never surfaced, makes this one all the more special!!! Best tracks : Black Mass, Riding to Hell, Burnt Offerings , Lucifer's Lament - especially killer arrangement/riffs on that one !

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