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February 7, 2019
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Almost twenty years ago I introduced a Beatle co-nut friend to XTC (who became suitably besotted with them) by playing him Side 2 of Oranges And Lemons and summarising the lay of the XTC band with this never-forgotten quip....”well Paul, songwriting-wise it’s like this...if Colin Moulding is George Harrison, Andy Partridge is Lennon AND McCartney.” Ha ha.
If George found it tough......

XTC as reviewed by markybest

October 13, 2017
XTC have been with me since 1980, when Towers of London came out and I got Black Sea for Christmas and went to see them in Sheffield for the LP tour, just amazing and so so close to the studio sound, Andy Partridge for me is the best ever song and music writing of this generation.
Its a shame he after 1982 did not like the turing side 0f the industry, but he is not the only one, I still follow all of them and when I can get the cds by the groups which the members of XTC are now playing in or producing or writing for.

I am now trying to add to my large collection of XTC items, I have many mates who play guitar etc and to them the writing on English Settlement is the best they have done and this LP can not be touched by any group and i so agree.
It is funny that now it is 40 years since the first single, that a lot of young artists are looking to XTC as a band to copy or take from.
I have known of them for 37 years and still every day I have to put something on by them.
I hope this does not seem odd and that a lot get what am saying.
I do not play an instrument but have just loved the many many complex ways that the songs are formed.


Mark Best

XTC dharleyserlin

May 27, 2018
Dear Mark, my sentiments are with you 100%. You beat me by two years. XTC have been with me since 1982, when I first heard "Senses Working Overtime." Pretty soon I had to have everything and amassed a huge collection, and that was in the days when you had to save your pennies to buy imports.
I still remember buying the "Great Fire" 7" new in April 1983 its beautiful psychedelic "fire" bag and singing the A-side and the B-side ("Gold") all summer long. When "Mummer" came out at the end of the summer, it drew me in for an entire year. It still is the most autumnal LP I can think of, perhaps equaled only by Robyn Hitchcock's "I Often Dream of Trains."
The run of XTC's LPs, from Black Sea to Skylarking six years later, is mind-boggling; but if you combine the LPs and the singles and the demos generated during that era that never made it to official recording status ("Young Cleopatra?" genius!) then you're talking about an output as great as any band has ever achieved, or ever will achieve.
Thanks for getting my juices flowing this morning. 36 years later and I'm still putting on, or singing, or daydreaming with XTC in the background every single day.
Cheers from California,

XTC vinylgourmet

February 23, 2018
Having followed XTC from first having heard their first single, Science Friction, on the radio, I completely agree. Yet, one remark. "English Settlement can not be touched"? I`d say they had a period when they were a little weaker with the releases of Mummer and The Big Express but everything after was just awesome! Skylarking, Oranges and Lemons, Nonsuch (and maybe Apple Venus Vol.1) were simply the masterpieces in an impressive career with songwriting that leaves me, as a dedicated amateur, completely stunned.
And I am still angry that I missed them in 1980 on the only live show they ever played in Hamburg. Pocket money was just not enough way back then...

XTC AtraxMorgue

March 4, 2011
Does anyone remember the name Beatles?? to the hell with them when i think about one of the greatest band ever around the world this 3 genious gathered in the late 70's a marvelous musique track by track a truly masterpiece of Band XTC could be nominated like the psychedelic insane version of Beatles and indeed they were indeed criminally ignored and under rated but despite of it they were perhaps the most succesful band in studio ever because they decided not touring anymore since 1982 due to stage fright people from Andy "Genius " Partridge but i was one of the lucky guys who saw them here in my country venezuela in 1981 playing here, an unforgetable moment when we didnt know yet what was about to come in the later years with this supreme band ,sometimes is such a relief of happines when i have in my ears music so gorgeous like this,thanks Andy for this marvelous treasure called music long life to XTC

XTC fermin.g.huizi

April 8, 2019
I was there too, amazing concert at El Poliedro, also performing on the same even where Jools Holland And His Millionaires. Both band were in the country for, regrettably the first and last time. Indeed XTC was a great band, great music composition!

XTC as reviewed by junkmale

January 6, 2007
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A quintessentially English pop.rock band, writing beautifully crafted songs with wit and humour. It's said that they would have achieved far greater recogition and success than they did were it not for Andy Partridge's pathological stagefright that prevented the band from touring - the total number of their gigs can probably be counted on one hand. Almost criminally ignored and under-rated, which is a crying shame as they are undoubtedly one of the best bands Britain has produced.

XTC Lumpytwangage

April 6, 2015
I can't imagine that they started / played any gigs without Andy... not much happening without him : c } Of course, I don't know that, for sure, but there is documentation of the French gig where he had his major meltdown and left the stage (video link below). After a period of time, and against Andy's wishes, they started the US leg of the English Settlement tour, playing only the first show, in San Diego. Andy refused to do the second gig, in Hollywood, and so ended their touring days.

XTC junkmale

April 6, 2015
many apologies for the 'poetic licence' re: their gig numbers, I obviously got that wrong, v.v. surprised to see just how many sets they have played. out of curiosity, do you know if AP was on stage for all of those?

XTC TheatreX

April 21, 2013
I saw XTC play in San Francisco twice, once at California Hall & once at The Old Waldorf, so your comment about the number of their gigs being counted on 1 hand is totally off-the-wall. Of course the last commenter provided you with a list of concerts they had played over the years.

XTC Lumpytwangage

January 31, 2013
Not sure where you got the info concerning XTC's lack of touring. Actually, they were a touring machine. It was the grind of touring, along with Andy's stage fright, that caused him to pack it in. Here's a link to a rather extensive list of all known XTC gigs: