Adam Pokorny

Real Name:Adam Pokorny

Leader, Creator, Remixer and DJ specialised in 80's music. In 2009 he started his own compilation series 80's Revolution, a division of Pokorny Music Solutions.

POKORNY MUSIC SOLUTIONS CD series are constantly expanding to other topics. Well of course it would be easy to take a title that everyone has in their collection. That is why we are aware of the effort needed to create sets with maxi singles or remixes. This series will mainly bring musical rarities to light again, which later on are used in discotheques and clubs all over the world. All titles are of course transferred from original master tapes and sound recordings or digital format. We develop and produce on our own label, for music lovers, collectors and connoisseur’s valuable CD samplers with rare, never before published in most cases on a CD, music material from the pop, rock and disco area. We are currently planning more rarities, POP & ROCK compilation with EXTENDED REMIX and rare versions that were never published before on CD. With the perfect and unforgettable sound of the Eighties memories, the time has come for it to be alive again!

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Aliases:Adam Van Hammer, DJ Adamski, Pokorny Music Solutions
In Groups:80s Revolution Team, Pokorny Music Solutions




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