Please read the entire profile before deciding whether a credit to Traditional is appropriate.

Use the Traditional credit only for writing type credits.

Traditional is not a real composer; it is a credit given for any piece of music where the songwriter is not known and the music has been handed down - usually by rote (word of mouth / copying the music by ear). It is a common credit in music such as blues, folk, jazz, world, and rock (to a lesser extent).

Common abbreviations for this credit are 'Trad' and 'Trad.' or any language variation thereof.

NOTE: If the writer credit is NOT a variation or translation of 'Traditional', please check for an existing artist name, or use the following format as a credit: Written-By [ReleaseCredit] - Traditional

Example: If the release has 'Christmas Carol' as the credit, please first check to make sure it does not exist as an artist name, and then credit it as: Written-By [Christmas Carol] - Traditional

For 'Folk', 'Folklore', or variations/translations, please use Folk and an ANV.

For releases using 'PUBLIC DOMAIN' and variations, please put the information in the notes as per discussion at:
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..., 'Trad.', (Folklore Mexicain) Tradition, (Folklore Péruvien) Tradition, (Indian Dance), (Round Dance), (Russian Folk Song), (Square Dance), (trad.), (Trad), (Traditional), [Hymn], [Kiev Melody], ***, ٭٭٭, 12. Jahrhundert, 12th Century Plain Chant, 13. Jahrh., 13th Century Trad., 14. Jahrhundert, 14th Century, 14th Century German, 15. Jahrh. Bei Cyriakus Spangenberg 1568, 15th Cent., 15th Century, 15th Century English, 15th Century French, 15th Century French Processional, 15th Century German, 15th Century Trad., 16th Cent. French, 16th Century English, 16th Century English Melody, 16th Century French, 16th Century French Melody, 16th-century Tune, 18. Jahrh./ Paderborn 1765, 1852/ 1808, 19th Century, 1ος Χανιώτικος συρτός, παραδοσιακό, 2ος Λουσακιανός συρτός, παραδοσιακό, A Song From Khorasan Province, A Traditional Fling, A Traditional Irish Song, A Traditional March, A Traditional Reel, A Traditional Slow Air, A Traditional Song, A Traditional Spiritual, A2 to A4, A7, B1, B3, B7, Aboriginal Traditional, Acadie, Adana Türküsü, Adapted, Adopted, Afghanistan Traditional, African Spiritual, African Trad., African traditional, African Traditional Melody, African Tune, Africký Tradicionál, Afrikansk Folkemelodi, After Trad. Scottish, Ahmad Al Indibat, Air De Danse Populaire, Air Folklorique, Air Irlandais, Air Populaire, Air Retrouvé Par La Soyotte, Air Traditional, Air Traditionnel, Åländsk Folkvisa, Alaw Gymreig, Albanian Trad., Albanian Traditional, Albanian Traditional Song, Albanska Narodna, Aleppo, Syria Tradition, Alku-Kanteletar, All Traditionals, Alsatian, Altay Comic Song, Altburgenländischer Marsch, Altdeutscher Liebesreim, Altdeutsches Liebeslied, Alte Melodien Gälischen, Keltischen Und Bretonischen Ursprungs, Alte Volksweise, Altes Studentenlied, Altschottische Ballade, Am. Folkevise, Am. Trad., Amer. Folk Songs, Amer. lid., Amer. Trad., Americ. Trad., American Folk Carol, American Spiritual, American Trad., American Trad. Song, American Trad. Tune, American Traditional, American Traditional Song, Americká Lidová, Američka Tradicijska, Amerik. Trad., Amerik. Traditional, Amerikansk Folkevise, Amerikāņu Spirituāls, Amerikāņu, Amerikkalainen Trad., Amerískt Þjóðl, Amerískt Þjóðlag, Amram, Amsterdam Tradition, An Old Romance, Ancien, Ancient, Ancient Melody, Andalusian Traditional, Angl. Lid., Angļu Dz., Angļu tautas melodija, Ann. - Trad., Ann. Trad., Anon., Anon. Trad., Anònim S. XVI, Anonimo, Anonyme Traditionnel D'Arménie, Anonyme XVIe, Anonyme XVIe Siècle (Catalogne), Anonymous, Antica Melodia Popolare Ashkenazia Orientale, Ap3, 14-20, Appalachian, Appalachian Folk Carol, Appalachian Trad., Arab Traditional, Arabic Tradition, Arabo-Andalou, XIIIème, Arap Tradicional, Arbeiter-Trad., Archaic, Argentine Folklore, Armenia Folk Music, Armenia, Trad., Armenian Trad., Armenian Traditional, Armenian Traditional Collected By Komitas, Armenisch Trad., Arr. Tradicional, As Sung By The McPeake Family, Ashkenazic Traditional, Aus "Des Knaben Wunderhorn", Aus Amerika, Aus Slowenien, Australsk Trad-Låt, Austrijska Tradicijska, Autriche, Auvergne, Avarų Liaudies Daina, Azerbaijan Song, Azerbaijan Traditional Music, Azeri Melody, Azeri Song, Azeri Traditional, Aztec Traditional, Aрмянская Нар. Песня, B.M.I., Bagpipes Traditional, Balada Anglesa S. XVIII, baladă populară, Balada Tradicional Anglesa, Bali Traditional Musicians, Balkan Trad., Balkan Traditional, Ballada Starofrancuska, Ballata, Italië 14e Eeuw, Barde Ashot (Armenian Tradition), Barde Sayat Nova (Arménien), Barzah Breiz, Barzaz, Barzaz Breizh, Barzhaz Breiz, Based On A Traditional Song, Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Elen Nymoen, Målselv, Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Eli Kvåle, Bygland, Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Lars Vang, Vingelen, Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Olga Granberg, Hernes, Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Petronille Hulbekdal, Tolga, Basque Carol, Basque Noel, Basque Trad., Basque Traditional, Basse-Auvergne, Báthori Dance, Bavarian Classic, Bavarian Folk Song, Bergsteiger-Lied Aus Südtirol, Berry, Bibel, Bible, Big Ben, Bohemian Trad., Boikivschina, Ukrainian Trad., Bolivia, Bolivian Folklore, Bomba (Ecuador), Bosanska Narodna Pjesma, Bośniacka Piosenka Ludowa, Bosnian Traditional, Bougainville Trad., Brani Trad. Da Video Games, Brasilian Folk, Braunschweig 1518, Braz. Med. Lud., Brazilian Folk Song, Brazilian Standard (Composer Unknown), Brazilian Traditional, Brésilian Traditional, Breslau, Breton, Breton 19th Century Trad., Breton Népdal, Breton Trad., Breton Trad. (Bro Gwened), Breton Trad. (Bro Naoned), Breton Trad. (Vro Vigouden), Breton Traditional, Brown, Bukarian Folk Tune, Bulgarian Dance, Bulgarian Folk Song, Bulgarian Traditional, Buzzards, C. Ranchera, C.C., C14th Italy, C16th Spain, Cajun Traditional, Calabria, Campania, Canadian, Canadian Traditional Carol, Canción Popular, Canción Popular Andaluza, Canción Popular Aragonesa, Canción Popular Gallega, Canción Populat Vasca, Cançó Popular Catalana, Canço Sefardita, Cançon Populara, Cançons Tradicionals, Canon Popular Anglès, Cant Espiritual Negre, Cant Popular, Cantar Popular, Cântec american, Cântec italian, Cântec Popular, Cântec popular german, Cântec Popular Izraelian, Cântec Popular Macedon, cântec popular macedon., cântec tradițional american, cântec tradițional de Crăciun, cântec tradițional din America Latină, Cântec tradițional englez, cântec tradițional grecesc, cântec tradițional irlandez, cântec tradițional românesc, Cantiga de Santa Maria, Cantigas de Santa Maria, Cantique Espagnole, XIIIème, Canto Degli Alpini, Canto Folkloristico Napoletano, Canto Gregoriano, Canto Popolare, Canto Popolare Brasiliano, Canto Popolare Catalano, Canto Popolare Della Val Lagarina, Trentino, Canto Popolare Delle Alpi Marittime, Canto Popolare Giuliano, Canto Popolare Internazionale, Canto Popolare Italiano, Canto Popolare Lombardo, Canto Popolare Piemontese, Canto Popolare Romagnolo, Canto Popolare Savoiardo, Canto Popolare Trentino, Canto Popolare Valdostano, Canto Popolare Veneto, Canto Popular Hebreo, Canto Tradizionale Giapponese, Canto Tradizionale Gitano, Canz. Popol., Canzone Napoletana, Canzone Popolare, Canzone Tradizionale, Canzonetta Toscana, Capoeira, Carmina Burana, Carnaval Popular, Carolan Traditional, Carribean Traditional, Castellana?, Cat Stevens, Catalan, Catalan Traditional, Catalonian, Caucasian Trad., Celtic Trad., Celtic Traditional, Česká Lidová, Česká Lidová Koleda, Ch. Folkl., Ch. Tr., Chabad Traditional, Chanson Bachique Du 17e, Chanson De Troubadour, XIIIe Siècle, Chanson Du Pays De Vaud, Chanson Du XVIe Siècle, Chanson Floklorique, Chanson Folklorique, Chanson Mexicaine, Chanson Popul. Du Berry, Chanson Populaire, Chanson Populaire Du 18e S, Chanson Populaire Slave, Chanson Traditionnelle, Chansonnier Du Duc De Calabre, XVIe Siècle, Chansonnier Du Montcassin, XVe Siècle, Chansons Traditionnelles, Chant Arménian, Chant Créole, Chant D'espoir Aymara, Chant De La Guerre Civile Espagnole, Chant Folklorique, Chant Populaire, Chant Populaire Du Pays De Vannes, Chant Populaire Ecossais, Chant Populaire Espagnol, Chant Populaire Wallon, Chant Révolutionnaire Mexicain, Chant Révolutionnaire Russe, Chant Traditionel Turc, Chant Traditionnel, Chant Traditionnel Arménien, Chant Traditionnel Malien, Chant Traditionnel Tzigane, Chant Traditionnel Yoruba, Chant Yéménite, Chartreuse De Scala Dei, XIIe Siècle, Chassidic Traditional, Chichineu, Moldova, Childhood Chants, Chinese Trad., Chinese Traditional, Chinese Tune, Christmas Carol, Church Hymn/Traditional, Ciganska Narodna Pesma, Ciganska Narodna Pjesma, Ciganski Narodni Ples, Cigány Népdal, Cigánydalok, Ciko (Native American / Papago), cîntec american, cîntec elvețian, cîntec englez, cîntec francez, cîntec german, cîntec italian, cîntec negru, cîntec norvegian, Cîntec popular, Cîntec popular american, cîntec popular argentinian, Cîntec Popular Cuban, Cîntec Popular Din Paraguay, Cîntec popular din secolul XVII, cîntec popular german, Cîntec popular Mexican, Cîntec Popular Napolitan, cîntec popular ostășesc, cîntec popular polonez, Cîntec Popular Spaniol, Cîntec Revoluționar Italian, cîntece populare, Cithara Octochorda, Class., Classical Instrumental Piece, Classici, Codex Franus, Codex Lascivus, Colecţia Burada, Colind Francez, Colind Popular, Colinde populare, Coll., College Air, Colombian Folk Song, Colombian-VenezuelanTraditional, Common Domain, Congolese Trad., Copyright Control, Cornish Sans Day Carol, Cornish Trad., Cornish Traditional, Corrida Tradicional, Cossack Song, Costa Rican Folk Song, Country Song, Coventry Carol, cover/melodie traditională mexicană, Creole Beguine De Martinique, Creole Play Song, Crn. Duh., Crnačka Duhovna, Crnogorska, Črnska Duhovna, Croatian, Csángó Népmese, Cseh Karácsonyi Dal, Cseh Népzene, Cuban, Cuban Traditional, Cueca, Cyprus, Trad., Czech Carol, Czech Trad., Czech Traditional, Czechoslovakian Melody, D. A. R., D. P., D. R., D.A.R., D.P., D.R., D.R. Tonada Boliviana, D'Après Folklore, D'Après Traditionnel Yougoslave, D'Après Un Air Traditionnel, D'Après Un Thème Traditionnel, Dalakoral, Dalmacija, Dalmatinska Narodna, Dança do Folclore de Catete, Dance From East Anatolia, Danemark, Danse Limousine, Danse Populaire, Danse Rouse, Dansk Folkemelodi, Danza Tradicional, Dauphiné, Debatable, Dečiji Tradicional, Del Floklore, Del Foklore, Del Folcklore de México, Del Folcklore de Venezuela, Del Folklor Boliviano, Del Folklore, Del Folklore Andino, Del Folklore Boliviano, Del Folklore Ecuatoriano, Del Folklore Haitiano, Délfrancia Népdal, Dép Folk, Depto. De Folklore Boliviano, Deutsches Weihnachtslied A. D. Zeit D. Jahrhundertwende, DgF 60, din literatura veche chineză, din literatura veche egipteană, din vechea poezie a triburilor primitive, din vechea poezie greacă, Dita Popular, Dn3, 57-90, Domain, Domaine Public, Dominio Popular, Dominio Publico, Donnelly, Dutch, Dutch Trad., Dutch Traditional, Early 18th Century Gypsy Music, Early 19th-century Tune, Early American Melody, Ecole De Ripoll, XIIe Siècle, Ecuador, Ecuador, Tradicional, San Juanito, Ecuadorian San Juanito, Edda, Efe (Zeibek) Oath, Efez. 4:4-8, Egyptian Trad., Egyption Trad., Ein Großer Chor, Ein Großer Volkschor, Ein Kammerchor, Ein Volkschor, Ein Wiener Team, Eng. Trad., Eng.trad., Engelse Trad., Engelsk Hymne 16 Årh., Engl. Trad., Engl. Volksweise, Englantilainen Kans. Säv., Engleska Tradicijska, Englische Weise, English, English 14th Cent., English Air, English Anon., English Carol, English Folk Song, English Folklore, English Folksong, English Hymn, English Song, English Trad, English Trad., English Traditional, English Traditional Carol, English Traditional Song, English Traditional Tune, English, 15th Century, Enskt Þjóðlag, Entregada Por La Sra. Lala Andrade, Entregada Por La Sra. Lala Andrade A Chamal, Erlent Þjóðlag, Erri-Abesti, Esmirna, Espiritual Negre, Estanpitta, Italië 14e Eeuw, Este's Psalter 1592, F. Marocan, Fado Corrido, Fado Dois Tons, Fado Margaridas, Fado Menor, Fado Mouraria (Popular), Fado Perseguição, Faeroese Trad., Faeroese/Danish Trad., Fandango Popular Menorquí, Færøsk Folkemelodi, Finland, Finland Trad., Finnish Kalevala Trad., Finnish Melody, Finnish Trad., Finnish Traditional, Finnish/Swedish Trad. Arr., Finsk Folkemelodi, Finsk Folkvisa, Flamsk, Flohwalzer, Floklore, Folc., Folclor, Folclor Grec, Folclor Grecesc, Folclóre, Folclórica, Folk, Folk Art, Folk Italiano, Folk Legend, Folk Lyrics, Folk Moldova, Folk Music, Folk Song, Folk Song From El Salvador, Folk Song From Magyarszovát, Folk Swahili, Folk Unknown, Folk Words, Folk-Song, Folk., Folk. Acadien, Folk. Argentine, Folk. Pérou, Folk. Sénégalais, Folk. Vénézuéla, Folkemel./Ukendt, Folkemelodi, Folkemelodi - Traditionel, Folketone Fra Mosjøen, Folketone Fra Nordland, Folketone Fra Selbu, Folketone Frå Setesdal, Folketone Fra Sunnmøre, Folketone Fra Todalen, Nordmøre, Folkevise, Folkish Traditional, Folkl., Folklor, Folklor Traditional, Folklore, Folklore Algérien, Folklore Américain, Folklore Americano, Folklore Angevin, Folklore Antillais, Folklore Argentin, Folklore Autrichien, Folklore Aymara, Tarapacá, Folklore Bolivia, Folklore Boliviano, Folklore Bolivien, Folklore Canadien, Folklore Chilien, Folklore Colombiano, Folklore Complainte Indienne, Folklore Dalmatien, Folklore De San-Margarita, Folklore Dominicano, Folklore Egyptien, Folklore Espagnol, Folklore Guyannais, Folklore Hebreo, Folklore Israélien, Folklore Italien, Folklore Marocain, Folklore Mexicain, Folklore Nivernais, Folklore Péruvien, Folklore Popular, Folklore Rumano, Folklore Russe, Folklore Tanzanie, Folklore Togolais, Folklore Traditionnel, Folklore Tunisien, Folklore Venezolano, Folklore Venezuela, Folklore Venezuelano, Folklore Vénézuélien, Folklore-Tänze, Folklorei, Folklores, Folklórica, Folkmelodi, Folkore, Folksong, Folksong Thrace, Folktune, Folkvisa, Folkvisa Från 1700-Talet, Folkvisa Från Dalarna, Fra Middelalderen, Fragm. Psalmu 23/22, Franc. Narodna, Franche-Conté, Francia Gyermekdal, Francia Karácsonyi Dal, Francuska Tradicijska, Frans Kerstlied, Frans trad., Franse Trad., Fransk Trad., Freie Volksw., French, French - English, French 15th Cent., French 16th Century, French Carol, French Carol 16th Century, French Melody, French Trad, French Trad., French Trad'l, French Traditional, French Traditional Carol, French Traditional Carol?, French Tune, From Chilean Folklore, From Foundling Hospital Collection, From Khorasan Province, From The Ancient Irmolohion, From The Ethiopian Liturgy, From The Gregorian Liturgy, From The Monastery Of Montserrat, G. Gladki, Gaelic Traditional, Gagaku, Gagause Tune From Moldova, Galician Trad., Galician Traditional (Spain), Gambian Trad., Gammal Gångspelstrall, Gammal Traditionell, Gammel Amerikansk Melodi, Gammel Fransk Melodi, Gammel Melodi, Gammel Melodi Fra Dalarna, Gammel Norsk Folkepoesi, Gammel Remse, Gammel Russisk Marsj, Gammel Shanty, Garīga Skotu Dz., Gaziantep Türküsü, Geleneksel, Geleneksel Köy Türküsü, Genf 1543, Georgian Folk, Georgian Traditional, Georgian/Armenian Traditional, German, German 14th Cent., German 15th Century, German Carol, German Folk Song, German Hymn, German medieval, German Melody, German Song, German Trad, German Trad., German Traditional, German Traditional Carol, German Traditional Carol Carol, German Traditional Carol?, German Traditional Melody, Ghanese Traditional, Gioioso, Gipsy Trad., Gl. Am. Folkemelodi, Gl. Dansk Folkemelodi, Gl. Dansk Folkevise, Gl. Fólkalag, Gl. Folkemelodi, Gl. Melodi, Gl. Skotsk Folkemelodi, Gl. Svensk Folkemel., Gl. Vise, Gnawa Tradition, Gorenjska Ljudska, Gospel, Gospel According To Lucas, Græsk Folkemelodi, Grčka, Grčka Narodna, Grčka Narodna Igra, Grčka/Tradicional, Grecka Mel. Lud., Greece, Trad., Greek, Greek Folk, Greek Folklore, Greek Revolutionary Traditional, Greek Trad, Greek Trad., Greek Traditional, Greek Traditional Collected By Giorgos Melikis, Greek Traditional Lullaby, Greek Traditional Wedding Song, Greenland Traditional, Gregorià, Gregorian Chant, Gregorian Melody, Gregorianisch – Organum-Satz, Gregorianischer Choral, Grégorien, Grønlandsk Trad., Haitian Traditional, Halk Türküsü, Hans Myhre, Hawaiian Traditional, Hebrew Melody, Hebrew Traditional, Heinz V. Alten, Hen Bennill, Henan Folk Song, Hernhūtiešu Dz., Herri Kanta, Herri Olerkia, Herrikoa, Herrikoia, Hist., Historischer Marsch, Holland Népköltés, Holländsk Melodi, Hora Uit Israel, Hrv. Narodna, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Čilipi-Dubrovnik, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Dalmacija, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Istra, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Međimurje, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Pokuplje, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Slavonija, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Starogrojčice, Huaiño (Bolivia), Huaiño (Perú), Huastec Traditional, Hullah's Song Book - English, Hullah's Song Book - Scottish, Hungarian, Hungarian Czardas On Rumanian Themes, Hungarian Czardas On Russian Themes, Hungarian Folk Song, Hungarian Song, Hungarian Trad., Hungarian Traditional, Hungarian Traditional From Moldavia, Hymne, Hymne 9th Century, Hар. мугам, I Ching, Iberian Peninsular, Icelandic Trad., Ignoto, Ile De France, Ilm. 21: 1–6, Improvisation, In Fjellhammer Tradition, Inconnu, Indian Mantra, Indian Traditional, Indianerweise, Indien, Indijska Narodna, Indijska Narodna Pesma, Indijska Narodna Pjesma, Indijska Trad., Indijski Narodni, Indisk Trad., International, Iraqi Children's Song, Iraqi Trad., Iraqi Traditional, Ireland Traditional, Irisch Trad., Irish - Traditional, Irish & Evergreen, Irish Air, Irish Gaelic, Irish Melody, Irish Song, Irish Trad, Irish Trad., Irish Traditional, Irish Traditional Song, Irish Tradtional, Irish Tune, Irish. Trad., Irlandar Tradizionala, Irlandzki Motyw Ludowy, Irlantilainen Kans. Säv., Irsk Folketone Fra 1600 Tallet, Irska Trad., Irske Folketoner, Isl. Trad., Islandsk Folkemelodi, Ismeretlen, Ismeretlen Szerző, Ismeretlen Szerzők, Ismeretlen Zeneszerző, Israel, Israel Traditional, Israeli Traditional, Israelisch Lied, Itaalia Rhl., Itaiensk Folkvisa, Ital. Arbeiterlied, Ital. Folkvisa, Italian, Italian Canzonetta, Italian Folk, Italian Song, Italian Traditional, Italian Traditional Carol, Italie, Italiensk Trad, Italiensk Trad., Italų Daina, Italyan Halk Türküsü, Iz45, 8, Izaj. 61;1-2, Izvorna, Izvorna Narodna, Izvorna Pučka, Izvorna Sandžačka, Izvorna Vlaška Pesma Iz Okoline Kučeva, Izvorna Vlaška Pesma Iz S. Češ. Bare, Izvorna Vlaška Pesma Iz S. Doljašnice, Izvorna Vlaška Pesma Iz S. Kodbilje, Izvorna Vlaška Pesma Iz S. Manastirice, Izvorna Vlaška Pesma Iz S. Neresnice, Izvorna Vlaška Pesma Iz S. Topolovnika, Izvorni R'n'R, J. Bonham, J. Webb, Jamaica Folk, Jamaika Folk, Japan 13e Eeuw, Japanese + Aïnu Traditional Folk-Song, Japanese Folk, Japanese Folk Song, Japanese Folktale, Japanese Trad. Folk Song, Japanese Traditional, Japanese Traditional Music, Japansk Folkesang, Japonská Ľudová, Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen Eft. Svensk Ide, Jazz Standards, Jea Band, Jerusalem, Jerusalén, Jes. 55:6, Jevrejska, Jevrejski Tradicional, Jewish Traditional, Jewish/Spanish Trad., Jigs, Jihočeská lidová, Jodelarie A. D. Bayer. Wald, Johs. Slåstuen, Jojk, Joululaulu 1700-luvulta, Jugosl. Trad., Julvisa Från Älvdalen, Junačka Narodna Pesma, K'antu (Altiplano), Kalevala, Kalmyk Tradition Music, Kans. Säv., Kans.Säv., Kans.sävel, Kansansäv., Kansansävelmä, Kanteletar, Karelian Trad., Kärleksvisa Trad. Romani Visa, Kärntnerlied, Kazakh/Chinese Traditional, Kazakhistanian Traditional, Kentucky Mountain Song, Khmer Traditional, Kikuyu Traditional Song, Kineska, King David, King David Of Jerusalem, Kobiana Jazz, Kókay Ist, Koleda, Kolklorique, Kölner Gesangsbuch 1599, Korean Trad., Korean Traditional, Korean Traditional Folk-Song, Korean Traditional Music, Korner, Korobejinky, Koroška Ljudska, Koroška Narodna, Koroška Ponarodela, Kosovo Serbian Traditional, Közismert, Kuba, Kubanska Ljudska, Kubańska Melodia Ludowa, Kubiečių Liaudies, Kurdish Dance, Kurdish Song From North Of Khorasan, Kurdish Traditional, l. d., Lån Fra Folketradisjonen, Langelandsk Folkemelodi, Lapuan Taisteluvirsi, Latgalian Folk Songs, Latgaļu, Latin Hymn, Latvian Folk, Latvian Folk Song, Latvian Folk Songs, Latvian Traditional, Latvian Traditional Roundelays, Lebanese Traditional, Legende Von H.J. Von Wessenberg, Leliokalani, Lengyel Népdal, Lezione VIII. Job 19, Liaudies, Liaudies Daina, Lībiešu, Libre Vermell de Montserrat, Lidová, Lidová Píseň, Lidová Píseň Z Batavie, Lidové, Lidové Adventní Zpěvy Z Tradice 16. Stol., Lidový, Lietuvių Liaudies, Lietuvių Tradicinė, Limanska Tradicionalna, Lincolnshire Folksong, Lithuanian (Žemaičių) Folk, Lithuanian Folk, Lithuanian Traditional, Lituanian Trad., Liturgical, Liturgie, Livre Vermeil De Monserrat, Livre Vermeil De Monserrat, XVe Siècle, Ljudska, Ljudske, Ljudsko, Llibre Vermell, Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, Loa Pastoril Do Século XVIII / Origem Portuguesa, Lochheimer Liederbuch, Londonderry Air, Louisiana Creole, Lud., Ľud. Pieseň, Lud. Poezje Boliwijskie, Ľudová, Ludowa, Ludowa Cygańska, Ludowa Rosyjska, Ludowa, Marsz Wes., Ludowe, Ludowy, Ludus Danielis, Lullaby From Lebanon, M. Leontowitsch, Macedonia, Trad., Macedonian Folksong, Macedonian Song, Macedonian Trad., Macedonian Traditional, Madjarska Narodna, Mađarska, Mađarska Romansa, Magyar Népdal, Magyar Népköltés, Magyar trad., Magyarországi Folklór Anyag, Mahali Ghasemabadi, Makedonska Izvorna Pesma, Makedonska Narodna, Makedonska Narodna Igra, Makedonska Narodna Pesma, Makedonska Pesma, Makedonska Tradicionalna, Makedonska, Kosovska Obrada, Manuscrit De Bruxelles, XVe Siècle, Maori Melody, Marche Populaire, Mariapoli, Marocco Folklore, Marokko-ko Herri Kanta, Marruecos, marș tradițional, Martial, Med. Lud, Medeltida Julsång - Trad., Mediaeval Latin, Medieval, Medieval English Round C. 1280, Medieval Irish, Medieval Ital., Meks. Trad., Meksička Narodna, Meksykańska Mel. Lud., Mel. Lud, Mel. Lud., mel. ludowa, Mél. Populaire, Mel. Trad., Mel.Lud, Melodi Fra Einsiedeln, Melodi Fra Horindal, Melodi Från Boda, Melodi Från Nederländerna, Melodia Gaelica, Melodía Judéo Española, Melodia Ludowa, Melodia Łowicka, Melodia Podlaska, Melodía Pop., Melodia Popolare, Melodia Popular, Melodia Tradicional Irlandesa. Versió Lliure, Melodia Tradycyjna, Mélodie Folklorique, Melodie Franceză, melodie germană (German song), Melodie Ludowe, Mélodie Moldave, Mélodie Populaire, Melodie Populară, Melodie Populară Austriacă, Melodie Populară Braziliană, Melodie Populară Cehă, Melodie Populară Engleză, Melodie Populară Franceză, Melodie Populară Mexicana, Melodie Populară Poloneză, melodie populară românească, Melodie Populară Rusă, Melodie Populară Spaniolă, Mélodies Traditionelles, Melody From The Pays De Retz, Melody Trad., Messe De Barcelone, Messe De Noël, Messe de Pâques, Messe VIII, Mex. Trad., Mexican, Mexican Folk, Mexican Folk Dance From Yucatan, Mexican Folklore, Mexican Traditional, Mexická Lidová, Mexico traditional, Middle Eastern Traditional, Minnelied, Missa De Angelis, Mittelalterliches Weihnachtslied, Moldavian, Moldavian Folk, Moluccan Tradional, Mongolian Traditional Music, Montenegrin Trad., Montenegrin Traditional, Montenegro Traditional, Moravian Carol, Moravian Trad., Moravská Lidová, Morocan Folk, Moroccan Jewish Traditional, Mot. Pop., Motivo Folclórico, Motivo Folclórico Gaúcho, Motivo Popolare, Motivo Popular, Motivo Popular Centroamericano, Mountain Trad., Mündlich Aus Sachsen, Mündlich Überliefert, Music Founded On An Old Cornish Air, Music From Lorestan Province, Music From Volyn' - Музика З Волині, Musica Etnica Boliviana, Musica Popolare, Musicians From Pakistan, Musique Ancienne, Musique Du Folklore, Musique Populaire, Muz. I Sł. Ludowe, Muz. Klasyczna, Muz. Lud., Muz. Ludowa, Muz. Tradycyjna, muzică tradițională rusească, muzică tradițională țigănească, Muzyka i Słowa Ludowe, Muzyka Ludowa, N. Einem Russ. Original, N. N., Na Narodnu Temu, Nach "Satre Regina/ Mainz 1700, Nach Arabischen Volksweisen, Nach Einem Spiritual, Nach Einer Nordischen Sage Von Kopisch, Nach Span. Motiven, Nacional, Nameless XVIII Century Composer, Napuljska Tradicijska, Nar., Nardoni, Narodna, Narodna Iz Bitole, Narodna Iz Bosne, Narodna Iz Dalmacije, Narodna Iz Samobora, Narodna KiM, Narodna Pesma, Narodna Pesma - Kosovo, Narodna Pesma Iz Crne Gore, Narodna Pesma Iz Srbije, Narodna Pjesma, Narodna Verzija, Narodne, Narodni, Narodni Autor, Narodni Iz Predstave "Karolina Riječka", Narodni Melos, Narodni Motivi, Narodni Zapis, Narodno, Narodno Kolo, Native American Songs-Traditional, Navajo Chant, Navajo Song, Navajo Trad., Navajo, Trad., Neapolitan Folk, Neapolitan Song, Néger Spirituálé, Nego Spiritual, Negro Espiritual, Negro Lullaby, Negro Spiritual, Negro Spiritual—Trad., Negro-Spiritual, Neheimer Rundgesang, Německá Lidová, Német Népdal, Népdal, Népi Dallam, Népi Gyűjtés, Népi Szöveg, Népmese, New Lutheran Liturgy, New Orleans, New Orleans Trad., New Orleans Traditional, Newer Chaaba Tradition, Nigerian Carol, Nigerian Traditional, Nittedal, Nivernais, Noel Canadien, Noël Du XVe Siècle, Non-copyright, NonCop, Nordisk Folkemelodi, Normandie, Norsk Folkemelodi, Norsk Folketone, Norsk Folketone (Hallingdal), Norsk Trad., Northern Epirus, Norvegian Traditional, Norvegų Liaudies, Norwegian Folk Song, Norwegian Trad., Norwegian Traditional, Nursery Rhyme, Nursery Rhyme From Suffolk, Ny Trad., O.S.B. 1888, O'Connor, Obrada, Occitan Trad., Ojalá, Okänd Sångfört., Old Arabic Poetry, Old Basque, Old Basque Carol, Old Chant, Kievo-Pecherska Lavra, Old English, Old English Air, Old English Folk Songs, Old English Trad., Old English Traditional, Old English Tune, Old Finnish Christmas Tableau, Old Folk Song, Old Folksong, Old French Carol, Old French Song, Old French Trad., Old French Tune, Old Gaelic Melody, Old German, Old German Melody, Old German Tune, Old Greek Tune, Old Gregorian Chant, Old Hundreth, Old Irish, Old Irish Air, Old Irish Folksong, Old Irish Melody, Old Irish Tune, Old Kievan Chant, Old Ladino Song, Old Melody, Old Negro Spiritual, Old Poem, Old Popular Song, Old Psalm, Old Reel, Old Romance, Old Romanian Romance, Old Russian Song, Old Scottish Air, Old Song, Old Standard, old traditional Romanian songs, Old Waltz, Old Welch Air, Old Welsh Air, Old Welsh Carol, Old Welsh Folk Song, OMJD, Oral Literature Of North Khorasan, Oriental Traditional, Original, Original Bulgarian folk song, Original Russian Folklore Of The 12th - 19th Centuries, Originated from Romanian Ortodox Service, Orkest, Oro Prov. Trad., Orosz És Ukrán Népmesék, Dallamok, Öster. Volksweise, Ostiak Trad., P. D., P.D., Pacific Time Theme Music, Palestinian Trad., Palestinian Traditional Wedding Song, Pamir Tradition Music, Papago (Native American) Religious Song, Paradosiakou, Partisans Traditionnels, Pastevecká Píseň Z Chile, Pastisz Znanych Piosenek, Paunnee Traditional, PD, Perinne, Perry, Persian Traditional, Perúvian Folklore, Peruvian Trad., Peruvian Traditional, Pesma Iz Belgije, Picardy - French Trad., Pios. Kaszubska XVII W., Piosenka Neapolit., Piosenka Popularna, Pismo Święte [Psalm 130], Plainsong, Po Narodni, Poesie Populaire, poezie populară, Polen, Polish, Polish / Jewish, Polish Carol, Polish Folk Song, Polish Folk Tune, Polish Trad., Polish Traditional, Polish Traditional [Kaszubska Pieśń Ludowa], Poljska Tradicijska, Poljski Ljudski, Pologne, Polsk Folkvisa, Polupar, Ponarodela, Pop, pop sârbesc, pop., Pop. Española, Popěvek, Popolare, Populaire, Popular, Popular - Açores, Popular - Alentejo, Popular - Beira Alta, Popular - Beira Baixa, Popular Açoreano, Popular Actual, Popular Alemanya, Popular Alentejano, Popular Americana, Popular Americano, Popular Anónimo, Popular Argentina, Popular Asturiana, Popular Basca, Popular Boliviana, Popular Bretona, Popular Búlgara, Popular Camprodon, Popular Catalá, Popular Catalan, Popular Catalana, Popular Chilena, Popular Coreana, Popular de Bohèmia, Popular De Italie, Popular De Tamaulipas, Popular Del Altiplano Andino, Popular Do Minho, Popular Eïvissa, Popular Eivissenca, Popular Flamenca, Popular Fragment, Popular Francés, Popular Francesa, Popular Galega, Popular Galego, Popular Gallega, Popular Grega, Popular Habanera Catalana, Arraigada A Menorca Aproximadamente Desde 1890, Popular Hebrea, Popular Hiddish, Popular Holland, Popular Irlandés, Popular Irlandesa, Popular Italia, Popular Italiana, Popular Japonesa, Popular Lleidatana, Popular Mallorca, Popular Mallorquina, Popular Menorca, Popular Mexicano, Popular Nor-americana, Popular Nor-americana*, Popular Nord Americana, Popular Nord-Americana, Popular Peruana, Popular Rusa, Popular Russ, Popular Sarbesc, Popular Segoviana, Popular Siciliana, Popular Song, Popular Sud-Africano, Popular Sueca, Popular Suissa, Popular Turca, Popular U.S.A., Popular Valenciana, Popular Yiddish, Popular-Italiana, Popular-Macy, Populară, populare, Populares, Popullore, Portuguese, Prancūzų Daina, Prætorius-XVIe S, Prelucrare Folclorica, Ps. 118., Ps. 147., Psalm, Psalm 103, Psalm 13, Psalm 130, Psalm 137, Psalm 138, Psalm 18, Psalm 23, Psalm 51, Psalm 8, Psalms 118 5,6, Public Domain, Public Domaine, Publiek Domein, Pučka, Pučki Napjev, Puglia, Puno, Pupular, Qing Hai Folk Song, Quadras Populares, Quebec, Quebecian Traditional, Raamattu, Rahvalaulud, Rahvalik, Rahvalik Laul, Rahvalik Laul / Популярная Песня, Rahvaluule, Ransk. Joululaulu, Ranskalainen Joululaulu, Recent Trad. Song From Brittany, Řecká lid., Řecká Lidová, Recolh., Religious Song From The Orthodox Arabs' Church, Rep. Internațional, Rep. popular, Rep. Tradițional, Répertoire Arabe Tunisien, Répertoire Traditionnel, Rhodes, Richard, Rocalès Sur Thêmes Populaires, Rod Argent, Role / Name, Roma Népdal, Roma Trad., Romance Español, romance populaire roumaine, romance roumaine, Romance Séfarade Istanbul, Romance Tsigane, Romanceiro Algarvio, Romanian Folklore, Romanian song, Romanian Traditional, Romska, Romska Pesma, Romska Tradicionalna, Ros. Mel. Lud., Rosyjska Mel. Lud., Rosyjska Mel. Ludowa, Rosyjska Pieśń Ludowa, Rumanian, Rumanian Dance, Rumanian Trad., Rumanian Traditional, Rumeli Türküleri, Rumeli Tûrkûsü, Rumunská Lidová, Rumunska Narodna, Rumunska Narodna Igra, Rumunska Tradicionalna, Rumunski Tradicional, Ruotsalainen Kans.säv, Rus Anonim, Ruska, Ruska Ciganska, Ruska Ciganska Pjesma, Ruská Lidová, Ruska Narodna, Ruska Narodna Igra, Ruska Narodna Pesma, Ruska Romansa, Ruska Tradicinal, Russ. Lied, Russ. Motiv, Russ. Studentenlied, Russ. Trad, Russ. Traditional, Russ. Volkslied, Russ. Volksw., Russian Folk Song, Russian Folk Tune, Russian Folksong, Russian Gypsie / Trad., Russian Gypsy Song, Russian Gypsy Trad., Russian Melody, Russian North Traditional, Russian Trad., Russian Traditional, Russian Traditional Air, Russian Traditional Song, Russian Traditional Song From Belgorod Region, Russian Traditional Song From Polesye Region, Russian Traditional Song From Smolensk Region, Russian Traditional Song From Tver Region, Russian/Gypsy Ballad, Russische Trad., Russische Volksweise, Russische Zigeunerweise, Russisches Volkslied, Russisk folkemelodi, Russisk Studentersang, Rysk Folkmelodi, Rysk Trad., Saks. Säv., Saksalainen Sävelmä, Salónica, Salzburger Weihnachtslied, Sami Trad. Joik, Sámi traditional, San Juanito (Ecuador), Santeria Traditional Song, Sarajevo, Scandinavian Folk, Scandinavian Trad., Schlesische Lieder 1842, Schlesisk Melodi, Schotse Trad., Schwedisch, Scotch Folk Song, Scots Traditional, Scots, Traditional, Scottisch Trad., Scottish Air, Scottish Folk Song, Scottish Folksong, Scottish Gaelic, Scottish Psalter, Scottish Trad., Scottish Traditional, Scottish Translation Of Part Of Luther's 'Von Himmel Hoch', Scottish Tune, Sec. IV, Sec. VII, Sec. XI, Seemannsweise, Sefarade, XIIIème, Sépharade (Esmirna), Sepharade (Turquie), Sephardic Melody, Sephardic Trad., Sephardic Traditional, Serbia, Serbian Traditional, Serbian Traditional Song, Shaker Melody, Shaker spiritual, Shope Trad, Sicilian Trad., Sicilian Traditional, Sicīliešu Dz., Sikuri (Altiplano), Sikuri (Perú), Silesian Melody, Silesian Trad., Sili Halk Türküsü, Simon & Garfunkel, Sioux Death Song Trad, Sirtaki, Sixto Ayvar, Sizilianische Volksweise, Skoti Rahvaviis, Skotsk, Skotsk Folkemelodi, Skotsk Trad., Slav-Macedonian Traditional, Slavonic Folk Song, Slov. Nar., Slovačka Narodna, Slovačka Narodna Romska, Slovaška Nar., Slovenački Tradicional, Slovenian Folksong, Slovenian Partisan Song, Slovenska Narodna, Sł. Ludowe, Słowa Ludowe / Trad., Sofía, Soldier's Song, Somalisches Freiheitslied, Somerset Folk Song, Somerset Folksong, Somerset Tune, Son Huasteco Tradicional, Son Jarocho Tradicional, Song From East Anatolia, Song Of Hungarian Gipsies, Song Of The Hungarian Gypsies, Souterliedekens, South African Trad, South Italian Traditional, Southamerican Traditional, Spaans Traditioneel, Spain Traditional, Spain, Trad., Spanish Air, Spanish Folk, Spanish Trad., Spanish Traditional, Spanyol Karácsonyi Dal, Sphardie-Oriental, Spirituaal, Spiritual, Spiritual * Trad, Spiritual Negre, Spiritual Traditional, Spritual, Srpska Narodna Pesma Sa Kosova, Štajerski Motiv, Standard Jazzowy, Stara Gradska, Stara Gradska Pesma, Stara Gradska Pjesma, Stara Narodna Pesma, Stara Ruska Romansa, Stara Srpska Pesma, Starogradska, Staropražská, Steirischer Jodler, Stm. Kosken Päiväkirja, Studentenlied, Sufi Heritage, Suisse, suită de jocuri tradiționale din Clejani, Suită De Melodii Americane, Suom. Kansansatu, Suom. Kansansävel, Suomal. Kansansatu, Suomalainen Kansan Satu, Suomalainen Kansanlaulu, Suomalainen Kansanruno, Suomalainen Kansansävelmä, Sur. Trad., Surinamese Traditional, Sussex Carol, Sv. Trad, Sváb Népdal, Sváb Népzene, Svéd Karácsonyi Ének, Svensk Folkemelodi, Svensk Folkmelodi, Svensk Psalm-Trad., Svensk Trad, Svensk Trad., Swedish Melody, Swedish Trad., Swedish Trad. Song, Swedish Traditional, Swedish Traitional, Swing trad., Swiss Folksong, Swiss Traditional, Szerzője Ismeretlen, Sziléziai Népdal, Szkocka Mel. Lud., T.,, T.rad, T.T. Hall, Taditional, Tahitian Traditional, Tajik Folk Music, Tajik Folk Text, Talmud, Tango Trad., Taniec Śląski, Tanzanian Trad., Tard., Tatar Folk Song, Tautas Dziesma, Tautas meldija, Tautasdziesma, Tekst Tradycyjny, Tema Folclórico, Tema Popular, Tema Tradicional, Temat Tradycyjny, Tessiner Soldatenlied, Tessiner Trad., Testi Trad., Testo Trad., Text & trad., Text Lidový, Text Popular, Texte Aus Dem Alten Und Neuen Testament, Thad, The Old Hundredth, The Sufi Music Of The "Merghani Sect", The Sufi Music Of The "Shazelia Sect", The Trad. Senegal Gambia, Guinea, The Traditional Irish Air "The Coolin", The Traditional Music Of Shona, Zimbabwe, Thème Folklorique, Thème Folklorique Tzigane, Thème Inca - Bolivie, Thème Traditionnel, Tibetan Nomad Music, Tin Tradition, Tinku (Bolivia), Tiré Du Folklore, Tiroler Trad., Tobas (Bolivia), Tom, Tôn Negroaidd, Tonada Popular Mallorca, Tone Fra Mellomalderen, Torres Strait Traditional, Toyos (Perú), Tr., Tra., Tra.d, Trad, Trad - P.D., Trad .Arr, Trad (etter Folque), Trad (Wexford Carol), Trad [Ireland], Trad [Muhl], Trad [Okla], Trad [Scotland], Trad [USA], Trad / Unknown, Trad Afro-American, trad arr, Trad Arr., Trad Baluchi, Trad Bulgare, Trad Burgundy, Trad Burm, Trad Cree, Trad Dalmate, Trad English, Trad Finsk Romanisång, Trad Fra Hornindal, Trad German, Trad Halland, Trad Iranian Avaz And South Indian Folk Melody, Trad Keres, Trad Moroccan, Trad Of Greek (Har'Livadi'), Trad Origin Unknown, Trad PAI, Trad Persian, Trad Persian Song, Trad Pols/Polska, Trad Romanisång, Trad Russian Folk Song, Trad Shoshone, Trad Skyllingtryck, Trad Spanish, Trad West African, Trad West Indies, Trad´., Trad-arr, Trad-P.D., Trad,, Trad, [Negro Spiritual], Trad, Bulg,, Trad, From Gransherad, Trad, Griechisch, Trad, Norsk Romanisång, Trad, Skyllingtryck, Trad;, Trad:, Trad: (Melodi Fra Ørsta), Trad: Svensk, Trad., Trad. Arr, Trad. - Contea De Nissa, Trad. - Estacada De Brey, Trad. - Indian Folk Music, Trad. - Itä-Suomi, Trad. - Karjala, Trad. - Keski-Suomi, Trad. - Länsi-Suomi, Trad. - P.D., Trad. - Pohjanmaa, Trad. - Russian Folksong, Trad. - Sizilianische Volksweise, Trad. - Turkish Folk Music, Trad. - Val Grano, Trad. - Val Vermenagna, Trad. (Cantigas De St. Maria Nr. 77), Trad. (Catalan Folk Song), Trad. (Child 12; Roud 10), Trad. (Child 12; Roud 200), Trad. (Child 26; Roud 5), Trad. (Children's Song), Trad. (Galician / Portuguese), Trad. (Kisuaheli), Trad. (Laws P30; Roud 218), Trad. (Macedonian), Trad. (Musica Popular Do Nordeste), Trad. (Neapolitan 18th Century), Trad. (P.D.), Trad. (Psalm 109), Trad. (Venäl.), Trad. [16th Cent French], Trad. [Bearb.], Trad. [Dance Tune], Trad. [Este's Psalter], Trad. [Georgian], Trad. [Gregorian Chant], Trad. [Negro Spiritual], Trad. [Scottish Air.], Trad. [Sierra Leone Song], Trad. / Annastuuna Korkeemäeltä, Trad. / Makedonska Tradicionalna, Trad. / Trad. Senegal, Trad. / Неизв., Trad. 1566 R., Trad. 15e Siècle, Trad. 1850, Trad. 1900 (Hans Oswald), Trad. African, Trad. African American Spiritual, Trad. African-American Spiritual, Trad. Afro-Brasil (Southbrasil), Trad. Afro-Cuban, Trad. After L. Rimmens Music Collection, Trad. Alba, Trad. Albania, Trad. Albanian, Trad. Algérien, Trad. Américain, Trad. American, Trad. American Ballad, Trad. American Song, Trad. Americana, Trad. Amérindien, Trad. Andalucian, Trad. Andino, Trad. Angl., Trad. Anglesa, Trad. Antillais, Trad. Appalachian, Trad. Arab, Trad. Arab., Trad. Arabic, Trad. Árabo-Andalusí, Trad. Argentina, Trad. Arr, Trad. arr., Trad. Arr. Campbell, Trad. Arr. Cream, Trad. arr. Helloween, Trad. Arr. Mike Oldfield, Trad. Arr. The Hillsiders, Trad. Arrangement, Trad. Art., Trad. Asturien, Trad. Asturies, Trad. Author, Trad. Auvergnat, Trad. Aymara, Trad. Azerbaidzan, Trad. Azerji, Trad. Balkan, Trad. Baluchi, Trad. Barzaz Breizh, Trad. Bas Du Fleuve, Trad. Basque, Trad. Bearb - Trad. Kisuaheli, Trad. Belgian, Trad. België, Trad. Belgija, Trad. Benedicti, Trad. Berry, Trad. Blues, Trad. Boekarest, Trad. Bolivia, Trad. Boliviano, Trad. Bret., Trad. Bretagne, Trad. Bretania, Trad. Breton, Trad. Bretonisch, Trad. British, Trad. Brittany, Trad. Bulg., Trad. Bulgaria, trad. Bulgarian, Trad. Bulgarian & Northern France (Late 13th Century), Trad. Bulgarian Dance-song, Shopes Region, Trad. Bulgarian, Dobrudzha, Trad. Bulgarian, Pirin Mountains, Trad. Bulgarian, Shopes, Trad. Bulgarian, Shopes Region, Trad. Bulgarian, Thrakia/Sredna Gora, Trad. Bulgarije, Trad. Cajun, Trad. Cajun Tune, Trad. Capstan-Shanty, Trad. Carmina Burana, trad. Catalaans, Trad. Catalan, Trad. Catalan Folksong, Trad. Cauri - Val Grano, Trad. Champsaur - Htes Alpes, Trad. Chassidic, Trad. Child n. 170, Trad. Child n. 78, Trad. China, Trad. Chinese, Trad. Chinois, Trad. Chlezmer, Trad. Colombia, Trad. Columbia, Trad. Cornish/Breton, Trad. Cornualles, Trad. Corse, Trad. Croatian, Trad. Cuba, Trad. Cuban, Trad. D.P, Trad. D.P., Trad. Danish, trad. Danmark, Trad. Dansk, Trad. Des Iles Hébrides, Trad. Devon, Trad. DK, Trad. Dutch Carol, Trad. E. Magnhild Almhjell, Trad. Ecoss., Trad. Écossais, trad. Ecuador, Trad. Ecuadorian, Trad. Eft. Blinkey & The Roadmasters, St. Croix, Trad. Eft. Joe Parris & The Hot Shots, St. Croix, Trad. Eft. John Bannis, Dominica / St. Croix, Trad. Efter Ceylon Wallin, Trad. Efter Ewald Thomsen, Trad. Efter Hans Tinus Nielsen, Trad. Efter Henry Wallin, Trad. Efter J. Murdoch Henderson, Trad. Efter Jens Carl Førby, Trad. Efter Keld Nørgaard Kristensen, Trad. Efter Rasmus Storm, Trad. Efter Sigmund Larsen, Trad. Efter William Marshall, Trad. Egypt, Trad. Eíre, Trad. En Finnois, Trad. England, Trad. English, Trad. English Carol, Trad. English Carol (Greensleeves), Trad. English Carol (Tempus Adest Floridum), Trad. English, Scottish And Irish, Trad. Escòcia, Trad. Estonia, Trad. Ethiopian, Trad. Faeroese, Trad. Faroe Islands, Trad. Fiddle Tune, Trad. Finland, Trad. Flanders, Trad. Flandria, Trad. Folk Song, Trad. Folk. Äthiopien, Trad. Folk. Finnland, Trad. Folk. Kolumbien, Trad. Folk. Schweden, Trad. Folk. Türkei, Trad. Folkemel., Trad. Folkemelodi, Trad. Folkevise, Trad. Folks, Trad. Form, Trad. Fra Bhutan, Trad. Fra Gudbrandsdalen, Trad. Fra Hallingdal, Trad. Fra Nittedal, Trad. Fra Småland, Trad. Från Sydafrika, Trad. France, Trad. Frankreich, Trad. Frankrijk, Trad. French, Trad. French & English Carol, Trad. French & English Carol (Ding Dong Merrily On High), Trad. French Carol, Trad. From 1500-century, Trad. From Årdal, Trad. From Årdal, Sogn, Trad. From Borge I Lofoten, Trad. From Gailtal, Trad. From Haute Bretagne, Trad. From Iceland, Trad. From Ireland, Trad. From Jostedalen, Trad. From Kosovo, Trad. From Nordland, Trad. From Nordmøre, Trad. From Östergötland], Trad. From Peloponnesos, Greece, Trad. From Senegal, Trad. From Setesdal, Trad. From Tibet, Trad. From Trøndelag, Trad. From West Bengal, Trad. Ga Ghana, trad. Gaelic, Trad. Gal., Trad. Galega, Trad. Galician, Trad. Galicien, Trad. Gallega, Trad. Gangar Setesdal, Trad. Gårdsangervise, Trad. Gaulish, Trad. German, Trad. German Carol, Trad. German Words, Trad. Gers, Trad. Ghana, Trad. Ghanaian, Trad. Gipsy Song, trad. Gospel, Trad. Gr., Trad. Greek, Trad. Gregorian Chant, Trad. Grønlandsk, Trad. Grønlandsk Mel., Trad. Guadeloupe, Trad. Guerra Civil Española, Trad. Guinean, Trad. Guinée Forestière, Trad. Gypsy, Trad. Haiti, Trad. Halling Telemark, Trad. Halling-Joron, Trad. Hallingdal, Trad. Halyard-Shanty, Trad. Hassidic, Trad. Haut Agenais, Trad. Hollande, Trad. Hung., Trad. Hungarian, Trad. Hungary, Trad. Hymn, trad. Iceland, Trad. Icelandic, Trad. Icelandic Rím, Trad. Ierland, Trad. Iers, Trad. India, Trad. Indian, Trad. Indian Melody, Trad. Indiens Pima, Trad. Indijska, Trad. Ireland, Trad. Irisch, Trad. Irish, Trad. Irish And Irish-American, Trad. Irish Melody, Trad. Irish Tune, Trad. Irish Tune "Paddy Ryan's Dream, Trad. Irish Tune "The Bunch of Keys", Trad. Irish-American, Trad. Irl., Trad. Irland, Trad. Irlanda, Trad. Irlandais, Trad. Irlande, Trad. Irlandesa, Trad. Irlandese, Trad. Irlandia, Trad. Irländsk Folksong, Trad. Irlandzka, Trad. Irsk, Trad. Irsk Melodi, Trad. Island, trad. Isle Of Man, Trad. Israel, Trad. Italian, Trad. Italien, Trad. Japanese, Trad. Jewish, Trad. Jewish Folksong, Trad. Jiddisch, Trad. Jüdisch, Trad. Kabuki, Trad. Kanteletar, Trad. Ketchua, Trad. Klezmer, Trad. Klezmer Tune, Trad. Koralmelodi Från Orsa, Trad. Korea, Trad. Korean, Trad. Kurdish, Trad. Kurdistan, Trad. Languedoc, Trad. Latvian, Trad. Le Abbruzzese, Trad. Lincolnshire, Trad. Litauische Voksweise, Trad. Londonderry Air, Trad. Louisiane, Trad. M. Paul Guigner, Trad. Macedonia, Trad. Macedonian, Trad. Macedonië, Trad. Madagascar, Trad. Magyarisch, Trad. Malien, Trad. Manouche From Holland, trad. Martinique, Trad. Mazedonien, Trad. Medelpad, Jämtland, Värmland, Gästrikland, Trad. Medeltida Ballad, Dalarna, Trad. Medeltids Visa, Trad. Mel., Trad. Melodi, Trad. Melody, Trad. Mexicain, Trad. Mexican, Trad. Mme Alida Delhomme, Trad. Mme Maumont, Trad. Moldavia, Trad. Montserrat, Trad. Moravian, Trad. Music, Trad. Narodna, Trad. Native American, Trad. Nederland, Trad. Negro, Trad. Negro Spiritual, Trad. Nigeria, Trad. Nigeria, Cuba, Trad. No "På Jorden Fred Og Glæde", trad. Nordic, Trad. Nordmøre, Trad. Norge, Trad. Norte Potosi, Trad. North Hebridian, Trad. Northumberland, Trad. Northumbrian, Trad. Norway, Trad. Norwegian, Trad. Nouvelle-Angleterre, Trad. Occitana, Trad. Old English, Trad. Old English Carol, Trad. Pakistan, Trad. Palestinsk, Trad. Persian, Trad. Persisch, Trad. Peruvian Mountain Climbing Song, Trad. Polen, Trad. Polish, Trad. Polka, Trad. Pols Røros, Trad. Polsk From Billinge, Trad. Portugal, Trad. Pump-Shanty, Trad. Québec, Trad. Queensland, trad. rätoromanisch, Trad. Reel, Trad. Rev. Newton, Trad. Roemeens, Trad. Romania, Trad. Romanian, Trad. Rouergue, Trad. Roumanie, Trad. Rumania, Trad. Rumanian, Trad. Rumänisch, Trad. Russia, Trad. Russian, Trad. Russisch, Trad. Russisk, Trad. Saint-Alban, Trad. Sangiovannese, Trad. Sardenya, Trad. Sætesdal, Trad. Schott. Volksweise, Trad. Schweden, Trad. Schwedisch, Trad. Schweiz, Trad. Scotl., Trad. Scotland, Trad. Scott., Trad. Scottish, Trad. Scottish Carol, Trad. Scottish Song Fom The Hebrides, Trad. Scottish Tune, Trad. Scottish/English, Trad. Sefardí, Trad. Sefardisch, Trad. Senegal, Trad. Senegal / Africa Soli, Trad. Sénégalais, Trad. Sephardic, Trad. Serb, Trad. Serbian, Trad. Shanty, Trad. Shetland, Trad. Shyerwandi (Balochi Classical Music), Trad. Sierra Leone, Trad. Sierra Leone Song, Trad. Silesian, Trad. Skyllingatryck, Trad. Slovakia, Trad. Sogn, Trad. Soldatvise, Trad. Somerset, Trad. Song, Trad. Song From Haute Cornouaille, Trad. South African, Trad. Spain/Finland, Trad. Spanish, Trad. Spiritual, Trad. Spritual, Trad. Square, Trad. St. Croix, Trad. Stev, Trad. Suaheli, Trad. Sudan, Trad. Sussex, trad. sv folkvisa, Trad. Svensk Bön För Barn, Trad. Svensk Melodi, Trad. Sverige, Trad. Sweden, Trad. Sweden And Norway, Trad. Swedish, Trad. Swedish 'Wärmeland Du Sköna', trad. Swiss, Trad. Szkocja, Trad. Tailka Melody From Kenya, Trad. Telemark, trad. Texas, Trad. Text, Trad. Togolais, Trad. Togolian Song, Trad. Toscana, Trad. Transylvanian, Trad. Transylvanian], Trad. Trois-Rivières, Trad. Tune, Trad. Tune From Brittany, Trad. Tunisia, Trad. Turkey, Trad. Türkisch, Trad. Turkish, Trad. Tuvan, Trad. U.S. Spiritual, Trad. Ukraine, Trad. Ungarisch, Trad. Ungarn, Trad. USA, Trad. Venezuelan, Trad. Vestindien, Trad. Visa, Trad. Vlaams, Trad. Volksweise, Trad. Weise, Trad. Welsh, Trad. Welsh Carol, Trad. West Africa, Trad. West Country, Trad. Western Country Carol, Trad. Words, Trad. Yemenite, Trad. Yoruba, Trad. Yoruba, Nigeria, Trad. Yougoslave, Trad. Yugoslave, Trad. Yugoslavia, Trad. Yugoslavian, Trad.-Arr, Trad.-Bibeltext, Trad.-D.P., Trad., American, Trad., Andes Folksong, Trad., Anon., Trad., Arr., trad., arr. Garrett, Trad., D.P., Trad., Irish, Trad., P.D., Trad., Possibly 16th Century English, Trad., Scot., Trad., Sicilian, Trad.., Trad..., Trad./, Trad./Adapt., Trad./Arr., Trad./Dansk Folkemelodi, Trad./Jojio/Suckman, Trad./Kalevala, Trad./P.D., Trad./Russian Folk Song, Trad./Suaheli, Trad.+Arr., Trad.arr, trad.arr Kong Lavring, Trad.arr., Trad.arr.:, Trad.Bretagne, Trad.Bulgarien, Trad.Danmark, Trad.Frankrig, Trad.From Baluchistan, Trad.Iers, trad.mel, Trad.Middelalder, Trad.Nordisk, Trad.Norwegian, Trad.Sefardí, Trad.US, Trad', Trad'l, Trad'l Highland Air, Trad'l Welsh Song, Trad'l., Trad*, Trad/Arr, Trad/Arr:, Trad/Arr., Trad/Irish, trad/Jewish, Trad/La Patum De Berga, trad/Norwegian, Trada, Tradd, Tradd., Tradd. Llydaweg, Tradditional, Traddodiadol, Trade, Tradi, Tradic., Tradic. Svahili, Tradicijska Iz Belgije, Tradicijska Iz Gradišća, Tradicijska Međimurska, Tradicijska Polka, Austrija, Tradicinal, Tradicinė, Tradicinė Melodija, Tradicion, Tradición de Al-Andalus, Tradicional, Tradicional Ecuador, Tradicional Alemanya, Tradicional Americana, Tradicional Americano, Tradicional Anglesa, Tradicional Anónimo, Tradicional Asturies, Tradicional Âustria, Tradicional Basca, Tradicional Bolivia, Tradicional Boliviana, Tradicional Bretanya, Tradicional Cántabra, Tradicional Catalana, Tradicional Catalunya, Tradicional Catalunya (Principat), Tradicional Chile, Tradicional Chilena, Tradicional Comanche, Tradicional Ecuador, Tradicional Ecuatoriano, Tradicional Escocesa, Tradicional Espanhol, Tradicional Folk Swahili, Tradicional França, Tradicional Francés, Tradicional Francesa, Tradicional Grčka, Tradicional Gregoriano, Tradicional Inglés, Tradicional Inglesa, Tradicional Italia, Tradicional Italiano, Tradicional Japonés, Tradicional Kosovo, Tradicional Mallorca, Tradicional Mallorquina, Tradicional Maoča, Tradicional Mexicana, Tradicional México, Tradicional Nord-Americana, Tradicional P. D., Tradícional Panameña, Tradicional Paradela, Tradicional Paraguay, Tradicional Perú, Tradicional Peruana, Tradicional Popular, Tradicional Provençal, Tradicional Rumunija, Tradicional Sicília, Tradicional Španija, Tradicional Srbija, Tradicional Tirol, Tradicional Turca, Tradicional Vasca, Tradicional Venezolana, Tradicional Venezolano, Tradicional-Recopilación Robles, Tradicionāla, Tradicionales, Tradicionális, Tradicionalna, Tradicionalna Indijska, Tradicionalna Iz Meksika, Tradicionalna Iz Perua, Tradicionalna Pesma Mađarskih Roma, Tradicionalna Pjesma, Tradicionalne, Tradicionalne Narodne Pesme Ruskih Roma, Tradicionalne Pesme Ruskih Roma, Tradicionalni Motiv - Instrumental, Tradicionalno, Tradicionals, Tradicionals Catalanes, Tradicionau, Tradiční, Tradiční Moravská Lidová Píseň, Tradictionális, Tradidional Folk Song, Tradidional Sephardic, Tradiitionnel, Tradintional, Tradional Tune From Setesdal, Tradionelle, Tradisional, Tradisioneel, Tradisjonel, Tradisjonell, Tradit, Tradit., Tradition, Tradition Arménienne, Tradition Locale, Tradition Occitane, Tradiţional, Traditional African, Traditional - Finland, Traditional - Folk, Traditional - Folk Lore, Traditional - Latvian Folk, Traditional - Man, Traditional - Norway, Traditional - Portugal, Traditional - South Africa, Traditional - Sweden, Traditional - Tuva, Traditional (Amami Folk Song), Traditional (arab-greek), Traditional (Belgian Congo), Traditional (Bolivian), Traditional (Dersim & Erzincan), Traditional (Dersim), Traditional (Eritrean Liberation Song), Traditional (India, Sri Lanka), Traditional (India; Sri Lanka), Traditional (India), Traditional (Indonesia), Traditional (Maldives), Traditional (Myanmar), Traditional (Norwegian), Traditional (Primavera), Traditional (Roud 3193), Traditional (Spanish Liberation Song), Traditional (Tajikistan), Traditional (Thailand), Traditional (Unknown Author), Traditional (USA), Traditional ["Balada Lui Lancu Jianu" Romanian Traditional Song 19th c.], Traditional [Algeria], Traditional [American Anthem], Traditional [Armenian Folk Material], Traditional [Axi], Traditional [Bulgaria], Traditional [Byzantine Chant], Traditional [Catalan], Traditional [Catalonia], Traditional [Croatian Traditional Song], Traditional [Finnish], Traditional [Folk], Traditional [France], Traditional [From The Lipovan Old Believers Tradition], Traditional [Greek Folk Material], Traditional [Imbabura - Ecuador], Traditional [Iraq], Traditional [Irish], Traditional [Mexican Folk], Traditional [Moldavian], Traditional [Mongolian], Traditional [Morocco], Traditional [Negro Spiritual], Traditional [Palestine], Traditional [Region Of Chermignon], Traditional [reworked], Traditional [Romanian Traditional Song 19th c.], Traditional [Scotland], Traditional [Solomon Islands], Traditional [Tunisia], Traditional [Turkey], Traditional [Ukrainian], Traditional [Uygur Folk Music], Traditional / Beskid Cieszyński, Traditional / Beskid Żywiecki, Traditional / Instrumental, Traditional / Suwalskie, Traditional 13 Century, Traditional 15th Century, Traditional 16th Century, Traditional 18th Century, Traditional 18th Century French Song, Traditional 19th Century American Melody, Traditional 19th Century French Song, Traditional Adaptation, Traditional Afghan, Traditional African, Traditional African (Malawi), Traditional African (Zimbabwe), Traditional African Folk Song, Traditional African Melody, Traditional African-American, Traditional Afro/Cuban, Traditional Air, Traditional Air From County Derry, Traditional Albanian, Traditional American, Traditional American (Shaker Hymn), Traditional American Ballad, Traditional American Folk Tune, Traditional American Folksong, Traditional American Game Song, Traditional American Lullaby, Traditional American Melody, Traditional American Song, Traditional Andalusian, Traditional Andalusian-Tunisian, Traditional Anglo-American Ballad, Traditional Appalachian, Traditional Arab, Traditional Arabic, Traditional Arabic/Melayu, Traditional Arabo-Andalusian, Traditional Armenian, Traditional Arr., Traditional Arranged, Traditional Arrangement, Traditional Asian Minor, Traditional Azerbaijani, Traditional Azeri, Traditional Bakhtiari, Traditional Ballad, Traditional Bambara Song From Mail, West Africa, Traditional Baskirian, Traditional Belarussian, Traditional Belgian, Traditional Belorussian Spiritual Verse, Traditional Berber Music (Chaabi) From Atlas Area, Traditional Berberine, Traditional Black Spiritual, Traditional Blues, Traditional Boogie, Traditional Bosnian, Traditional Brazilian, Traditional Breton Folksong, Traditional British, Traditional Bukharian Song, Traditional Bulgaria, Traditional Bulgarian, Traditional Bulgarian - Pirin, Traditional Bulgarian - Rhodope, Traditional Bulgarian - Strandja, Traditional Bulgarian Folk Tune, Traditional By Unknown Finnish Soldier, Traditional Byzantine Hymns, Traditional C. 1600, Traditional Cajun, Traditional Cambodian, Traditional Canadian, Traditional Carol, Traditional Carribean, traditional Casamance, Traditional Catalan, Traditional Catalan Song, Traditional Caucasian, Traditional Celtic, Traditional Chanson De Croisade Dated 1189, Traditional Chant, traditional chant from the Pygmies of Central Africa, Traditional Chidrens' Rhyme, Traditional Children's Piece, Traditional Childrens Song, Traditional Chinese, Traditional Chinese Folk Song, Traditional Chinese Lullaby, Traditional Christmas Carol, Traditional Circa 16th Century Scottish, Traditional Cornish, Traditional Cowboy, Traditional Cowboy Melody, Traditional Creole Folksong, Traditional Cretan, Traditional Croatia, Traditional Croatian, Traditional Cuban, Traditional Cypriot, Traditional Dance Tune From Sweden, Dalarna, Traditional Danish Menuet, Traditional de Tirana, Traditional Dixieland, Traditional Dong, Tradițional Englez, Traditional English, Traditional English (Eighteenth Century), Traditional English (Nineteenth Century), Traditional English 16th Century, Traditional English Carol, Traditional English Melody, Traditional English Song, Traditional English Tune, Traditional English Waits, Traditional English, 15th C., Traditional Ewe Song, Traditional Exempt, Traditional Fauré Pavanne, Traditional Flamenco, Traditional Flemish, Traditional Folk Song, Traditional Folk Song Of Chania, Crete, Traditional Folk Song Of Unknown Origin, Traditional Folk Tune, Traditional Folksong, Traditional French, Traditional French Carol, Traditional French Chant, Traditional French Minstrel Song, Traditional French Renaissance Ballad, Traditional French-Swiss Carols, Traditional From Albania, Traditional From Arbëresh, Traditional From Arvanitas, Traditional From Asia Minor, Traditional From Azerbaijan, Traditional From Brittany, Traditional From Bulgaria, Traditional From Bulgaria (Eastern Romylia), Traditional From Burkina Faso, Traditional from Chile, Traditional From Dodecanese Islands, Traditional From Epirus, Traditional From Epirus Region, Traditional From Epirus, Smyrna, Traditional From France, Traditional From Greece (Calymnos), Traditional From India, Traditional From Kainuu Area, Traditional From Kosovo, Traditional From Lebanon, Traditional From Louisiana, Traditional From Luster, Traditional From North Greece, In Slavic Idiom, Traditional From Norway, Traditional From Pirin Macedonia, Bulgaria, Traditional From Rhodes, traditional from Rodopa, Traditional From S. Starostin Collection, Traditional From Sardinia, Traditional From Setesdal, Traditional From Smyrna, Traditional From South Italy, In Greek Idion, Traditional From Spain, Traditional From Spain (Asturia), Traditional From Thailand, Traditional From The Black Sea, Traditional From The British Isles, Traditional From The Caribbean, Traditional From The Gumatj And Rirratjinu Clans Of Yirrkala, Northern Territory, Traditional From The Hebrides, Traditional From The Provence, Traditional From The Quebrada de Humahuaca, Traditional Gaelic Blessing, Traditional Gaelic Carol, Traditional Gaelic Melody, Traditional Gaelic Tune, Traditional Gambian, Traditional Game Song, Traditional Georgian, Traditional Georgian Chant, Traditional German, Traditional German Carol, Traditional German Melody, Traditional Ghanaian, Traditional Gnawa, Traditional Greece, Traditional Greek, Traditional Greek Folk Song, Traditional Greek From Asia Minor, Traditional Gregorian, Traditional Guaraní Indian, Traditional Guedra Chant, traditional Guinée, Traditional Gur'yan, Traditional Gypsy, Traditional Halling From Sogn, Traditional Hassidic, Traditional Hawaiian, Traditional Hawaiian Composition, Traditional Hebrew, Traditional Hindi, Traditional Historic Song Of Pondos, Traditional Hungarian, Traditional Hungarian ballad, Traditional Hungarian Folk Songs, Traditional Hungarian Tunes, Traditional Hungary, Traditional Hymn, Traditional Icelandic, Traditional India, Traditional Indian, Traditional Indian Dance Music, Traditional Inner Mongolian Folk Song, Traditional Instrumental, Traditional Inuit, Traditional Iranian, Traditional Iraqi Kurdish, Traditional Iraqi Melody, Traditional Ireland 19th Century, Traditional Irish, Traditional Irish Ballad, Traditional Irish Dance Music, Traditional Irish Lullabye, Traditional Irish Melody, Traditional Irish Melody, St. Columbia, Traditional Irish Songs, Traditional Irish Tune, Traditional Irish, 14th C., Traditional Irish, Scottish Or English, Traditional Irosh, Traditional Israeli, Traditional Italian, Traditional ItalianPartisans, Traditional Italien, Traditional Japanese, Traditional Japanese Lullaby, Traditional Japanese Song, Traditional Jewish, Traditional Jiangsu Folk Song, Traditional Jigs, Traditional Judeo-Spanish, Traditional Judeo-Yemenite, Traditional Jug Band, Traditional Khakassian Takhpakh, Traditional Khorassan Iran, Traditional Khorassanian, Traditional Klezmer, Traditional Klezmer Jewish Song, Traditional Klezmer Tune, Traditional Korean Folk Song, Traditional Kotu, Traditional Kurdish, Traditional Ladino, Traditional Ladino Poem, Traditional Lakota Song, Traditional Latin, Traditional Latvian, Traditional Latvian Song, Traditional Lebanese, Traditional Lithuanian, Traditional Lithuanian/Latvian, Traditional Macedonian, Traditional Macedonian Folk Song, Traditional Macedonian Music, Traditional Macedonian/Serbian, traditional Mali, Traditional Malian, Traditional Manx Carol, Traditional Manx Gaelic, Traditional Maori, Traditional Mauritian, Traditional Melody, Traditional Mexican, Traditional Mexican Folk Song, Traditional México, Traditional Miao, Traditional Moorish, Traditional Moroccan, Traditional Morocco-Andalusian, Traditional Music, Traditional Music (Tahiti), Traditional Music (Zimbabwe), Traditional Music Of Burundi, Traditional Musicians, Bali, Tradițional Napolitan, Traditional Native American, Traditional Native American Medicine, Traditional Negro Christmas Spiritual, Traditional Negro Spiritual, Traditional New Zealand Moari Lullaby, Traditional Newfoundland, Traditional Norse, Traditional Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle Tunes, Traditional Norwegian Hardangerfiddle-Tunes, Traditional Occitan, Traditional Odessa, Traditional Okinawa, Traditional Origin, Traditional Palestinian, Traditional Paraguayan, Traditional Persian, Traditional Piece, Traditional Piobaireachd, Traditional Polish, Traditional Polish Carol, Traditional Polish Dance, Traditional Polsdance, Traditional Polynesian (Tahiti), Traditional Polynesian (Tonga), Traditional Popular Song, Traditional Portugal, Traditional Pre Columbian Fanfare, Traditional Public Domain, Traditional Québec, Traditional Reels, Traditional Reinlender, Traditional Religious Tune, Traditional Repertoire, Traditional Rhyme, Traditional Rhythms Of Andalucia, Traditional Romanian, traditional Romanian theme, Traditional Round, Traditional Rumanian, Traditional Ruska, Traditional Russian, Traditional Russian Folk Song, Traditional Russian Folk Tune, Traditional Russian Folksong, Traditional Russian Melody, Traditional Russian Song, Traditional Russian Spiritual Verse, Traditional Russian Verse, Traditional Samoan Song, Traditional Sana'ani Melody, Traditional Sanskrit, Traditional Sardinian Chant For Tenors, Traditional School Poetry, Traditional Scottish, Traditional Scottish And French, Traditional Scottish Melody, Traditional Scottish Poem, Traditional Scottish Song, Traditional Scottish Song - XVIIth Century, Traditional Sea Chantey, Traditional Sephardic, Traditional Serbian, Traditional Serbian From Kosovo, Traditional Serbian Tune From Vranje, Traditional Serbian/Romanian, Traditional Shaker Hymn, Traditional Shetland Tunes, Tradițional Sicilian, Traditional Slovak, Traditional Social Song, Traditional Song, Traditional Song From Gujarat, Traditional Song From Karelia, Traditional Song From Southeastern Serbia, Traditional Song From Southern Russia, Traditional Song Of Skyros, Traditional Song Of The Auvergne, traditional songs, Traditional Songs Form The Vlach Villages Of Central Pindos, Traditional Songs From Rajasthan, Traditional Sources, Traditional South African, Traditional South African Folk Song, Traditional Spanish, Traditional Spanish Carol, Traditional Spanish Folk Melody, Traditional Spiritual, Traditional Sufi, Traditional Sufi Song From Sindh, Traditional Swedish, Traditional Swedish Folk Song, Traditional Swedish Folk Tune, Traditional Swedish Folksong, Traditional Swiss, traditional Swiss alphorn melody, Traditional Swiss Folk Song, Traditional Syrian, Traditional Tartarstan, Traditional Tebe, Traditional Tetuanean, Traditional Text, Traditional Thai, Traditional Thayland, Traditional Throat Song, Traditional Thuringia, Traditional Tibetan, Traditional Tibetan Prayers, Traditional Tune, Traditional Tunesian Song, Traditional Turki Melody, Traditional Turkish, Traditional Turkish Dance, Traditional Turkish Folk, Traditional Turkish Music, Traditional Turkish Songs, Traditional Turkmenistani, Traditional Tuvan, Traditional U.S.A., Traditional Ukraine, Traditional Ukrainian, Traditional Ukrainian Carol, Traditional Ukrainian/Canadian, Traditional Uzbek, Traditional Valaisan, Traditional Valencian, Traditional Venetian, Traditional Venezuelan, Traditional Venezuelan Piece, Traditional Version, Traditional Version - Catalan - 16th Century, Traditional Version • Catalan • 16th Century, Traditional Version Catalan, 16th Century, Traditional Version Catalan. 16th Century, Traditional Version. Catalan 16th Century, Traditional Vietnamese, Traditional Voronei, Traditional Waltz, Traditional Welsh, Traditional Welsh Lullaby, Traditional Welsh Melody, Traditional Welsh Song, Traditional West Indian Melody, Traditional Yemenite, Traditional Yemenite Jewish, Traditional Yemenite Song, Traditional Yemnenite, Traditional Yiddish, Traditional Yoruba Chant, Traditional Yugoslavian, Traditional Yugoslavian Beer Drinking Song, traditional Zen Buddhist piece, Traditional Zen Meditation, Traditional-Thailand, traditional, 13th century, Traditional, Brazil, Traditional, France, Traditional, Italy, Traditional, Korea, Traditional, Lebanon, Traditional, Melodie Populaire, Traditional, Okinawa, Japan, Traditional, Originally From France, Traditional, Spain, Traditional, Sweden, Traditional, Tsugaru, Japan, Traditional, Tunsia, Traditional, U.K., Traditional, Ukraine, Traditional, Unknown Soldier, Traditional: Al-Andalus, Traditional: Estonia, Traditional: Italy, 14th Cent., Traditional: Spiritual, Traditional: West Africa, Traditional. Polska From Seglora, Västergötland, traditional/Public Domain, Tradițională, Traditionale, Traditionalna, Traditionalne, Traditionals, Traditioneel, Traditioneel Indonesisch, Traditioneel Vlaams, Traditionel, Traditionel - Fyn, Traditionel - Himmerland, Traditionel - Skottisch, Traditionel - Svensk, Traditionel Dansk Musik Før 1760 Efter Rasmus Storm Og Brødrene Bast, Traditionel Svensk, Traditionel Svensk Folkevise, Traditionele, Traditionele Muziek Uit Vlaanderen, traditionell, traditionell - Bulgarisch, Traditionell Lekvisa, Traditionell: Sizilien, Traditionell?, Traditionelle, Traditionelles, Traditionellt Lekrim, Traditionnal, Traditionnel, Traditionnel (Grégorien), Traditionnel (Irlande), Traditionnel (Japon), Traditionnel (Pays Basque), Traditionnel (Russie), traditionnel africain, Traditionnel Anatolie: Elazığ, Traditionnel Anglais, Traditionnel Anonyme, Traditionnel Aymara, Traditionnel Breton, Traditionnel Bulgarie, Traditionnel Cajun, Traditionnel Camerounais, Traditionnel Corse, Traditionnel Cuba, Traditionnel Cubain, Traditionnel d'Alagoes, Traditionnel Écossais, Traditionnel Egyptien, Traditionnel Franc-Comtois, Traditionnel Hebraïque, Traditionnel Irlandais, Traditionnel Latin, Traditionnel Lux., Traditionnel Mexicain, Traditionnel Mexico '40, Traditionnel Occitan, Traditionnel Pavé de Carnac, Traditionnel Pérou, Traditionnel Provençal, Traditionnel Québécois, Traditionnel Roumain, Traditionnel Roumanie, Traditionnel Russe, Traditionnel Song, Traditionnel Sur La Lettre Du Gabier, Traditionnel Syrien, Traditionnel Turc, Traditionnel Yiddish, Traditionnel, Chant D'Amour Traditionnel Du Pays Basque, Traditionnel, Roumanie, traditionnell, Traditionnelle, Traditionnelle Franc-Comtois, Traditionnels, TraditionnelTraditionnel, Traditionnnel, Traditonal, Traditonal Syrian, Traditsionaal, Tradittionel, Tradiz., Tradiz. - Elab., Tradizional, Tradizionale, Tradizionale Anonimo, Tradizionale Brasiliano, Tradizionale Calabrese, Tradizionale Calabro, Tradizionale Coro A.N.A., Tradizionale Corso, Tradizionale Ebraico, Tradizionale Irlandese, Tradizionale Klezmer, Tradizionale Macedone, Tradizionale P. D., Tradizionale P.D., Tradizionale Pugliese, Tradizionale Serbo, Tradizionali, Tradizionalie Bulgaro Relaborato, tradizione calabrese, tradizione pugliese, tradizione umbra, Tradiziunale, Tradl., Trads., Tradtional, Tradtional Cajun Song, Tradycja, Tradycjonał, Tradycyjna, Tradycyjna Amerykańska, Tradycyjna Muzyka Irlandzka, Tradycyjna Muzyka Szkocka, Tradycyjna Pieśń Z Białorusi, Tradycyjna Pieśń Z Podlasia, Tradycyjna Pieśń Z Ukrainy, Tradycyjne, Tradycyjny/Traditional, Tradycykny Utwór Rosyjski, Trand, Transylvanian Trad., Trar., Trascriz., Tratitional French Children's Song, Tred., Trr, Tune: St Thomas, Tunisian Traditional, Tuntematon, Tuntematon Liperistä, Turath, Turkish & Arabic Traditional, Turkish Song, Turkish Trad., Turkish Traditional, Turkish Traditional Chant (Turkey), Turquía, Turska Narodna, Tw. Ludowi, Tw.Ludowi, Twee Liedekens, Two Traditional Polkas, Two Traditional Pols Tunes, Twóczość Ludowa, Twórcy Ludowi, Twórcy Tradycjonalni, Tysk Folkevise, Tysk Folkmelodi, Tysk Julesang, Tyvan Traditional Song, U-Trad, U.S.A. Trad., Überliefert, Ukrainian Carol, Ukrainian Folk Song, Ukrainian Trad., Ukrainian Traditional, Ukrainska, Ukraińska Melodia Ludowa, Ungarische Volksweisen, Ungersk Barnvisa, Unknown, Usmeno Prenošenje, Ut. Tradycyjny, Utwór Trad., Utwory Tradycyjne, Uzbek Traditional, V. S. J., Valencian Oral Tradition, Valzer Tradizionale, Vancouver Punk Trad., Vancouver Punk Traditional, Vancouver Punk Traditionals, Vannetais Trad., Varoška, Vaudeville Du 17e, Velška Tradicijska, Ven. Trad., Venäl. Kansansäv., venäl. sävelmä, Venäl.kans.säv., Venäläinen Kansanlaulu, Venäläinen Kansansävel, Venäläinen Kansansävelmä, Venček Koroških Ljudskih Pesmi, Venček Ljudskih Pesmi, Vendean Traditional, Venezuelan Traditional Song, Versão Popular, Versión Libre Chamal, Version Traditionelle, XIVe Siècle, Versuri bisericești, versuri din lirica norvegiană, versuri populare, Vietnamesischer Bambustanz, Vl, Vlaška, Vlaški Tradicional, VM, Vojvođanska, Voksweise, Volksgut, Volkslied, Volksliend, Volksw., Volksw/Bearb., Volksweise, Volksweise Aus Dem Berner Oberland, Volksweise Berarb, Volksweisen, Völuspá, Vranjanska Narodna, Vw, Vw., W. African Traditional, W. Indian Spiritual, Warren, Weihnachtslied, Weihnachtslied Aus Dem Beginnenden 19. Jahrhundert, Weihnachtslied Aus Dem Salzburger Land, Weihnachtslied Aus Oberschlesien, Weihnachtslied Aus Thüringen, Weihnachtslied Aus Westfalen, Weihnachtslied Um 1800, Welch Traditional, Welsh Air, Welsh Melody, Welsh Trad, Welsh Trad., Welsh Traditional, Welsh Traditional Tune, Welsh Tune, West Ukraine, West Ukrainian Trad., Western Isles Trad., Wg "The Greenland Whale Fishery", Wittenberg 1524, Włoska Mel. Lud., Wybór Cytatów, X, X., XII w., XIIth Century Melody, XIV. Sz.-i Latin-Német Ének, XVIème Siecle, Xxx, Yemenite Traditional, Yi Traditional, Yiddish Trad., Yiddish Traditional, Yoruba, Yozgat Türküsü, Yugoslav Traditional, Yugoslavian Traditional, Yunnan Folk Song, Zajal Lebnany, Zapoż., Zapożyczona, Zapożyczone, Židovská Píseň, Židovska Tradicijska, Zimbabwean Traditional, Ziņģe, Zwabische Trad., Þjoðlag, Αιγυπτιακό Παραδοσιακό, Αλτσάτ'κου, Παραδοσιακό Αγιάσου Μυτιλήνης, Αμερικάνικο Παραδοσιακό, Ασίκικο, Αστικό Κωνσταντινούπολης, Αστικό Σμύρνης, Αστυπάλαια, Παραδοσιακό - Greece, Asypalaia Island, Traditional, Βαΐτικα Κάλαντα, βυζαντινά Κάλαντα, Δημ. Κυπριακό, Δημοτ., Δημοτικά Δίστιχα, Δημοτικό, Δημοτικό Ηπείρου, Δημοτικό Κρήτης, Δημοτικό Τραγούδι, Δημοτικοί, Δημώδες, Δημώδες Ρωσίας, Δίσημος Θράκης, Δίσημος Κων/πολης, Εθνικό Μανιάτικο Τραγούδι, Ελλάδα, Παραδοσιακό - Greece, Traditional, Ελληνικό Παραδοσιακό, Ελληνικοί Παραδοσιακοί, Εννιάσημος Θράκης, Εννιάσημος Κων/πολης, Εννιάσημος Μ. Ασίας, Εξάσημος Δυτικής Μακεδονίας, Εξάσημος Στερεάς Ελλάδας, Επτάσημος Μακεδονίας, Επτάσημος Χαλκιδικής, Ζωναράδικος Χορός Της Θράκης, Θάσος, Παραδοσιακό -Greece, Thassos Island, Traditional, Ινδιάνικο Ποίημα, Ισραήλ - Israel, Natan Alterman, C. 1951, Καλλανιώτικος, Παραδοσιακό Καρύστου Ευβοίας, Κάρπαθος, Ελλάδα, Παραδοσιακό - Greece, Karpathos Island, Traditional, Κεφαλλονίτικη Αριέττα, Κούβα - Cuba, Bola Deneve, Κουρδικός Χορός, Κρήτη, Παραδοσιακό - Greece, Crete Island, Traditional, Κρητικό, Κρητικό Παραδοσιακό, Κυπριακό, Λαϊκό Αγνώστου, Λαϊκό Παραδοσιακό Τραγούδι, Λαϊκό Ρώσικο Τραγούδι, Λαϊκό Σμύρνης, Λίβανος, Παραδοσιακό - Lebanon, Traditional, Μ. Ασίας, Μαντολινάτα, Μικράς Ασίας, Μικρασιάτικο Λαϊκό, Μικρασιάτικο Παραδοσιακό, Μυτιλήνη, Παραδοσιακό - Greece, Mytilene, Traditional, Νησιώτικο Ξενιτιάς, Παλατινή Ανθολογία, Παληό Λαϊκό, Παλιά Καντάδα, Παλιά Τσιγγάνικη Μελωδία, Παλιό Λαϊκό, Παλιό Λαϊκό Κρήτης, Παραδ. Ανατολής, Παραδ. Μ. Ασίας, Παραδ. Σμύρνης, Παραδοσιακά, Παραδοσιακά Ηπείρου, Παραδοσιακή, Παραδοσιακή Μαντινάδα, Παραδοσιακή Μουσική Αλεξάνδρειας, Παραδοσιακό, Παραδοσιακό (Αρμενία), Παραδοσιακό (Κοντυλιά Του Σαλή), Παραδοσιακό Αγγλικό, Παραδοσιακό Αιγαίου, Παραδοσιακό Αιγύπτου, Παραδοσιακό Αμερικής, Παραδοσιακό Ανατολής, Παραδοσιακό Ανατολικής Ρωμυλίας, Παραδοσιακό Απειράνθου Νάξου, Παραδοσιακό Από Την Τούβα, Παραδοσιακό Αρμενίας, Παραδοσιακό Αστυπάλαιας, Παραδοσιακό Αφρικής, Παραδοσιακό Βορ. Αιγαίου, Παραδοσιακό Βορ. Θράκης, Παραδοσιακό Βορείου Ηπείρου, Παραδοσιακό Δυτικής Μακεδονίας, Παραδοσιακό Δωδεκανήσου, Παραδοσιακό Δωδεκανήσων, Παραδοσιακό Ελληνικό, Παραδοσιακό Επιτραπέζιο Τραγούδι, Παραδοσιακό Επτανήσου, Παραδοσιακό Ευβοίας, Παραδοσιακό Ηπείρου, Παραδοσιακό Ηρακλείου Κρήτης, Παραδοσιακό Θεσσαλονίκης, Παραδοσιακό Θράκης, Παραδοσιακό Ικαρίας, Παραδοσιακό Ίμβρου, Παραδοσιακό Ιρλανδέζικο, Παραδοσιακό Ισπανίας, Παραδοσιακό Ιταλίας, Παραδοσιακό Ιταλίας - Italy, Traditional, Παραδοσιακό Καλύμνου, Παραδοσιακό Καραϊβικής, Παραδοσιακό Καρπάθου, Παραδοσιακό Καρύστου Ευβοίας, Παραδοσιακό Κάτω Ιταλίας, Παραδοσιακό Καυκάσου, Μυτηλήνης & Δυτικής Ελλάδας, Παραδοσιακό Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας, Παραδοσιακό Κεφαλληνίας, Παραδοσιακό Κρήτης, Παραδοσιακό Κύπρου, Παραδοσιακό Κωνσταντινούπολης, Παραδοσιακό Λέρου, Παραδοσιακό Μ. Ασίας, Παραδοσιακό Μακεδονίας, Παραδοσιακό Μαρόκου, Παραδοσιακό Μεγάρων Αττικής, Παραδοσιακό Μεσαιωνικό, Παραδοσιακό Μικράς Ασίας, Παραδοσιακό Μυτιλήνης, Παραδοσιακό Νάξου, Παραδοσιακό Νάουσας, Παραδοσιακό Νησιών Αιγαίου, Παραδοσιακό Νικήσιανης, Παραδοσιακό Ξεμάτιασμα, Παραδοσιακό Παγγαίου, Παραδοσιακό Πασχαλινό Καρδίτσας, Παραδοσιακό Πάτμου, Παραδοσιακό Περιοχής Βογατσικού Καστοριάς, Παραδοσιακό Περιοχής Καστοριάς, Παραδοσιακό Περιοχής Ξάνθης, Παραδοσιακό Πιερίων, Παραδοσιακό Πολίτικο, Παραδοσιακό Πολίτικο - Traditional Of Constantinople, Παραδοσιακό Πόντου, Παραδοσιακό Προβηγκίας, Παραδοσιακό Προποντίδος, Παραδοσιακό Ριζίτικο, Παραδοσιακό Ρουμάνικο Τραγούδι, Παραδοσιακό Σαμοθράκης, Παραδοσιακό Σερρών, Παραδοσιακό Σεφαραδίτικο, Παραδοσιακό Σεφαραδίτικο Του 15ου Αι.Ρόδος - Sephardic Traditional From Rhodes, 15 Cent., Παραδοσιακό Σηλύβριας Ανατολικής Θράκης, Παραδοσιακό Σμυρναίικο, Παραδοσιακό Σμυρνέικο, Παραδοσιακό Σμύρνης, Παραδοσιακό Σουηδίας, Παραδοσιακό Στεριανό Τραγούδι, Παραδοσιακό Συρτό Θεσσαλίας, Παραδοσιακό Συρτό Θράκης Και Μακεδονίας, Παραδοσιακό Συρτοτσιφτετέλι Μυτιλήνης, Παραδοσιακό Τήλου, Παραδοσιακό Της Αλβανίας, Παραδοσιακό Της Ανατολής, Παραδοσιακό Της Κολομβίας, Παραδοσιακό Της Κούβας, Παραδοσιακό Του Περού, Παραδοσιακό Του Πουέρτο Ρίκο, Παραδοσιακό Του Σουδάν, Παραδοσιακό Τουρκίας, Παραδοσιακό Τούρκικο, Παραδοσιακό Τραγούδι, Παραδοσιακό Τραγούδι Μακεδονίας, Παραδοσιακό Τσάμικο Ηπείρου, Παραδοσιακό Τσάμικο Θεσσαλίας, Παραδοσιακό Τσιγγάνικο, Παραδοσιακό Τσιγγάνικο Γιουγκοσλαβίας, Παραδοσιακό Τσιγγάνικο Ισπανίας, Παραδοσιακό Τσιγγάνικο Της Ουγγαρίας, Παραδοσιακό Χαλκιδικής, Παραδοσιακό, Κάτω Ιταλίας - South Italy, Traditional, Παραδοσιακοί, Παραδοσιακοί Κύπρου, Παραδοσιακοί Νάξου, Παραδοσιακοί Στίχοι, Παραδοσιακοί Στίχοι Ξάνθης, Παραδοσιακόν, Παραδοσιακός Αρμένικος Χορός, Παραδοσιακός Καρσιλαμάς Ανατολικής Θράκης, Παραδοσιακός Καρσιλαμάς Μικράς Ασίας, Παραδοσιακός Κυκλικός Χορός Καστελόριζου, Παραδοσιακός Σμυρναίικος Καρσιλαμάς, Παραδοσιακός Στεριανός Τσάμικος, ΠαραδοσιακόΣμύρνης, Παραοδοσιακό Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας, Πραδοσιακό, Προποντίδας, Ριζίτικο, Ριζίτικο Κρήτης, Ρώσικο Παραδοσιακό, Ρωσικό Τραγούδι, Σκωπτικόν Πελοποννήσου, Σμύρνη, Παραδοσιακό - Minor Asia, Smyrna, Traditional, Σμύρνης, Συρτός Παραδ/κός, Τετράσημος Μακεδονίας, Τετράσημος Νησιών Αιγαίου, Τετράσημος Προποντίδας, Τούρκικο, Τούρκικο Λαϊκό Τραγούδι, Τσιγγάνικο Της Ισπανίας, Χίος, Παραδοσιακό - Greece, Chios Island, Traditional, Χριστιανικός Ύμνος Λιβάνου, автор неизв., Автор Неизвестен, Азербайджанская Нар. Песня, азербайджанская народная, Азербайджанская Народная Песня, Алжирский Фольклор, Алтайские Наигрыши, Американска Традиционална Песна, Американская Народная Песня, Американская Песня, Английская Народная Музыка XVI В., Английская Народная Песня, Английская Народная Сказка, Английская Песня, Анонимус Из XVI Века, Арм. Нар. Песня, Армянская Нар. Песня, Армянская Народная Песня, Африканская нар, Африканская Сказка, Африканские Народные Сказки, Башкирские Наигрыши, Башкирские нар. песни, Белорусская Нар. Песня, Белорусская Народная Песня, Бирманская Нар. Сказка, Бразильская Нар. Песня, Бретань, Бретонская Народная, Бугарска Популарна Шансона, Буковинська нар. пісня, Ваганты, Венгерская Нар. Песня, Венгерская Народная Песня, Византијски Напев, Византијски Напев, 15. Век, Вьетнамская Сказка, Галисия, Городской Фольклор, Грађанска, Грузинская Народная Песня, Грчки Напев, Дагестанские Сказки, Дворовая, ДревнеЕврейская Песня, Еврейская Нар. Песня, Еврейская Народная Песня, Еврейская Песня, Знамени Напјев, Изворна, Изворна Пјесма, Индийская Мантра, Индийская Сказка, Индонезийская Нар. Песня, Индонезийская Народная Песня, Индонезийская Песня, Иракская Песня, Иранская Нар. Песня, Иранская Народная Песня, Ирландия, Испанская Нар. Песня, Испанская Народная, Испанская Народная Песня, Испанская Сказка, Итальянская Мелодия, Итальянская Нар. Песня, Итальянская Народная Песня, Итальянская Сказка, Казацкая Народная Песня, Кијевско, Крушевачко, Кубанес, Кубинска Хумористична Песен, кубинская нар. песня, Кубинская Народная Мелодия, Кубинская народная песня, Кубинская Песня, Литовская Народная Песня, Македонска Изворна Песна, Македонска Народна, Мексиканск., Мексиканска Народна Песен, Мексиканска Песен, Мексиканска Традиционална Песна, Мексиканская Нар. Песня, Мексиканская Народная, Мексиканская Песня, Мескик. Нар. Песня, Мескиканская Нар. Песня, Мескиканская Народная Песня, Молдавск. Колхозн. Песня, Молдавск. Мелодия, Молдавск. Нар. Песня, Молдавская Мелодия, Молдавская Нар. Песня, Молдавская Народная Песня, Монгольская Народная Песня, Монгольская Сказка, Московски Традиционални Напјев, Муз. нар., муз. народная, Музика Народна, Музика Та Слова Народні, Музыка Народная, Нар., Нар. Афган., Нар. Мелодия, Нар. Пакистан, Нар. Песен От Турското Робство, Нар. Песня, Нар. Пісня, Нар. Пѣсенъ, Нар. Пѣсня, Нардона, народ., Народен, Народн., Народна, Народна Партизанска Пјесма, Народна Песен, Народна Песна, Народна Песня Из Белгородской Обласи, Народна Песня Южной России, Народна Пісня, Народная, Народная каторжная песня, Народная Музыка XVI В., Народная Песня, Народная Песня Ганы, Народная Чешская Песня, Народни, Народні, Народно, Народно-Армейские, Народные, Народные музыкальные темы и мотивы, Народные Песни, Народный Распев Северо-западный Регион, Неаполитанская Песня, Негритянская Мелодия, Негритянская Народная Песня, Негритянская Сказка, Немецкая Народная Сказка, Немецкая Песня, Никољскоје, Перуанская Народная Песня, Песма Из Шведске, Песня Испанских Цыган, Песня Молдавских Цыган, Песня Партизан, Песня-Пляска, По Мотивам Народных, Польская Народная Песня, попурри болгарских народных песен, Португальская Народная Песня, Привітальна, Прилепска Традиционална Песна, Псалам, Революционная, Рос. Нар. Пісня, Російська Народна Пісня, Румынск. Песня, Румынская Нар. Песня, Румьнски Фолклор, Руска, Руска / Russian Tune, Руска народна песен, Русск. Нар., Русск. Нар. Песни, Русск. Нар. Песня, Русская Нар. Песня, Русская Нар. Сказка, Русская Народная, Русская Народная Песня, Русская Народная Мелодия, Русская Народная Песня, Русская Народная Сказка, Русская Песня, Русская Сказка, Русские Нар. Песни, Русские Народные Наигрыши, Русские Народные Песни, Русские народные песни в обр. Б. Кирова, Русские Народные Сказки, Русские Сказки, Северная Нар. Сказка, Селска Идилия, Сказки Народов Тайги И Тундры, Слова Народные, Слова Народныу, Слова Участников Хора, Словацкая Плясовая, Современная Укр. Нар. Песня, Спиричуэл, Сплет Ирских Песама, Српско, Руско, Бугарско, Стара Градска Песен, Старинная Русская Песня, Старинная Солдатская Песня, Старинная татарская народная песня, Старинная Школьная Песня, Старинные Романсы, Старинный, Старинный Вальс, Старинный Марш, Старинный Романс, Старинный Русский Романс, Старинный Французский Танец, Старо Српско Коло, Татарская Нар. Песня, Татарская Народная Песня, Татарские нар. песни, Татарские народные песни, Трад., Трад. Тема = Traditional, Трад., Ближний Восток, Трад.., Традиционал, Традиционала Неиндетификувана Песна, Традиционална, Традиционална Егејска, Традиционални, Традиционално, Традиционная, Тувинская Народная, Турецкая Нар. Песня, Турецкая Песня, Узбекская народная мелодия, Укр. Історична Пісня, Укр. Нар. Песни, Укр. Нар. Песня, Укр. Нар. Песня (Закарпатская), Укр. Нар. Песня (Полесская), Укр. Нар. Пісня, Укр. Народна Пісня, Украинксая Народная, Украинская Нар. Песня, Украинская Народная, Украинская Народная Песня, Украинская Народная Шуточная Песня, Украинская Песня, Украинские Народные Песни, Українська нар. пісня, Українська Народна, Українська Народна Мелодiя, Українська Народна Пісня, Українські Нар. Пісні, Українські Народні Казки, Українські Народні Пісні, Фантазия На Тему Старинного Романса, Финская Нар. Песня, Фолк., Франция, Французская Народная, Французская Народная Сказка, Французская Сказка, Црквена, Цыганская Нар. Песня, Цыганская Народная Песня, Цыганская песня, Цыганская Таборная Песня, Цыганские Нар. Песни, Цыганский Вальс, Цыганский романс, Чешская Народная Сказка, Чил. Нар. Песен, Чилийская Народная Песня, Шаманская Песня Алгышей, Шотладская Народная Песня, Шотладская Поэзия, Шотландская Нар. Песня, Шотландская Народная Песня, Шуточная Песня Молдавских Цыган, Шуточная Цыганская Народная Песня, Щедрівка, Эстонская Народная Песня, Эстонская Песня, Эфиопская Нар. Песня, Югославская Народная Песня, Якутские Наигрыши, Японская нар. песня, Японская Народная Сказка, Японская Сказка, ხალხური, המסע לפלולים והאגם בפושקר, טורקי, מן המקורות, מן הסידור, מן התפילה, מסורתי, מסורתי מן התפילה, מסורתי עממי, מקורות, מרוקאי כפרי, מרוקאי עתיק, מתוך שיר השירים, מתפילת הנעילה ליום הכיפורים, עממי, עממי צרפתי, עממי תימני, תימני, תימני עממי, آهنگهای یونانی, أثيوبيا, أفريقي, ادبى, افغاني, تراث, تراث أردني, تراث تونسي قديم, تراث صنعائي, تراث عراقي, تراث قديم, تراث قومي, تراث مصري, تراث نوبي, ترانه بيرجندى, ترانه گيلكى, ترانه هراتى, تركي, تواث قومي, شعبي, شعر قديم, شعر ليبى قديم, عتيق, فلكلور, فلكلور آردني, فلكلور بدوى, فلكلور تركي, فلكلور تونسي, فلكلور جزائري, فلكلور خليجي, فلكلور شعبى, فلكلور شعبي, فلكلور شعبي سوري, فلكلور عراقي, فلكلور كردي, فلكلور لبناني, فلكلور ليبى, فلكلور مصري قديم, فلكلور نوبي, فولكلور, فولكلور اردني, فولكلور سوري, فولكلور شعبي, قديم, كلمات قديمة, لحن بريمي, لحن شعبي, لحن شعبي قديم, لحن فديم, لحن قديم, لحن مغربي, لحن يونانى, محلى, محلي, محلی, ملحمة جلجامش, من ألحان المألوف, من الألحان الشعبية, من التراث, من التراث السوداني, من التراث الشعبي, من التراث القديم, من التراث الموسيقى العربي, من الشعر القديم, من الفلكلور الشعبي, من الفولكلور الشعبي, من تراث, من فولكلور المنصورة, موال, نت الفولكلور الشعبي, نظم قديم, يمني قديم, アイルランド民謡, アメリカ,イギリス童謡, アメリカの曲, アメリカ民謡, イギリスの曲, イギリス民謡, ウクライナ民謡, カリブ海民謡, スイス民謡, スウェーデン民謡, スコットランド民謡, スペイン民謡, ドイツのあそびうた, ドイツの曲, ドイツ民謡, トラディショナル, フランスの曲, フランス古歌, フランス民謡, ポーランド民謡, ボヘミア民謡, メキシコの曲, ロシアの曲, ロシア民謡, わらべうた, 不詳 Irish Traditional, 中国民謡, 京都民謡, 北海道民謡, 古歌, 古謡, 外国曲, 日本の抒情歌, 日本古謡, 日本民謡, 東京のわらべうた, 沖縄俗謡歌, 沖縄民謡, 福島県民謡, 秋田伝承唄, 秋田県民謡, 童謡, 筑波伝承, 青森県民謡, 鳥取県民謡, 외국 민요

Traditional Discography


LM-2606 Julian Bream El Testament D' Amelia Julian Bream - Popular Classics For Spanish Guitar(LP, Mono) RCA Victor Red Seal, RCA Victor LM-2606 US 1964 Sell This Version
CSD 1532, CSD. 1532, WST-17004 Bartok*, Budapest Radio Orchestra* And Choir*, György Lehel Three Village Scenes Bartok*, Budapest Radio Orchestra* And Choir*, György Lehel - Three Village Scenes / Music For Strings, Percussion, Celesta(LP) His Master's Voice, His Master's Voice, His Master's Voice CSD 1532, CSD. 1532, WST-17004 UK 1964 Sell This Version
DW/LP 3221 Various Carnival Of Venice (as Trad.) Various - Solo Sounds(LP, Album) Music De Wolfe DW/LP 3221 UK 1971 Sell This Version
78 217 Blechbläser Des Philadelphia Orchesters O Little Town Of Betlehem and 12 more… Blechbläser Des Philadelphia Orchesters - Weihnachtliche Bläsermusik(2xLP) CBS 78 217 Germany 1973 Sell This Version
0 12 1509 Otakar Mařák Už Mou Milou Do Kostela Vedou Otakar Mařák - Portrét Pěvce (Album, Comp) Supraphon, Gramofonový Klub 0 12 1509 Czechoslovakia 1974 Sell This Version
76.21801 Various Jingle Bells and 1 more… Various - Musikalische Grüße von Ihrer Stadtsparkasse München(LP) Tonbild 76.21801 Germany 1976 Sell This Version
SEOM 25 Various The Mermaid Various - '76 HMV Artists At The Edinburgh International Festival(LP) His Master's Voice SEOM 25 UK 1976 Sell This Version
2536 394 Blasorchester der Berliner Philharmoniker Kommet, Ihr Hirten and 2 more… Blasorchester der Berliner Philharmoniker - Weihnachtliche Weisen (Music For The Joyous Season - Mélodies De Nöel)(LP) Deutsche Grammophon 2536 394 Germany 1977 Sell This Version
D148D4 David Willcocks, The King's College Choir Of Cambridge Coventry Carol David Willcocks, The King's College Choir Of Cambridge - Festival Of Kings(4xLP) Argo (2) D148D4 UK 1979 Sell This Version
GEMM 155-160 Count John McCormack* All Mein Gedanken (All My Thanks) (as Trad. German) and 4 more… Count John McCormack* - The Years Of Triumph(6xLP, Mono + Box) Pearl GEMM 155-160 UK 1979 Sell This Version
279 sm3 Various Berceuse Bresilienne and 3 more… Various - Les 150 Plus Belles Melodies Du Monde(8xLP, Comp + Box) Sélection Du Reader's Digest 279 sm3 France 1980 Sell This Version
N/A John Corcoran and Co. Mike Maguire and 5 more… John Corcoran and Co. - Toast Time(LP) Two Brothers Records N/A US 1982 Sell This Version
СМ 02059-60 Владимир Вавилов* Песня and 4 more… Владимир Вавилов* - Лютневая Музыка XVI-XVII Веков(LP, Album, RP) Мелодия СМ 02059-60 USSR 1984 Sell This Version
RRCL 606647 Carlo Zardo Magnificat (dalla liturgia russo-ortodossa) Carlo Zardo - Altissima Luce(LP) Rusty Records RRCL 606647 Italy 1984 Sell This Version
OM 138 Various Luck O' The Irish (as Trad.) Various - Destinations(LP, Album) Omnimusic OM 138 US 1984 Sell This Version
CAY 1912 Mješoviti Zbor KUD Joža Vlahović*, Emil Cossetto Kaljinka (as Trad.) Mješoviti Zbor KUD Joža Vlahović*, Emil Cossetto - Mješoviti Pjevački Zbor KUD "Joža Vlahović"(Cass, Album) Jugoton CAY 1912 Yugoslavia 1985 Sell This Version
EGLP 2002 The Stars Of Faith This Little Light Of Mine (as Trad) The Stars Of Faith - Live At The Montreux International Jazz Festival Black And Blue EGLP 2002 Switzerland 1985 Sell This Version
CHAP 113 Various John Peel and 1 more… Various - Period Nostalgia(LP) Chappell CHAP 113 UK 1985 Sell This Version
16022 T&R Band Peter Lipa (VOC) Frankie and johnny and 1 more… T&R Band Peter Lipa (VOC) - live at the Limmatquai 82 - Jazz Club, Zürich / Switzerland(LP) Suisa 16022 Switzerland 1986 Sell This Version
CAP 21258 The Stockholm Philharmonic Brass Ensemble Heav'n Heav'n and 2 more… The Stockholm Philharmonic Brass Ensemble - Music For Brass Through Time And Space(CD, Album) Caprice Records CAP 21258 Europe 1987 Sell This Version
none Свештенички Хор »Свети Сава« Српске Православне Епархије Шумадијске* Диригент Милош М. Весин* = The Choir Of Priests »Sveti Sava« Of The Serbian - Orthodox Diocese Of Shumadia* Conducted By Milosh M. Vesin* Богородице Дјево / Ave Maria (as Trad. Serb) Свештенички Хор »Свети Сава« Српске Православне Епархије Шумадијске* Диригент Милош М. Весин* = The Choir Of Priests »Sveti Sava« Of The Serbian - Orthodox Diocese Of Shumadia* Conducted By Milosh M. Vesin* - Ходите Поклонимо Се И Припаднимо Христу = O Come, Let Us Worship And Bow Down Before Christ (Духовна Музика Православне Цркве = Liturgical Musik Of The Orthodox Church)(Cass, Album) Not On Label none Yugoslavia 1987 Sell This Version
RD87717 Tomita Chinese War Lord Going Home (as Chinese Traditional) Tomita - Live In New York - Back To The Earth(CD, Album) RCA Victor, BMG Classics RD87717 Europe 1988 Sell This Version
GK 86798 Julian Bream El Testament D'Amelia (as Traditional Catalan) Julian Bream - Romantic Guitar(Cass, Album) RCA Victor GK 86798 UK 1988 Sell This Version
Д15565-66 Various Крошечка-Хаврошечка (as Русская Народная Сказка) and 2 more… Various - Сказки Мелодия Д15565-66 USSR 1980 Sell This Version
230014 Trio Gitara "Ad Libitum" Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (as Engl. Trad.) and 1 more… Trio Gitara "Ad Libitum" - London Trio(LP, Album) PGP RTB 230014 Yugoslavia 1988 Sell This Version