USA For Africa

USA For Africa

Formed : January 10, 1985 // Hollywood, CA, United States
USA means "United Support of Artists".
All profits realized by CBS Records International from the sale of "We Are The World" were contributed to the non-profit corporation USA for Africa.
They used the money to address immediate emergency needs in Africa, including food and medicine, and to help the African people become self-sufficient.

USA For Africa Discography


Usa For Africa We Are The World (Album) CBS/Sony Hong Kong 1985 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

USA For Africa We Are The World (Single, Maxi) Columbia UK 1985 Sell This Version


USA For Africa We Are The World - The Video Event RCA / Columbia Pictures Home Video US 1985 Sell This Version


T-7.429 USA For Africa We Are The World(Cass) CBS T-7.429 Venezuela 1985 Sell This Version


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October 5, 2006
edited over 10 years ago
Ok, this was a humanitarian call to fight massive famine in Africa, but did it really change anything for better ever since? I dare say - no, it didn't. Not necessarily that this is musicians' fault by any means but it is easy to preach and patronize over someone else's misery... Take 'We Are the World's' intro line - 'there is a time when we hear a certain call - and the world will come together as one... there are people dying... (etc)' - too many times there have been dozens of chances to fight against famine, weapons and drug abuse, so the fact is, this is a cruel planet and those who can truly help aren't humanitarian at all nor they ever will be. So this 'people dying' conclusion in a rather naive way of concluding it is nothing more then typically hypocrite tendency of easying up their conscience for looking away from one of the world's most brutal reality show...

USA singing to benefit African population free from slavery, starvation and violence seems even more hypocritical now that US politics practice arrogance with financial interests (I guess mentioning blood fightings in Iraq isn't appropriate here but I ensure you this is NOT an anti-US article)... However, I must say - up yours USA for Africa and countless Band Aids (hence the plural), you're dealing with horrific facts but fall weak to your illusion something has actually changed. Yes, in certain amounts there is a difference since 1985-86, when the world was watching a show, ironically entertaining and amusing over millions starved ever since...

We are the world indeed. Tricked, destroyed, used and abused...

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