Please read the entire profile before deciding whether a credit to Traditional is appropriate.

Use the Traditional credit only for composition type credits. (RSG §2.3.1.)

Traditional is not a real composer; it is a credit given for any piece of music where the songwriter is not known and the music has been handed down - usually by rote (word of mouth / copying the music by ear). It is a common credit in music such as blues, folk, jazz, world, and rock (to a lesser extent).

Common abbreviations for this credit are 'Trad' and 'Trad.' or any language variation thereof.

NOTE: If the writer credit is NOT a variation or translation of 'Traditional', please check for an existing artist name, or use the following format as a credit: Written-By [ReleaseCredit] - Traditional

Example: If the release has 'Christmas Carol' as the credit, please first check to make sure it does not exist as an artist name, and then credit it as: Written-By [Christmas Carol] - Traditional

For 'Folk', 'Folklore', or variations/translations, please use Folk and an ANV.

For releases using 'PUBLIC DOMAIN' and variations, please put the information in the notes as per discussion at:
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..., "Gozos" Antiguos Populares, "Jacobsen" After The Band "Grus I Maskinen". "Chr. Olsens Polka" After Jes Kroman And Hans Jørgen Christensen., "Kavalerigalop" Trad. From The Vejle Area. "Reventlow No. 15" Trad. From Reventlow's Music Book, "Notre Dame-Organa" Um 1200, "Ole Barber" Trad. From The Ole Nielsen Music Book. "Lige Ind" Trad. Sønderhoning., (Rysk Folkmelodi) Traditional, (Trad.), (Χορωδία), [Halk Türküsü], ***, ٭٭٭, 1 Corinthians 13, 1. Und 2. Strophe - Köln 1599, 3. Strophe - Berlin 1853, 1000-t / Katolsk Koralbok, 12th Century Plain Chant, 13th Century French Traditional, 13th Century Georgian, 13th Century Trad., 14. Jahrhundert, 14th Century, 14th Century German, 15th Century, 15th Century English, 15th Century French, 16th Century English, 16th Century English Melody, 16th Century French, 17th Century German, 1830 In Sterzing Zur Christmette Gesungen, 18th Century Peruvian Folk Melody, 18th Century Traditional, 19th Century English, 1ος Χανιώτικος συρτός, παραδοσιακό, 2. Hälfte Des 17. Jahrhunderts, 2ος Λουσακιανός συρτός, παραδοσιακό, 4. Mosebok 6:24-26, A Northern Religious Verse, A Religious Verse From The Urals, A Russian Folk Song, A Song From Khorasan Province, A Traditional Fling, A Traditional Irish Song, A Traditional March, A Traditional Reel, A Traditional Slow Air, A Traditional Song, A Traditional Spiritual, A. D. Jugendbewegung, A. Thoma, A1 to B4, B6, Abesti Tradizionala, Aborígenes Australianos, Aboriginal Traditional, Acadie, Adana Türküsü, Adaptation, Adaptation de Traditionnels de Savoie, Adapted, Adopted, Adventlied Aus Heiligenblut, Adventlied Aus Wildschönau, Afghanistan Traditional, African, African Spiritual, African Trad., African Traditional, African Traditional Melody, African Tune, African-American Spiritual, Africký Tradicionál, After Trad. Scottish, Ägypten, Ahmad Al Indibat, Air De Danse Populaire, Air Irlandais, Air Populaire, Air Retrouvé Par La Soyotte, Air Traditional, Air traditionnel, Alaw Gymreig, Albania (Lake Prespa Region, traditional), Albanian Trad., Albanian Traditional, Albanian Traditional Song, Albanska Narodna, Aleppo, Syria Tradition, Alku-Kanteletar, All Traditionals, Alpenländisches Adventlied, Alsatian, Alt, Alta Italia, Altay Comic Song, Altburgenländischer Marsch, Altdeutscher Liebesreim, Altdeutsches Liebeslied, Alte Melodien Gälischen, Keltischen Und Bretonischen Ursprungs, Alte Volksweise, Altenglisch, Alter Kärntner Wildgesang, Altes Kärntnerlied, Altes Russ. Soldatenlied, Altes Studentenlied, Altirische Volksweise, Altschottische Ballade, altsp., Am. Trad., Amer. Lid., Amer. Trad., Americ. Trad., American, American Folk Song, American Spiritual, American Trad., American Trad. Song, American Trad. Tune, American Traditional, American Traditional Song, Americká Lid., Americká Lidová, Americká Lidová Píseň, Americká Ľudová, Američka Tradicijska, Amerik. Trad., Amerik. Traditional, Amerikanische Volksweise, Amerikanischen Volksw., Amerikanisches Volkslied, Amerikansk Børnesang, Amerikansk Folkemelodi, Amerikansk Melodi, Amerikāņu Spirituāls, Amerikāņu, Amerikk. Kansanl., Amerikkalainen Trad., Amerískt Þjóðl, Amerískt Þjóðlag, Amram, Amsterdam Tradition, An Old Romance, Ancestors Yoik, Ancien, Ancient, Ancient Irish, Ancient Irish Hymn, Ancient Melody, Andalusian Traditional, Angl. Lid., Angleška Ljudska, Anglická Lid., Anglosaská Koleda, Angļu Dz., Angļu tautas melodija, Anglų Valsas, Ann. - Trad., Ann. Trad., Anon, Anon., Anon. Medieval, Anon. Trad., Anon., Traditional Carol, anon./J. Paix, ende 15 Jh., Anonim, Anónima, Anonimo, Anónimo Catalán, Anónimo Chileno, Anónimo De Las Antillas, Anónimo Ecuatoriano, Anónimo Ukraniano, Anónimo Venezolano, Anónimo-Popular, anonym, Anonym A Ľudová, anonym., Anonyme, Anonyme 17éme, Anonyme Bulgare, Anonyme Traditionnel D'Arménie, Anonyme XVIe, Anonyme XVIe Siècle (Catalogne), Anonymous, Anonymus (englisch), Antica Melodia Popolare Ashkenazia Orientale, Antica Pastorale, Ap3, 14-20, Appalachian Folk Carol, Appalachian Trad., Arab Traditional, Arabic, Arabic Tradition, Arabic Traditional, Arabic Traditional Song, Arabo-Andalou, XIIIème, Arap Tradicional, Arapska Izvorna, Arbeiter-Trad., Arbeiterkampflied, Archaic, Argentina (traditional), Argentinská Píseň, Armenia, Trad., Armenian Trad., Armenian Traditional, Armenian Traditional Collected By Komitas, Armenic, Armenisch Trad., Arménská Lidová, Arr. Tradicional, As Sung By The McPeake Family, Ashkenazic Traditional, Assyrian Couple Dance, Assyrian Line Dance, Aus "Des Knaben Wunderhorn", Aus Amerika, Aus Dem "Musicalischen Tugendtspiegel", Aus Dem Hoch- Und Deutschmeistermarsch, Aus Dem Lavanttal, Aus Dem Odenwald, Aus Slowenien, Aus Südafrika Mündl. Überliefert, Aus: Des Knaben Wunderhorn, Australsk Trad-Låt, Austria, Austrian, Austrian Trad., Austrijska Tradicijska, Autriche, Auvergne, Avarų Liaudies Daina, Az Ezeregy Éjszaka Meséi, Azerbaijan Song, Azerbaijan Traditional Music, Azeri Melody, Azeri Song, Azeri Traditional, Aztec Traditional, Aрмянская Нар. Песня, B. Miller, B.M.I., Bagpipes Traditional, Bailecito boliviano, Balada Anglesa S. XVIII, baladă populară, Balada Tradicional Anglesa, Bali Traditional Musicians, Balkan Trad., Balkan Traditional, Balkáni Cigány Népdal, Ballada Starofrancuska, Ballata, Italië 14e Eeuw, Barde Ashot (Armenian Tradition), Barde Sayat Nova (Arménien), Barzah Breiz, Barzaz, Barzaz Breizh, Barzhaz Breiz, Based On A Traditional Song, Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Elen Nymoen, Målselv, Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Eli Kvåle, Bygland, Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Lars Vang, Vingelen, Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Olga Granberg, Hernes, Based On A Traditional Song As Performed By Petronille Hulbekdal, Tolga, Based On A Traditional Theme, Baskisches Volkslied, Basque, Basque Noel, Basque Trad., Basque Traditional, Basse-Auvergne, Báthori Dance, Bavarian Folk Song, Bearb. Knud Bentzen, Belokranjska Ljudska, Bengali Bhajan (Devotional Chant), Berceuse Anonyme De La Région Du Caribe, Bergisches Volkslied, Bergmannslied, Bergsteiger-Lied Aus Südtirol, Berry, Bibel, Bible, Big Ben, Black Freedom Song, Blato (O. Korčula), Blues, Bohemian, Bohemian Trad., Boikivschina, Ukrainian Trad., Boka Kotorska, Bol, Bol Na Braču, Bolivia, Boliviansk Familiedans, Boliviansk Folklore D.R., Bomba (Ecuador), Bosanska Narodna Pjesma, Bosnian Traditional, Bougainville Trad., Børnesang, Brani Trad. Da Video Games, Brasilian Folk, Brazilian Folk Song, Brazilian Oral Tradition, Brazilian Standard (Composer Unknown), Brazilian Traditional, Bremen 1680, Brésilian Traditional, Breslau, Breton, Breton 19th Century Trad., Breton Népdal, Breton Trad., Breton Trad. (Barzaz Breiz), Breton Trad. (Bro Gwened), Breton Trad. (Bro Naoned), Breton Trad. (Gavotte Montagne Ton Simpl), Breton Trad. (Gavotte Pourlet), Breton Trad. (Hanter-Dro), Breton Trad. (Jimnaska), Breton Trad. (Laridé), Breton Trad. (Montagne Ton Doubl), Breton Trad. (Rond De Loudeac), Breton Trad. (Ront Pagan), Breton Trad. (Vro Vigouden), Breton Traditional, Brezilya Halk Şarkısı, British Folksong, Bugarska Narodna, Bugarsko Narodno, Bukarian Folk Tune, Bulgaria, Bulgarian Folk Dance, Bulgarian Line Dance, Bulgarian Trad., Bulgarian Traditional, Bulgarisches Volkslied, Burundi Rahvalaul, Buzzards, Byelorussian folk song, Byelorussian Folk Song In Byelorussian, C. Ranchera, C.C., C14th Italy, C16th Spain, Caixeiras do Divino do Maranhão [Oral Tradition], Cajun Traditional, Calabria, Calypso-melodi, Camp Song, Campania, Cân Werin, Canadian, Canadian Traditional Carol, Canadisk Traditionel, Canción Francesa, Canción Galesa, Canción Hebrea Tradicional, Canción Popular, Canción Popular Alcoyana, Canción Popular Andaluza, Canción Popular Aragonesa, Canción Popular De Tuna, Canción Popular Gallega, Canción Popular Tradicional, Canción Populat Vasca, Canción Tradicional De Tuna, Canción Ucraniana, Cancionero Popular, Canciones Populares Españolas, Cançó Del Camp, Cançó Popular Catalana, Canço Sefardita, Cançon Populara, Cançons Tradicionals, Canon, Canon Popular Anglès, Cant Espiritual Negre, Cant Popular, Cantar Popular, Cântec american, Cântec de munte, Cântec italian, Cântec Popular, Cântec popular german, Cântec Popular Izraelian, Cântec Popular Macedon, cântec popular macedon., cântec tradițional american, cântec tradițional de Crăciun, cântec tradițional din America Latină, Cântec tradițional englez, cântec tradițional grecesc, cântec tradițional irlandez, cântec tradițional românesc, Cantiga de Santa Maria, Cantigas de Amigo Nr 6 (Galicien 13. Jhd), Cantigas de Santa Maria, Cantigas De Santa Maria (13. Jhd) & LLibre Vermell de Montserrat (Spanien 14. Jhd.), Cantigas de Santa Maria Nr. 1, Cantigas de St. Maria, 13. Jh, Cantique Espagnole, XIIIème, Canto Degli Alpini, Canto Folkloristico Napoletano, Canto Gregoriano, Canto Popolare, Canto Popolare Brasiliano, Canto Popolare Catalano, Canto Popolare Della Val Lagarina, Trentino, Canto Popolare Delle Alpi Marittime, Canto Popolare Giuliano, Canto Popolare Internazionale, Canto Popolare Italiano, Canto Popolare Lombardo, Canto Popolare Messicano, Canto Popolare Piemontese, Canto Popolare Romagnolo, Canto Popolare Romano, Canto Popolare Savoiardo, Canto Popolare Siciliano, Canto Popolare Trentino, Canto Popolare Valdostano, Canto Popolare Veneto, Canto Popular Hebreo, Canto Tradiz. Alpini, canto tradizionale catalano, Canto Tradizionale Giapponese, Canto Tradizionale Gitano, Cantos Tradizionals de a Bal de Tena, Canz. Popol., Canzone Alpina, Canzone Napoletana, Canzone Popolare, Canzone Tradizionale, Canzonetta Toscana, Canzun Pop., Canzung Populara, Cape Breton Island Fiddling, Capoeira, Caribbean Folk, Carmina Burana, Carmina Burana 13. Jhdt., Carnaval Popular, Carolan Traditional, Carribean Traditional, Castellana?, Catalan, Catalan Oral Tradition, Catalan Traditional, Catalonian, Caucasian Trad., Celtic Trad., Celtic Traditional, Central Bulgarian Folk Song, Česká lidová, Česká Lidová Píseň, České Lidové, Ch. Folkl., Ch. Tr., Chabad Traditional, Chacarera, Chanson Bachique Du 17e, Chanson De Troubadour, XIIIe Siècle, Chanson Du Pays De Vaud, Chanson Du XVIe Siècle, Chanson Ecossaise, Chanson Floklorique, Chanson Folklorique, Chanson Française, Chanson Hébraïque, Chanson Mexicaine, Chanson Popul. Du Berry, Chanson Populaire, Chanson Populaire Du 18e S, Chanson Populaire Russe, Chanson Populaire Slave, Chanson Trad., Chanson Traditionnelle, Chanson Tzigane Russe, Chansonnier Du Duc De Calabre, XVIe Siècle, Chansonnier Du Montcassin, XVe Siècle, Chansons Traditionnelles, Chant Arménian, Chant Créole, Chant D'espoir Aymara, Chant De La Guerre Civile Espagnole, Chant De Noël Orthodoxe, Chant Folklorique, Chant Populaire, Chant Populaire Du Pays De Vannes, Chant Populaire Ecossais, Chant Populaire Espagnol, Chant Populaire Wallon, Chant Révolutionnaire Mexicain, Chant Révolutionnaire Russe, Chant Traditionel Turc, Chant Traditionell, Chant Traditionnel, Chant Traditionnel Arménien, Chant Traditionnel Malien, Chant Traditionnel Russe, Chant Traditionnel Tzigane, Chant Traditionnel Yoruba, Chant Yéménite, Chants Kabyles, Chants Traditionnels, Chartreuse De Scala Dei, XIIe Siècle, Chassidic Traditional, Child 243, Trad., Child 250, Trad., Childhood Chants, Chinese Folklore, Chinese Trad., Chinese Traditional, Chinese Tune, Chitara Octochorda - Zagreb 1701 G.), Chodish Folk Songs, Chor, Christian Hymn, Church Hymn/Traditional, Ciganska Narodna, Ciganska Narodna Pesma, Ciganska Narodna Pjesma, Ciganski Narodni Ples, Cigány Népdal, Cigány Népmese, Cigánydalok, Čigonų Romansas, Cikánska Lidová, Cikánská Romance, Ciko (Native American / Papago), cîntec american, cîntec elvețian, cîntec englez, cîntec francez, cîntec german, cîntec italian, cîntec negru, cîntec norvegian, cîntec popular, Cîntec Popular American, cîntec popular argentinian, Cîntec Popular Cuban, Cîntec Popular Din Paraguay, Cîntec popular din secolul XVII, Cîntec popular german, Cîntec Popular Japonez, Cîntec Popular Maghiar, Cîntec popular Mexican, Cîntec Popular Napolitan, cîntec popular ostășesc, cîntec popular polonez, Cîntec Popular Sovietic, Cîntec Popular Spaniol, Cîntec Revoluționar Italian, Cîntece populare, Cith. Octochorda, Cithara Octochorda, Cithara Octochorda 1701, Civil War Song, Class., Classical Instrumental Piece, Classici, Codex Franus, Codex Lascivus, Codolada, Colecţia Burada, Colind Francez, Colind Popular, Colind tradițional, Colinde populare, Coll., College Air, Cöln/Catholic Mariasong, Colombian Folk Song, Colombian-VenezuelanTraditional, Common Domain, Congolese Trad., Conte Popular De L'Africa, Copyright Control, Copyright Controlled, Cornish Trad., Cornish Traditional, Corrida Tradicional, Cortina, Cossack Song, Costa Rican, Costa Rican Folk Song, Country Dance From Telemark, Country Song, cover/melodie traditională mexicană, Creole Beguine De Martinique, Creole Play Song, Crn. Duh., Crnačka Duhovna, Crnogorska, Črnska Duhovna, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Croatian, Croatian Circle Dance, Csángó Népmese, Cseh Karácsonyi Dal, Cseh Népzene, Cuban, Cuban Traditional, Cubansk Trad., Cueca, Cueca Boliviana, Cygańska Melodia Ludowa, Cyprus, Trad., Czech, Czech Folk Song, Czech Trad., Czech Traditional, Czechoslovakian Melody, Czeckoslovakia, D-D-A, D. P., D. R., D. R. A., D.A.R., D.P., D.R., D.R. Tonada Boliviana, D.R.A., D'Après Folklore, D'Après Traditionnel Yougoslave, D'Après Un Air Traditionnel, D'Après Un Thème Traditionnel, Da. Folkemelodi, Dalakoral, Dalmacija, Dalmatia, Croatia (traditional), Dalmatian Folk Song, Dalmatinisches Volkslied, Dalmatinska, Dalmatinska Narodna, Dalmatinska Pjesma, Dança do Folclore de Catete, Dance From East Anatolia, Danemark, Danish / US / English Trad., Danish Couple Dance, Danish Folkmelody, Danish Folksong, From Slagelseegnen, Danish Folksong, Mariageregnen, Danish Medieval Ballad, Danish Trad., Danish Traditional, Danse Limousine, Danse Populaire, Danse Rouse, Danse Traditionnelle Kanake, Dansk Børnesang, Dansk Folkemelodi, Dansk Sangleg, Dansk Trad., Danza Tradicional, Dauphiné, David, Debatable, Dečiji Tradicional, Del Floklore, Del Folcklore De Bolivia, Del Folcklore de México, Del Folcklore de Venezuela, del folclore, Del Folklor Boliviano, Del Folklore, Del Folklore Andino, Del Folklore Boliviano, Del Folklore Chileno, Del Folklore Dominicano, Del Folklore Ecuatoriano, Del Folklore Haitiano, Del Folklore Nacional, Délfrancia Népdal, Den Store Hamborger Trad. After Niels de Fries. Femtur From Vendsyssel From The A.P. Berggren Collection., Denmark, Dép Folk, Depto. De Folklore Boliviano, Depto. Folk., Derechos Reservados, Det Var Skik Og Brug Ved Private Fester, At "Klevepigerne" (køkkenpigerne), Efter At Opvasken Var Overstået, Blev Kaldt Ind Til Det øvrige Selskab, Mens Musikken Spillede "Klevepigens Hopsa"., Deuteronomy 6:4 -5, Deutschand Traditional, Deutsches Volkslied, Deutsches Weihnachtslied A. D. Zeit D. Jahrhundertwende, DgF 60, din folclorul copiilor, din literatura veche chineză, din literatura veche egipteană, din vechea poezie a triburilor primitive, din vechea poezie greacă, Dita Popular, Dn3, 57-90, Dolnorýnský Lidový Text, Domain, Domaine Public, Dominio Popular, Domínio Público, Donnelly, Dorian, DP, Dpto. Folklore, DRA, Dubrovnik, Dutch, Dutch Children's Song, Dutch Trad., Dutch Traditional, Early 18th Century Gypsy Music, Early American Melody, Early Medieval, Ecclesiastes 3:1-18, Ecole De Ripoll, XIIe Siècle, Ecuador, Ecuador, Tradicional, San Juanito, Ecuadorian Folklore, Ecuadorian San Juanito, Edda, Eesti Rahvaluule, Efe (Zeibek) Oath, Efez. 4:4-8, Eft. Archie Thomas, Eft. Artur Jeppesen, Virgin Is, Eft. Jamesy, St. Croix, Eft. Joe Parris, St. Croix, Efter Chr. Olsen, Eskebjerg, Efter Ernst Jacobsen, Efter Fr. Iversen, Trædballehus, Efter Jens Chr. Ettrup, Thy, Efter Jens Hansen, Efter Jens Jensen, Efter Kaj Engholm, Efter Knud Laursen, Efter Kræn Skytte, Himmerland, Efter Lars Lilholt, Efter Magnus Sjøgren, Efter Otto Trads Og Brdr. Bast, Efter Sven Nyhus, Egypt (traditional), Egyptian Trad., Egyption Trad., Ein Großer Chor, Ein Großer Volkschor, Ein Kammerchor, Ein Orientalisches Märchen, Ein Volkschor, Ein Wiener Team, Eng. Trad., Eng.trad., Engelse Trad., Engelsk Børnesang, Engelsk Hymne 16 Årh., Engelsk Melodi, Engl. Trad., Engl. Volkslied, Engl. Volksweise, Engl.trad., England, Englantilainen Kans. Säv., Engleska Tradicijska, Englische Weise, Englisches Volkslied, English, English Air, English Anon., English Carol, English Folk Lyrics, English Folk Song, English Folklore, English Folksong, English Song, English Trad, English Trad., English Traditional, English Traditional Carl, English Traditional Carol, English Traditional Song, English Traditional Tune, English, 15th Century, Enskt Þjóðlag, Entregada Por La Sra. Lala Andrade, Entregada Por La Sra. Lala Andrade A Chamal, Episcopal Hymn, Erdélyi Bujdosóének, ergebirgische Volksweise, Erlent Þjóðlag, Erri-Abesti, Erzgebirgisches Berglied, Esmirna, Español, Siglo XVII, Espiritual Negre, Estanpitta, Italië 14e Eeuw, Este's Psalter 1592, Estilo Popular Andaluz, Estonia, Et Folkesagn, Eteläpohj. Kansanlaulu, Eteläpohjalainen Kansanlaulu, F. Marocan, F.Y.R. Of Macedonia (Skopje region, traditional), Fado Aleksandrino, Fado Amora, Fado Corrido, Fado Cuf, Fado Dois Tons, Fado Esmeraldinha, Fado Isabel, Fado Margaridas, Fado Menor, Fado Menor Do Porto, Fado Mouraria (Popular), Fado Perseguição, Fado Pinoia, Fairy Tale, Familjetradition Gnm Kent Hallman, Norge, Fandango Popular Menorquí, Faroe Islandic Trad /, Faroe Islandic Trad., Faroese Trad., Faroese Traditional, Færøsk Børnesang Trad., Færøsk Folkemelodi, Færøsk Kvad. Trad., Fiinish folk stories, poems and songs, Filipino Folklore, Finish Popular, Finland, Finland Trad., Finnisches Volkslied, Finnish, Finnish Folkmelody, Finnish Kalevala Trad., Finnish Melody, Finnish Trad., Finnish Trad. / Irish Trad., Finnish Traditional, Finnish/Swedish Trad. Arr., Finsk Folkemelodi, Finsk Folkvisa, Flamsk, Flohwalzer, Floklore, Folc., Folclor, Folclor arăbesc, Folclor Grec, Folclor Grecesc, Folclor maramuresean, Folclor Mediteranean, Folclor Mexican, Folclor Muzical Românesc, Folclor Sârb, Folclóre, Folclore Baiano, Folclore Russo, Folclórica, Folclórico, Folclorul grec, Folclorul Popular, Folclorul Studentesc, Folk, Folk Art, Folk Dance, Folk Italiano, Folk Legend, Folk Lyrics, Folk Moldova, Folk Music, Folk National, Folk Song, Folk Song From El Salvador, Folk Song From Magyarszovát, Folk Song, Lower Rhine, Folk Songs, Folk Songs Of Serbs, Folk Swahili, Folk Text, Folk Traditional, Folk Tune, Folk Unknown, Folk Words, Folk-Song, Folk., Folk. Acadien, Folk. Argentine, Folk. Pérou, Folk. Sénégalais, Folk. Vénézuéla, Folkemel., Folkemel./Ukendt, Folkemelodi, Folkemelodi - Traditionel, Folkemunde, Folketone, Folketone Fra Elsfjord I Nordland, Folketone Fra Kvæfjord, Folketone Fra Mosjøen, Folketone Fra Nordland, Folketone Fra Romsdal, Folketone Fra Selbu, Folketone Frå Setesdal, Folketone Fra Sunnmøre, Folketone Fra Todalen, Nordmøre, Folketoner Fra Romedal, Lofoten, Mo I Rana Og Ørsta, Folketoner Fra Ryfylket Og Oppland, Folkevise, Folkish Traditional, Folkl., Folkllore, Folklor, Folklor Regional, Folklor Traditional, Folklore, Folklore - Mali, Folklore - Niger, Folklore Acadien, Folklore Algérien, Folklore Américain, Folklore Americano, Folklore Angevin, Folklore Antillais, Folklore Argentin, Folklore Autrichien, Folklore Aymara, Tarapacá, Folklore Bantandu, Folklore Barloventeño, Folklore Bolivia, Folklore Boliviano, Folklore Bolivien, Folklore Canadien, Folklore Chilien, Folklore Colombiano, Folklore Complainte Indienne, Folklore Dalmatien, Folklore De San-Margarita, Folklore Del Pinar Del Rio, Folklore Dominicano, Folklore Ecuatoriano, Folklore Egyptien, Folklore Espagnol, Folklore Grec, Folklore Guyannais, Folklore Hebreo, Folklore Hongrois, Folklore Israélien, Folklore Italien, Folklore Marocain, Folklore Mexicain, Folklore Navideño, Folklore Nivernais, Folklore Of Suriname, Folklore Panameño, Folklore Péruvien, Folklore Populaire, Folklore Popular, Folklore Puertorriqueño, Folklore Romain, Folklore Roumain, Folklore Rumano, Folklore Russe, Folklore San Andrés, Folklore Sénégalais, Folklore Tanzanie, Folklore Togolais, Folklore Traditionnel, Folklore Tunisien, Folklore Tzigane, Folklore Venezolano, Folklore Venezuela, Folklore Venezuelano, Folklore Vénézuélien, Folklore-Tänze, Folklorei, Folklores, Folklórica, Folkmelodi, Folkore, Folkore Grec, Folksong, Folksong Thrace, Folksongs, Folktune, Folkvisa, Folkvisa Från 1700-Talet, Folkvisa Från Dalarna, Fra En Gammel Spillemandsbog V/ Knud Bentzen, Fra Frankrike, Fra Mange Kilder, Fra Middelalderen, Fra Sør-Afrika, Fra Zulukirken, Fragm. Psalmu 23/22, Franc. Lid., Franc. Ľudová, Franc. Narodna, France, Franche-Conté, Francia Gyermekdal, Francia Karácsonyi Dal, Francouzská Lid., Francouzská Lid. Pohádka, Francouzská Lidová, Francuska Tradicijska, Frank Farian, Frans Kerstlied, Frans trad., Franse Trad., Fransk Dansemelodi Fra 1500-Tallet, Fransk Folketone Fra Auvergne, Fransk Fransiskansk Prosesjonssang, Fransk Julesang, Fransk Melodi, Fransk Trad., Französisches Volkslied, Frederic Austin, Freie Volksw., French, French - English, French Canadian Folksong, French Carol, French Folklore, French Melody, French Song, French Trad, French Trad., French Trad. / French/Canadian Trad., French Trad'l, French Traditional, French Traditional Carol, French Traditional Carol?, French Tune, Fri, From ‘New Broadman Press Hymnal’, From Foundling Hospital Collection, From Khorasan Province, From The Ancient Irmolohion, From The Edda, From The Ethiopian Liturgy, From The Gregorian Liturgy, From The Monastery Of Montserrat, G. Gladki, Ga (West African) Traditional, Gabon Pygmy, Gaelic Traditional, Gagaku, Galician Carol, Galician Trad., Galician Traditional (Spain), Gambian Trad., Gammal Gångspelstrall, Gammal Traditionell, Gammel, Gammel Amerikansk Melodi, Gammel Ærøsk Folkedansk, Gammel Bryllupssang. Trad. Arr., Gammel Dansk Sangleg, Gammel Fransk Melodi, Gammel Keltisk Hymne Fra Det 12. Årh., Gammel Melodi, Gammel Melodi Fra Dalarna, Gammel Norsk Folkepoesi, Gammel Remse, Gammel Russisk Marsj, Garīga Skotu Dz., Gaziantep Türküsü, Ged. Trad., Geleneksel, Geleneksel Köy Türküsü, Georgian Folk, Georgian Traditional, Georgian/Armenian Traditional, German, German Folk Song, German medieval, German Melody, German Melody, 1360, German Song, German Trad, German Trad., German Traditional, German Traditional Carol, German Traditional Carol Carol, German Traditional Carol?, German Traditional Melody, German, 15th Century, Germany, Ghanese Traditional, Giganska Narodna Pesma, Gioioso, Gipsy Trad., Gl. Am. 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Wolksweise, Griechische Volksweise, Grønlandsk Trad., Gwerz Traditionnelle, Gypsy Song, Gypsy Traditional, Habakkuk 2:20, Haitian Traditional, Halk Türküsü, Hans Myhre, Harzer Volkstanz, Hasszid Dallam, Havaijská Lidová, Hávamál, Hávamál, 89-91, Hawaiian Traditional, Hayno Boliviano, Hebrew Folk Song, Hebrew Melody, Hebrew Traditional, Hebrides Trad., Hedade Art, Heinz V. Alten, Helgakviða Hundingsbana I, 1-4, Hen Bennill, Henan Folk Song, Henohische Anrufungen, Herbergslied, Herdman's Melody, Hernhūtiešu Dz., Herra Trad.., Herri Kanta, Herri Olerkia, Herricoa, Herrikoa, Herrikoia, Herrikoiak, Herrikua, Hist., Historic German Students' Song, Historisch, Historischer Marsch, Historischer Teil, Hitorisch, HLV 324, Holandská Lidová, Holland Népköltés, Hollandsk Børne-sangleg, Hollandsk Børnesang, Holländsk Melodi, Hora Uit Israel, Hrafnagaldr Óðins, Hrv. Narodna, Hrvatska Kolenda Iz 1583 G., Hrvatska Tradicijska, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Čilipi-Dubrovnik, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Dalmacija, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Istra, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Međimurje, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Pokuplje, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Slavonija, Hrvatska Tradicijska, Starogrojčice, Huaiño (Bolivia), Huaiño (Perú), Huastec Traditional, Huayno, Huayno Boliviano, Hullah's Song Book - English, Hullah's Song Book - Scottish, Hungarian, Hungarian Czardas On Rumanian Themes, Hungarian Czardas On Russian Themes, Hungarian Folk Song, Hungarian Folksongs, Hungarian Gypsy Music, Hungarian Song, Hungarian Trad., Hungarian Traditional, Hungarian Traditional From Moldavia, Hungary, Hungary (traditional), Hymnal, Hymne, Hymne 9th Century, Hар. мугам, Hароднa, Hародні, I Ching, Iberian Peninsular, Ignoto, Igra Orjentale, Ile De France, Ilm. 21: 1–6, Ilomantsi, Improvisation, Improvisation On An Old Bowed Lyre Theme, Improvisation On An Old Fiddle Theme, In Fjellhammer Tradition, India-Traditional, Indian Mantra, Indian Trad., Indian Traditional, Indianerweise, Indien, Indijska Narodna, Indijska Narodna Pesma, Indijska Narodna Pjesma, Indijska Trad., Indijski Narodni, Indisk Trad., Indon. Volksweise, Indonéská Píseň, Indoneská Rybářská Píseň, Indonéský Pantum, International, Iran folk song, Iraqi Children's Song, Iraqi Trad., Iraqi Traditional, Ireland Traditional, Irisch Trad., Irische Volksweise, Irische Volkweise, Irisches Motiv, Irish, Irish - Traditional, Irish & Evergreen, Irish Air, Irish Fold Song, Irish Folksong, Irish Gaelic, Irish Melody, Irish Song, Irish Trad, Irish Trad., Irish Trad. / Greenlandic Trad., Irish Trad. Song, Irish Traditional, Irish Traditional Song, Irish Tradtional, Irish Tune, Irish. Trad., Irlandar Tradizionala, Irlantilainen Kans. Säv., Irsk Folketone, Irsk Folketone Fra 1600 Tallet, Irsk Tekst Frå 700-t, Irsk Trad. Frå 1100-talet, Irská Lidová, Irská Lidová Balada, Irska Trad., Irske Folketoner, Isl. Trad., Islandsk Folkemelodi, Ism., Ism. Sz., Ism. XVIII. 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Trad., Julvisa Från Älvdalen, Junačka Narodna Pesma, Junačke Pjesme, juutalainen trad., K'antu (Altiplano), Kakelinna Trad, Kalevala, Kalmyk Tradition Music, Kanadisch-Französisches Volkslied, Kanadisk Folketone, Kanon; Trad., Kans. Säv., Kans.säv., Kans.säv. Bromarvista, Kans.sävel, Kansanperinne, Kansanruno, Kansansäv., Kansansävelmä, Kansansävelmä Kuortaneelta, Kansansävelmä Savosta, Kanteletar, Karelia, Russia (traditional), Karelian Trad., Karjala, Kärleksvisa Trad. Romani Visa, Kärntnerlied, Katutubong Awit, Kazakh/Chinese Traditional, Kazakhistanian Traditional, Kendt Tilbage Fra Før 1900. Teksten Kan Forekomme I Andre Versioner., Kenya Traditional, Kenyan, Khmer Traditional, Khuyết Danh, Kiev Melody, Kikuyu Traditional, Kikuyu Traditional Song, Kinderlied, Kinderlied a.d. Rheinland, Kinderlied Aus Dem Bergischen Land, Kineska, King David, King David Of Jerusalem, Kishwahili, Kitee, Klezmer Trad, Klezmer Traditional, Kobiana Jazz, Kókay Ist, Koleda, Kolklorique, Kölner Gesangsbuch 1599, Komp. Unbekannt, Kontakion of the Dead, Koral Frå Antwerpen, Korean Trad., Korean Traditional, Korean Traditional Folk-Song, Korean Traditional Music, Korner, Koroška Ljudska, Koroška Narodna, Koroška Ponarodela, Kosovo Serbian Traditional, Közismert, Kranj, Krievu t. dz., Kuba, Kubanska Ljudska, Kubánská Milostná Píseň, Kubánská Píseň, Kubiečių Liaudies, Kurdish Dance, Kurdish Song From North Of Khorasan, Kurdish Traditional, Kursk Wedding Song, Kurzemes-čiganu dziesmas, l. d., L. Liaudies, L. Popular, La Folia, La Nouvelle Jerusalem (Bruxelles), Lån Fra Folketradisjonen, Langelandsk Folkemelodi, Lapin Joiku, Lapuan Taisteluvirsi, Latgale folk songs, Latgalian Folk Songs, Latgaļu, Latin Hymn, Latvian Folk, Latvian Folk Song, Latvian Folk Songs, Latvian Folk-song Words, Latvian Traditional, Latvian Traditional Roundelays, Latvian Traditional Song, Latviešu t. dz., Latviešu t. dz. vārdi, Latviešu tautas deja, Lebanese Traditional, Legende Von H.J. Von Wessenberg, legendele Pieilor Roșii, Leliokalani, Lengyel Népdal, Lezione VIII. Job 19, Liaudies, Liberian Folk, Lībiešu, Libre Vermell de Montserrat, Lid., Lid. Balada, Lid. Z Karibských Ostrovů, Lidová, Lidová Píseň, Lidová Píseň Z Batavie, Lidová Z Brněnska, Lidová Z Podluží, Lidové Písně Ze Slovácka, Lidový Nápěv, Liet. Liaud. Daina, Lietuviešu t. dz., Lietuvių Liaud. Daina, Lietuvių Liaudies, Lietuvių Tradicinė, Limanska Tradicionalna, Lincolnshire Folksong, Lithuanian (Žemaičių) Folk, Lithuanian Folk, Lithuanian Folk Song, Lithuanian Traditional, Lituanian Trad., Liturgical, Liturgie, Liturgisch, Livre Vermeil De Monserrat, Livre Vermeil De Monserrat, XVe Siècle, Ljubavna Pjesma Iz Skadra, Ljudska, Ljudske, Ljudsko, Llibre Vermell, Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, Lloyd Prince Thomas, Loa Pastoril Do Século XVIII / Origem Portuguesa, Lochamer Liederbuch 15. Jhdt., Lochheimer Liederbuch, Londonderry Air, Louisiana Creole, Lubavitch Melody, Ľud. Pieseň, Ľudová, Ľudová Koleda, Ludowa, Ludus Danielis, Lullaby From Lebanon, M. Henderson, M. Leontowitsch, M. Saravia, Macedonia, Macedonia, Trad., Macedonian, Macedonian Folk Dance, Macedonian Folk Song, Macedonian Folksong, Macedonian Line Dance, Macedonian Song, Macedonian Trad., Macedonian Traditional, Macedonian Traditional Song, Maďarská Lid. Píseň, Maďarská Lid. Žertovná Píseň, Maďarská Lidová, Maďarské Lidové Písně, Maďarské Lidové Tance, Madjarska Narodna, Mađarska, Mađarska Narodna, Mađarska Romansa, Magyar Népdal, Magyar Népköltés, Magyar Népmese, Magyar trad., Magyarországi Folklór Anyag, Mahali Ghasemabadi, Makedonska Izvorna Pesma, Makedonská Lidová, Makedonska Ljudska, Makedonska Narodna, Makedonska Narodna Igra, Makedonska Narodna Pesma, Makedonska Narodna Pjesma, Makedonska Narodna Pjesma I Plesovi, Makedonska Pesma, Makedonska Tradicionalna, Makedonska, Kosovska Obrada, Makedonsko Narodno, Malembe Chant, Manuscrit De Bruxelles, XVe Siècle, Maori Melody, Marche Populaire, Mariapoli, Marienlied 16. Jahrhundert, Mark 12:29 -30, Marocco Folklore, Marokko-ko Herri Kanta, Marruecos, marș tradițional, Martial, Matthew 9:6- 13, Máttuid Luohti, Mediaeval Latin, Medieval, Medieval English Round C. 1280, Medieval Irish, Medieval Ital., Medžimurska Ljudska, Meks. Trad., Meksička Narodna, Meksikanska Narodna, Meksikanska Tradicionalna, Mel. Från 1500-talet, Mel. Från Medeltiden, Mel. Lud., Mel. Lud. ???, Mél. Populaire, Mel. Trad., Melodi Fra Einsiedeln, Melodi Fra Horindal, Melodi Från Boda, Melodi Från Leksand/Tune From Leksand, Dalacarlia, Melodi Från Nederländerna, Melodia Americana, Melodia Da Angola Africana, Melodia Gaelica, Melodía Judéo Española, Melodia Łowicka, Melodia Podlaska, Melodía Pop., Melodia Popolare, Melodia Popular, Melodía Popular Siciliana, Melodia Tradicional Irlandesa. Versió Lliure, Melodia Tradycyjna, Mélodie Africaine, Melodie bisericească, Melodie Franceză, melodie germană (German song), Mélodie Moldave, Mélodie Populaire, Melodie Populară, Melodie Populară Austriacă, Melodie Populară Braziliană, Melodie Populară Cehă, Melodie Populară Engleză, Melodie Populară Franceză, Melodie Populară Mexicană, Melodie Populară Poloneză, melodie populară românească, Melodie Populară Rusă, Melodie Populară Spaniolă, Mélodie Traditionnelle, Mélodies Traditionelles, Melody From 17th century, Melody From Harboøre, Melody From The Pays De Retz, Melody Trad., Melody Traditional, Messe De Barcelone, Messe De Noël, Messe de Pâques, Messe VIII, Metrical Psalm, Mex. Folkemel., Mex. Trad., Mexican, Mexican Folk, Mexican Folk Dance From Yucatan, Mexican Folk Song, Mexican Traditional, Mexická Lidová, Mexická Pastevecká Píseň, Mexické Lidové Písně, Mexico traditional, Mexikansk Folkemelodi, Middle Eastern Traditional, Minnelied, Missa De Angelis, Missa Pro Defunctis, Mittelalterliches Weihnachtslied, Mold. Trad. Dance, Moldavian Folk, Moldavian Trad. Dance, Moldvai Csángó Népének, Moluccan Tradional, Mongolian Traditional Music, Montenegrin Trad., Montenegrin Traditional, Montenegro Traditional, Moravian, Moravian Folk Song, Moravian Trad., Moravská Lidová, Morocan Folk, Moroccan Jewish Traditional, Mot. Pop., Motiv Národní Písně, Motiv. Populair, Motivo Folclórico, Motivo Folclórico Gaúcho, Motivo Popolare, Motivo Popolare Friulano, Motivo Popular, Motivo Popular Centroamericano, Motivo Popular Peruano, Motivo Tradicional, Motyw Tradycyjnej Melodii Ukraińskiej, Mountain Song, Mountain Trad., Mr. Trad., Mündl. Überlieferung, Mündlich Aus Sachsen, Mündlich Überliefert, Murchy Efter Rasmus Storm, Music Founded On An Old Cornish Air, Music From Lorestan Province, Music From Volyn', Música Del Folklore, Musica Etnica Boliviana, Musica Popolare, Musicians From Pakistan, Musique Ancienne, Musique Du Folklore, Musique Populaire, Musique Populaire Hongroise, Musique Sue De Tout Le Monde, Musique Traditionelle, Muz. Klasyczna, Muz. Ludowa, Muz. Tradycyjna, Muz. Zapożyczona, muzică tradițională rusească, muzică tradițională țigănească, N. Einem Russ. Original, N. Einer Türk. Volksw., N. N., N.N., Na Narodnu Temu, Nach Arabischen Volksweisen, Nach Einem Spiritual, Nach einem Volkslied, Nach Einem Volkstanz Aus Thüringen, Nach Einer Nordischen Sage Von Kopisch, Nach Einer Volksweise, Nach Span. Motiven, Nacional, Nahamas Folk Song, Nameless XVIII Century Composer, Namibia, Napolil. Kansanlaulu, Napuljska Tradicijska, Nar., Nardoni, Narod, Narodna, Narodna Beneška, Narodna Iz Bitole, Narodna Iz Bosne, Narodna Iz Dalmacije, Narodna Iz Samobora, Narodna Iz Srbije, Narodna Pesma, Narodna Pesma - Kosovo, Narodna Pesma Iz Crne Gore, Narodna Pesma Iz Makedonije, Narodna Pesma Iz Srbije, Narodna Pjesma, Narodna Pjesma Iz Bosne, Narodna Pjesma Iz Gradišća, Narodna Pjesma Iz Vranja, Narodna Verzija, Narodne, Narodni, Narodni Iz Predstave "Karolina Riječka", Narodni Melos, Narodni Motivi, Narodni Zapis, Narodno, Narodno Kolo, Native, Native American, Native American Chant, Native American Songs-Traditional, Navajo Chant, Navajo Song, Navajo Trad., Navajo, Trad., Neapolitan Folk, Neapolitan Song, Neapolitanische Volksweise, Neapolská Lid., Neapolská Lidová, Néger Spirituálé, Nego Spiritual, Negro Espiritual, Negro Gospel Song, Negro Lullaby, Negro Spir., Negro Spiritual, Negro Spiritual Trad., Negro Spiritual—Trad., Negro-Spiritual, Neheimer Rundgesang, Německá Lidová, Německá Lidová Píseň, Nemecká Ľudová, Német Népdal, Neopolitan Folk Air, Nepalese Traditional, Népdal, Népdal - Narodna, Népdal (Traditional), Népdal Szöveg, Népének, Népi Dallam, Népi Gyűjtés, Népi Mondóka, Népi Szöveg, Népköltés, Népmese, Népzene, Netherlands Folk Song, New Lutheran Liturgy, New Orleans, New Orleans Trad., New Orleans Traditional, Newer Chaaba Tradition, Nicht Ausreichend Überliefert/ De Brevitate Vitae, Niederländisch, 17. Jahrh., Nigerian Traditional, Nittedal, Nivernais, Noël Anonyme Catalan, Noel Brasil, Noel Canadien, Noël Du XVe Siècle, Noël Provençal, Non-copyright, NonCop, Nordisk Folkemelodi, Normandie, Norsk Folkemelodi, Norsk Folketone, Norsk Folketone (Hallingdal), Norsk Folketone Fra Hallingdal, Norsk Folkevise, Norsk Folkvisa, Norsk Middelalderballade, Norsk Skillingsvise, Norsk Slåttevise, Norsk Trad., North Georgian Folk Song, Northern Epirus, Norvegian Traditional, Norvegų Liaudies, Norwegian Folk Song, Norwegian Medieval "Stew". Telemark, Norwegian Medieval Lullabies, Gudbrandsdalen, Norwegian Medieval Melody, Norwegian Melody, Norwegian Trad, Norwegian Trad., Norwegian Traditional, Numbers 6:24- 26, Nursery Rhyme, Nursery Rhyme From Suffolk, Ny Trad., O'Connor, Obrada, Obrada Izvorne Pesme, Occitan Trad., Oh Tannenbaum, Ojalá, Okänd Sångfört., Olasz Népdal, Olasz-zsidó Dallam, Old, Old Arabic Poetry, Old Basque, Old British Trad, Old Chant, Kievo-Pecherska Lavra, Old Danish Religious Song, Old Danish Text, Old English, Old English Folk Songs, Old English Folk-Tale, Old English Trad., Old English Traditional, Old English Tune, Old Finnish Christmas Tableau, Old Folk Song, Old Folksong, Old French Song, Old French Trad., Old French Tune, Old Gaelic Melody, Old German Melody, Old German Tune, Old Greek Tune, Old Gregorian Chant, Old Hundredth, Old Hundreth, Old Irish, Old Irish Air, Old Irish Folksong, Old Irish Melody, Old Irish Tune, Old Jingle, Old Kievan Chant, Old Ladino Song, Old Melody, Old Negro Spiritual, Old Nordic Ring-Game, Old Norwegian Nursery Rhyme, Old Poem, Old Poitry, Old Popular Song, Old Psalm, Old Reel, Old Romance, Old Romanian Romance, Old Runo Songs, Old Russian Song, Old Scotch Air, Old Scottish Air, Old Song, Old Standard, Old Swedish Folkhymn], old traditional Romanian songs, Old Waltz, Old Welch Air, Old Welsh Air, Old Welsh Folk Song, Old, Attributed To The Sufi Tradition, OMJD, Operettenchor, Oral Literature Of North Khorasan, Orchester, Orchester Und Chor, Oriental Traditional, Orientalisches Märchen, Original, Original Bulgarian folk song, Original Russian Folklore Of The 12th - 19th Centuries, Originated from Romanian Ortodox Service, Orkest, Oro Prov. Trad., Orosz És Ukrán Népmesék, Dallamok, Orosz Népdal, Öster. Volksweise, Östereichisches Volkslied, Ostiak Trad., Oud-Nederlands lied, Our Forefathers, Özbek Halk Şarkısı, P. D., P.., P.D, P.D., Pacific Time Theme Music, Palestinian Trad., Palestinian Traditional Wedding Song, Pälkjärvi, Pamir Tradition Music, Papago (Native American) Religious Song, Papago Indian, Paradosiakou, Pärnu, Paroles Populaires, Passamaquoddy Indian, Pastevecká Píseň Z Chile, Pastisz Znanych Piosenek, Patrimoine Québécois, Paunnee Traditional, Pazin, PD, PD., PD. N/M, Penarodela, Per Skilling, Borup 1870, Perinne, Perrevals Trad. From Kresten Nielsen's Music Book. The Reel After Peter Gorm Sørensen, Perry, Persian Traditional, Peru, Peruánská Lid., Peruvian Trad., Peruvian Traditional, Pesma Iz Belgije, Pesma Iz Vojvodine, Pesti Folklór, Peter Asher-Gordon Waller, Picardy - French Trad., Pios. Kaszubska XVII W., Piosenka Neapolit., Piosenka Oparta Jest Na Utworze Tradycyjnym, Piosenka Podwórkowa, Piosenka Popularna, Píseň Peruánských Indiánů, Plainchant, Plainsong, Po Narodni, Poema Chino, Poema Judío, Poema Xinès, Poesie Populaire, poezie populară, Pohjoismainen Toisinto Saksalaisesta Kansansävelmästä, Polen, Polish, Polish / Jewish, Polish Couple Dance, Polish Folk Song, Polish Folk Tune, Polish Trad., Polish Traditional, Poljska Tradicijska, Poljski Ljudski, Polnisches Volkslied, Pologne, Polsk Folkvisa, Polská Lid., Polská Lidová Píseň, Polupar, Ponarodela, Ponikve (Pelješac), Pop, pop sârbesc, Pop., Pop. Americana, Pop. de Encinasola, Pop. Española, Pop. Francesa, Pop. Picaresca Esp., Popěvek, Popolare, Populaire, Populaire Arménien, Popular, Popular - Açores, Popular - Alentejo, Popular - Beira Alta, Popular - Beira Baixa, Popular - Caduca, Popular Açoreano, Popular Actual, Popular Alemanya, Popular Alentejano, Popular Americana, Popular Americano, Popular Anglesa, Popular Anónimo, Popular Argentina, Popular Asturiana, Popular Balear, Popular Basca, Popular Boliviana, Popular Bretona, Popular Búlgara, Popular Camprodon, Popular Catalá, Popular Catalan, Popular Catalan Tune, Popular Catalana, Popular Catalana (Version Ibicenca), Popular Chilena, Popular Coreana, Popular de Alosno, Popular de Aroche, Popular de Bohèmia, Popular de Burgos, Popular de Cumbres de San Bartolomé, Popular de Encinasola, Popular De Italie, Popular De Les Terres De L'Ebre, Popular De Tamaulipas, Popular de Toledo, Popular de Tomiño-Pontevedra, Popular Del Altiplano Andino, Popular Del País Valencià, Popular Do Minho, Popular Eïvissa, Popular Eivissenca, Popular Español, Popular Finlandesa, Popular Flamenca, Popular Fragment, Popular Francés, Popular Francesa, Popular French, Popular From Bretagne And Vandée, Popular Galega, Popular Galego, Popular Gallega, Popular Grega, Popular Griega, Popular Habanera Catalana, Arraigada A Menorca Aproximadamente Desde 1890, Popular Hebrea, Popular Hiddish, Popular Holland, Popular Hongaresa, Popular Iberoamericano, Popular Illes Hawai, Popular India, Popular Infantil, Popular Irlandés, Popular Irlandesa, Popular Israeliana, Popular Italia, Popular Italiana, Popular Japonesa, Popular Lleidatana, Popular Mallorca, Popular Mallorquina, Popular Menorca, Popular Menorquina, Popular Mexicana, Popular Mexicano, Popular Nor-americana, Popular Nor-americana*, Popular Nord Americana, Popular Nord-Americana, Popular Nordamericana, Popular Norteamericana, Popular Peruana, Popular Rusa, Popular Russ, Popular Sarbesc, Popular Sarda, Popular Segoviana, Popular Siciliana, Popular Song, Popular Sud-Africano, Popular Sud-Americana, Popular Sueca, Popular Suïssa, Popular Turca, Popular U.S.A., Popular Valenciana, Popular Vasca, Popular Yiddish, Popular-Italiana, Popular-Macy, Popular. Segle XVIII, populară, Populare, Populares, Populars Mallorquines, Populars Valencianes, Populat, Popullore, Portugiesische Folklore, Portuguese, Pracovní Píseň, Prancūzų Daina, Prætorius-XVIe S, Prekmurska Ljudska, Prelucrare după o scrisoare dintr-un roman de Zaharia Stancu, Prelucrare Folclorică, Provençal, Provencalische Volksweise, Przypowieść Ludowa, Ps 115, Ps 63(62), Ps. 118., Ps. 147., Ps. 51:3, Psalm, Psalm 103, Psalm 13, Psalm 130, Psalm 137, Psalm 138, Psalm 18, Psalm 23, Psalm 37, Psalm 48, 8-9, Psalm 50 {51}, Psalm 51, Psalm 67, 1-7, Psalm 8, Psalm 92, Psalms 118 5,6, Psalms 23 King David, Psalms 51, Public Domain, Public Domain / Bible Verse, Public Domaine, Publiek Domein, Pučka, Pučki Napjev, Puerto Rican Folk Song, Puglia, Puno, Puolalainen Kansansäv., Pupular, Qing Hai Folk Song, Quadras Populares, Quebec, Quebecian Traditional, Rääkkylä, Raamattu, Račišće, Rahvalaulud, Rahvalik, Rahvalik Laul, Rahvalik Laul / Популярная Песня, Rahvaluule, Rakouská Lid., Ransk. Joululaulu, Ranskalainen Joululaulu, Rautajärvi, Rautjärvi, Recent Trad. Song From Brittany, Řecká Lidová, Recolh., Regional, Rekilaulu, Religious Song From The Orthodox Arabs' Church, René Ježek Kříž, Rep. Internațional, Rep. popular, Rep. Tradițional, Répertoire Arabe Tunisien, Répertoire Traditionnel, Revolucionarna Partizanska Pesma, Rhodes, Richard, Riddervise Fra 1500-tallet, Rocalès Sur Thêmes Populaires, Rod Argent, Rodolfo Olivarez, Role / Name, Roma Népdal, Roma Trad., Roman Traditional, Romance Español, romance populaire roumaine, romance roumaine, Romance Séfarade Istanbul, Romance Tsigane, Romanceiro Algarvio, Romania, Romanian Folklore, Romanian Folksong, Romanian Folksong from Banat, Romanian Folksong from Maramureș, Romanian Folksong from Moldavia, Romanian Folksong from Muntenia, Romanian Folksong from Oltenia, Romanian song, Romanian traditional, Romansa, Romanță populară, Romska, Romska Pesma, Romska Tradicional, Romska Tradicionalna, Rondalla Mallorquina, Rum. Folklore, Rumän. Volksweise, Rumän. VW, Rumanian, Rumanian Dance, Rumanian drunking song, Rumanian Folk Song, Rumanian Trad., Rumanian Traditional, Rumänische Volksweise, Rumænsk Folkemelodi, Rumeli Türküleri, Rumeli Tûrkûsü, Rumunská Lidová, Rumunska Narodna, Rumunska Narodna Igra, Rumunska Tradicionalna, Rumunski Tradicional, Rumunsko Narodno, Ruots. Sävelmä, Ruots. Trad., Ruotsalainen Kans.säv, Rus Anonim, Ruska, Ruska Ciganska, Ruska Ciganska Pjesma, Ruská Lid., ruská lid. píseň, Ruská Lid. Pohádka, Ruská Lidová, Ruská Lidová Píseň, Ruská Ľudová, Ruska Narodna, Ruska Narodna Igra, Ruska Narodna Pesma, Ruská Národní Píseň, Ruská Revoluční Píseň, Ruska Romansa, Ruska Tradicinal, Ruská Znárodnělá Píseň, Russ. Folklore, Russ. Lied, Russ. Motiv, Russ. Studentenlied, Russ. Trad, Russ. Traditional, Russ. Volkslied, Russ. Volksw., Russ. Volksweise, Russ. Zigeunerlied, Russian, Russian Air, Russian Folk Song, Russian Folk Songs, Russian Folk Tune, Russian Folklore, Russian Folkmelody, Russian Folksong, Russian Gypsie / Trad., Russian Gypsy Song, Russian Gypsy Trad., Russian Melody, Russian North Traditional, Russian Original, Russian Popular, Russian Trad., Russian Trad. Song, Russian Traditional, Russian Traditional Air, Russian Traditional Song, Russian Traditional Song From Belgorod Region, Russian Traditional Song From Polesye Region, Russian Traditional Song From Smolensk Region, Russian Traditional Song From Tver Region, Russian Vesper Song, Russian/Gypsy Ballad, Russische Trad., Russische Volksweise, Russische Zigeuner-Romanze, Russische Zigeunerweise, Russisches Arbeiterkampflied, Russisches Volkslied, Russisk Folkemel., Russisk folkemelodi, Russisk Studentersang, Russisk Trad., Russisk Vespermelodi, Russsiches Original, Ryan’s Collection (Boston, 1883), Rysk Folkmelodi, Rysk Trad., Saks. Säv., Saksalainen kans.säv., Saksalainen Sävelmä, Saksalainen Trad., Salme 23, Salme 72,17, Salme 8, Salónica, Salzburger Weihnachtslied, Sami, Sami Trad. Joik, Sámi traditional, San Juanito (Ecuador), San Juanito Tradicional (Ecuador), Santeria Traditional Song, Sarajevo, Sárospataki Diákdal, Scandinavian Folk, Scandinavian Trad., Scherz-Vierzeiler Auf Eine Volksweise, Schlesia, Schlesien 18. årh, Schlesien 18. Årh., Schlesische Lieder 1842, Schlesisk Folkemelodi, Schlesisk Melodi, Schotse Trad., Schottisches Volkslied, Schottland, Schwäbisches Volkslied (ca. 1870), Schwäbisches Volkslied (vor 1832), Schwedisch, Scotch Folk Song, Scots Traditional, Scots, Traditional, Scottisch Trad., Scottische Volkweise, Scottish Air, Scottish Folk Song, Scottish Folksong, Scottish Gaelic, Scottish Oral Tradition And Irish Oral Tradition, Scottish Psalter, Scottish Psalter 1615, Scottish Psalter 1650, Scottish Trad., Scottish Traditional, Scottish Tune, Sec. IV, Sec. VII, Sec. XI, Seemannsweise, Sefarade, XIIIème, Sépharade (Esmirna), Sepharade (Turquie), Sephardic Melody, Sephardic Trad., Sephardic Traditional, Serbia, Serbian Traditional, Serbian Traditional Song, Serbian-Bulgarian Line Dance, Serras Nr. 9 Efter Rasmus Storm, Shaker, Shaker Melody, Shaker Song, Shaker spiritual, Shanty, Shetlandic Trad. / Shetlandic Trad. / Shetlandic Ian Burns, Shope Trad, Sicilian Trad., Sicilian Traditional, Sicīliešu Dz., Sicilská Lidová, Sikuri (Altiplano), Sikuri (Perú), Silesian Melody, Silesian Trad., Sili Halk Türküsü, Simon & Garfunkel, Sioux Death Song Trad, Šiptarska Narodna Pjesma Iz Kičeva, Sirtaki, Sixto Ayvar, Siz. Volksweise, Sizil Volksweise, sizil. Volksweise, Sizilanische Volksweise, Sizilianische Volksw., Sizilianische Volksweise, Sjællandsk bondevise, Sjællandsk Melodi, Sjömansvisa, Traditional Shanty, Sweden, Skåne, Skót Népdal, Skoti Rahvaviis, Skotsk, Skotsk Folkemelodi, Skotsk Trad., Skotsk Visa; Trad., Skotská Lidová, Škótska Ľudová Pieseň, Skotu tautas dz., Slav-Macedonian Traditional, Slavka, Slavonian Folk Song, Slavonic Folk Song, Slavonija, Slov. Nar., Slovácká lidová, Slovačka Narodna, Slovačka Narodna Romska, Slovakian Folk Song, Slovaška Nar., Slovenački Tradicional, Slovenian Folk Song, Slovenian Folksong, Slovenian Partisan Song, Slovenian Traditional, Slovenská Lidová, Slovenská Ľud., Slovenska Narodna, Slovenska Pravljica, Slovenské Ľudové, Sł. Ludowe, Słowiański Mit O Stworzeniu Świata, Sobre Recopilación Hecha En Calama, Sofía, Soikkola, Soldier's Song, Somalisches Freiheitslied, Somerset Folk Song, Somerset Folksong, Somerset Tune, Son Huasteco Tradicional, Son Jarocho Tradicional, Song From East Anatolia, Song Of Hungarian Gipsies, Song Of The Hungarian Gypsies, Sorbisches Volkslied, Sortavala, Sotho Trad., Souterliedekens, South African, South African Freedom Song, South African Trad, South African Traditional, South Italian Traditional, South-Africa, South-Hungary, Southamerican Traditional, Southern Song, Southern Spiritual, Soutjärvi, Spaans Traditioneel, Spain Traditional, Spain, Trad., Spanisches Freiheitslied, spanisches Volkslied, Spanish, Spanish Air, Spanish Ballad, Spanish Folk, Spanish Trad., Spanish Traditional, Spanyol Karácsonyi Dal, Spanyol Népmese, Sphardie-Oriental, Spirituaal, Spiritual, Spiritual * Trad, Spiritual Negre, Spiritual Traditional, Spiritual/Traditional, Spirituals, Spritual, Srbska Ljudska, Srijemska Narodna, Srpska Narodna Pesma Sa Kosova, St-Gnagna, Štajerski Motiv, Standard Jazzowy, Stara Gradska, Stara Gradska Pesma, Stara Gradska Pjesma, Stara Narodna Pesma, Stara Ruska Gradska Pesma, Stara Ruska Romansa, Stara Slovenska, Stara Srpska Pesma, Starogradska, Staropražská, Starorusky, Steirischer Jodler, Stm. Kosken Päiväkirja, Stralsund 1665, Streletcky Song, Studentenlied, Sufi Heritage, Suisse, Suistamo, suită de jocuri tradiționale din Clejani, Suită De Melodii Americane, Suom. Kansansatu, Suom. Kansansävel, Suom. Trad., Suomal. Kansansatu, Suomal. Kansansävelmä, Suomal. Koraalitoisinto, Suomalainen kans.säv, Suomalainen kans.säv., Suomalainen Kansan Satu, Suomalainen Kansanlaulu, Suomalainen Kansanruno, Suomalainen Kansansävelmä, Suomalainen Toisinto, Sur. Trad., Surinamese Traditional, Sv. Folkemelodi, Sv. Ps. 168, Sv. Trad, Sv. Trad., Sváb Népdal, Sváb Népzene, Svadbena Pjesma, Švajcarska Narodna Igra, Švajcarska Narodna Pesma, Svéd Karácsonyi Ének, Svéd Trad., Svensk 1693, Svensk Folkemelodi, Svensk Folketone, Svensk Folkevise, Svensk Folkmelodi, Svensk Folkvisa, Svensk Melodi, Svensk Psalm-Trad., Svensk Sangleg, Svensk Trad, Svensk Trad., Svensk/Norsk Folketone, Švicarska Narodna, Swabian Folk Song, Swabian Folksong, Swedish Medieval Ballad, Swedish Melody, Swedish Sailor Song, Swedish Trad, Swedish Trad., Swedish Trad. / Norwegian Trad., Swedish Trad. Hymn, Swedish Trad. Song, Swedish Traditional, Swedish Traitional, Świąteczna, Swing trad., Swiss Folksong, Swiss Traditional, Syrian Heritage, Syrian Heritiage, Szatmar, Szerzője Ismeretlen, Sziléziai Népdal, Szöveírója Ismeretlen, T., T. Peruvian, T. Rad, T.D.,, T.rad, T.T. Hall, Tad., Taditional, Tahitian Traditional, Tajik Folk Music, Tajik Folk Text, Takirari, Talmud, Tango Trad., Taniec Śląski, Tanzanian Trad., Tard., Tatar Folk Song, Tautas Dziesma, Tautas meldija, Tautas Mūzika Un Vārdi, Tautasdziesma, Tekst Tradycyjny, Tema Folclórico, Tema Popular, Tema Tradicional, Temas Populares, Temás Populares Asturianos, Temas Tradicionales, Temat Tradycyjny, Terchovská Ľudová, Terd., Tessiner Soldatenlied, Tessiner Trad., Testi Trad., Testo Trad., Text Lidový, Text Popular, Texte Aus Dem Alten Und Neuen Testament, Thad, The Bible: "Song Of Songs", The Bible: "Songs Of Songs", The Book Of Ecclesiastes, The Holy Bible, The Sufi Music Of The "Merghani Sect", The Sufi Music Of The "Shazelia Sect", The Traditional Irish Air "The Coolin", The Traditional Music Of Shona, Zimbabwe, Thème Folklorique, Thème Folklorique Tzigane, Thème Inca - Bolivie, Thème Traditionnel, Thüringer Weise, Tibetan Nomad Music, Tichomořská Píseň, Tin Tradition, Tinku (Bolivia), Tiré Du Folklore, Tiroler Trad., Tiroler Volkslieder, Tobas (Bolivia), Toisinto Kalannista, Tom, Tôn Negroaidd, Tonada Popular, Tonada Popular Mallorca, Tone Fra Mellomalderen, Tone Fra Nordmøre, Torath, Torres Strait Traditional, Totur, Tretur, Firetur Trad. Vendsyssel, Toyos (Perú), Tr.,, Tra, Tra., Tra.d, Tracitional, Trad, Trad - P.D., Trad .Arr, Trad (etter Folque), Trad (fin), Trad (Wexford Carol), Trad [Ireland], Trad [Muhl], Trad [Okla], Trad [Scotland], Trad [USA], Trad / Unknown, Trad Afro-American, Trad Appalachian, trad arr, Trad Arr Hemkört, Trad Arr., Trad Baluchi, Trad Bosniaque, Trad Bulgare, Trad Burgundy, Trad Burm, Trad Chinese Melody, Trad Cree, Trad Dalmate, Trad English, Trad Finsk Romanisång, Trad Fra Hornindal, Trad Från Bulgarien, Trad Från Turkiet, Trad From Norway, Trad From Zambia, Trad Gallois, Trad German, Trad Grec, Trad Halland, Trad Irak, Trad Iranian Avaz And South Indian Folk Melody, Trad Irish reel, Trad Irish., Trad Jewish, Trad Jig From Scotland, Trad Keres, Trad Kosovar, Trad Kurd, trad Macedonian, Trad Moroccan, Trad Of Greek (Har'Livadi'), Trad Origin Unknown, Trad PAI, Trad Persian, Trad Persian Song, Trad Pols/Polska, Trad Romanisång, Trad Russian Folk Song, Trad Shoshone, Trad Skyllingtryck, Trad Spanish, Trad Swedish, Trad West African, Trad West Indies, Trad`, Trad´., Trad-arr, Trad-P.D., Trad,, Trad, Bulg,, Trad, From Gransherad, Trad, Griechisch, Trad, Norsk Romanisång, Trad, Skyllingtryck, Trad;, Trad:, Trad: (Melodi Fra Ørsta), Trad: Balkans, Trad: Svensk, Trad., Trad. Arr, Trad. From Mads Nielsen, Tyvkjær Mark, Trad. - Contea De Nissa, Trad. - Estacada De Brey, Trad. - Indian Folk Music, Trad. - Itä-Suomi, Trad. - Karjala, Trad. - Keski-Suomi, Trad. - Länsi-Suomi, Trad. - P.D., Trad. - Pohjanmaa, Trad. - Russian, Trad. - Sizilianische Volksweise, Trad. - Trad. - Edvard Brink, Trad. - Turkish Folk Music, Trad. - Val Grano, Trad. - Val Vermenagna, Trad. (Bessarabia), Trad. (Cantigas De St. Maria Nr. 77), Trad. (Catalan Folk Song), Trad. (Child 12; Roud 10), Trad. (Child 12; Roud 200), Trad. (Child 26; Roud 5), Trad. (Children's Song), Trad. (Finland), Trad. (Galician / Portuguese), Trad. (Italien, 14. Jh), Trad. (Kisuaheli), Trad. (Laws P30; Roud 218), Trad. (Macedonian), Trad. (P.D.), Trad. [Phillipines], Trad. / Annastuuna Korkeemäeltä, Trad. / Makedonska Tradicionalna, Trad. / Trad. Senegal, Trad. / Неизв., Trad. = מקורות, Trad. 13th Century, Trad. 1566 R., Trad. 15e Siècle, Trad. 16th Century, Trad. 17th Century, Trad. 1850, Trad. 1900 (Hans Oswald), Trad. Aboriginal, Trad. Aboriginal Australian, Trad. adapted, Trad. Africa, Trad. African, Trad. African American Children's Song, Trad. African American Spiritual, Trad. African-American Spiritual, Trad. Afro-Brasil (Southbrasil), Trad. Afro-Cuban, Trad. After Aksel Andersen And Ove Andersen, Trad. After Anders Olsen, Trad. After Hans Jørgen Christensen, Trad. After Ingeborg Munck, Trad. After L. Rimmens Music Collection, Trad. After The A. P. Berggren Collection, Trad. Alba, Trad. Albania, Trad. Albanian, Trad. Algérien, Trad. Amer., Trad. Américain, Trad. American, Trad. American Ballad, Trad. American Song, Trad. Americana, Trad. Amerikansk, Trad. Amerikansk Folk/Gospel, Trad. Amérindien, Trad. Andalucian, Trad. Andino, Trad. Angl., Trad. Anglesa, Trad. Antillais, Trad. Appalachian, Trad. Arab, Trad. Arab., Trad. Arabe, Trad. Arabic, Trad. Arabo Andalou, Trad. Árabo-Andalusí, Trad. Argentina, Trad. Armenisch, Trad. Arr, Trad. arr., Trad. Arr. Cream, Trad. arr. Helloween, Trad. Arr. Mike Oldfield, Trad. Arranged, Trad. Arrangement, Trad. Art., Trad. Asturiana, Trad. Asturien, Trad. Asturies, Trad. Author, Trad. Auvergnat, Trad. Aymara, Trad. Azerbaidzan, Trad. Azerji, Trad. Balkan, trad. Balkans, Trad. Baluchi, Trad. Barzaz Breizh, Trad. Bas Du Fleuve, Trad. Basque, Trad. Bearb - Trad. Kisuaheli, Trad. Belgian, Trad. België, Trad. Belgija, Trad. Benedicti, Trad. Berry, Trad. Black Spiritual, Trad. Blues, Trad. Boekarest, Trad. Bolivia, Trad. Boliviano, Trad. Bornholm, Trad. Bret., Trad. Bretagne, Trad. Bretania, Trad. Breton, Trad. Breton Vannetais, Trad. Bretonisch, Trad. Bretonsk/Trad. Irsk, Trad. Británica, Trad. British, Trad. Brittany, Trad. Bulg., Trad. Bulgare, Trad. Bulgaria, trad. Bulgarian, Trad. Bulgarian & Northern France (Late 13th Century), Trad. Bulgarian Dance-song, Shopes Region, Trad. Bulgarian, Dobrudzha, Trad. Bulgarian, Pirin Mountains, Trad. Bulgarian, Shopes, Trad. Bulgarian, Shopes Region, Trad. Bulgarian, Thrakia/Sredna Gora, Trad. Bulgarije, trad. bulgarisch, Trad. Cajun, Trad. Cajun Tune, Trad. Capstan-Shanty, Trad. Carmina Burana, Trad. Carol, trad. Catalaans, Trad. Catalan, Trad. Catalan Folksong, Trad. Cauri - Val Grano, Trad. Champsaur - Htes Alpes, Trad. Chassidic, Trad. Child 84, Trad. Child n. 170, Trad. Child n. 78, Trad. China, Trad. Chinese, Trad. Chinois, Trad. Chlezmer, Trad. Christian Svabo, Trad. Colombia, Trad. Columbia, Trad. Cornish, Trad. Cornish/Breton, Trad. Cornualles, Trad. Corse, Trad. Croatian, Trad. Cuba, Trad. Cubain, Trad. Cuban, Trad. Czech, Trad. D.P, Trad. D.P., Trad. Danish, trad. Danmark, Trad. Dansk, Trad. Denmark, Trad. Des Iles Hébrides, Trad. Devon, Trad. DK, Trad. Dutch Carol, Trad. E. Magnhild Almhjell, Trad. Ecoss., Trad. Écossais, Trad. Ecuador, Trad. Ecuadorian, Trad. Eft. Blinkey & The Roadmasters, St. Croix, Trad. Eft. Joe Parris & The Hot Shots, St. Croix, Trad. Eft. John Bannis, Dominica / St. Croix, Trad. Efter Alan Klitgaard, Trad. Efter Ceylon Wallin, Trad. Efter Ewald Thomsen, Trad. Efter Hans Tinus Nielsen, Trad. Efter Henry Wallin, Trad. Efter J. Murdoch Henderson, Trad. Efter Jens Carl Førby, Trad. Efter Keld Nørgaard Kristensen, Trad. Efter Rasmus Storm, Trad. Efter Rasmus Storms Nodebog, Trad. Efter Sigmund Larsen, Trad. Efter William Marshall, Trad. Egypt, Trad. Eíre, Trad. En Finnois, Trad. England, Trad. England, Australia, Trad. English, Trad. English 15 C, Trad. English Air, Trad. English Carol, Trad. English Carol (Greensleeves), Trad. English Carol (Tempus Adest Floridum), Trad. English, Scottish And Irish, Trad. Epirus, Trad. Escòcia, Trad. Espagnol, Trad. Estados Unidos, Trad. Estonia, Trad. Ethiopian, Trad. except as noted, Trad. Faeroese, Trad. Fanø, Trad. Faroe Islands, Trad. Fiddle Tune, Trad. Finland, Trad. Finnic, Trad. Finnish, Trad. Finsk, Trad. Flanders, Trad. Flandria, Trad. Folk Song, Trad. Folk. Äthiopien, Trad. Folk. Finnland, Trad. Folk. Kolumbien, Trad. Folk. Schweden, Trad. Folk. Türkei, Trad. Folkemel., Trad. Folkemelodi, Trad. Folkevise, Trad. Folkhymn, Trad. Folks, Trad. Form, Trad. Fra Banat, Romania, Trad. Fra Bhutan, Trad. Fra Gudbrandsdalen, Trad. Fra Hallingdal, Trad. Fra Lolland, Trad. Fra Nittedal, Trad. Fra Oltenia, Romania, Trad. Fra Småland, Trad. Fra Transylvania, Trad. Från Bulgarien, Trad. Från Litauen Och Lettland, Trad. Från Sydafrika, Trad. Från Turkiet, Trad. France, Trad. Franco-Canadiense, Trad. Frankreich, Trad. Frankrijk, Trad. French, Trad. French & English Carol, Trad. French & English Carol (Ding Dong Merrily On High), Trad. French Carol, Trad. From 1500-century, Trad. From Årdal, Trad. From Årdal, Sogn, Trad. From Borge I Lofoten, Trad. From Fyn After B. Knudsen, Trad. From Gailtal, Trad. From Hans Johansen, Trad. From Haute Bretagne, Trad. From Himmerland, Trad. From Iceland, Trad. From Ireland, Trad. From J. Mortensen, Trad. From Jostedalen, Trad. From Kosovo, Trad. From Kresten Nielsen's Music Book, Trad. From Møn, Trad. From Nordland, Trad. From Nordmøre, Trad. From Östergötland], Trad. From Peloponnesos, Greece, Trad. From Reventlows Music Book, Trad. From Senegal, Trad. From Setesdal, Trad. From Sweden, Trad. From The A. P. Berggren Collection, Trad. From The A.P. Berggren Collection, Trad. From The Jens Andersen Music Book, Als Himmerland, Trad. From Thy After Karl Skaarup And Viggo Gade, Among Others, Trad. From Thy After Viggo Post, Trad. From Tibet, Trad. From Trøndelag, Trad. From Vestfold, Trad. From West Bengal, Trad. Ga Ghana, trad. Gaelic, Trad. Gal., Trad. Galega, Trad. Galician, Trad. Galicien, Trad. Gallega, Trad. Gallois, Trad. Galois, Trad. Gangar Setesdal, Trad. Gårdsangervise, Trad. Gaulish, Trad. Géorgien, Trad. German, Trad. German Carol, Trad. German Song, Trad. German Words, Trad. Gers, Trad. Ghana, Trad. Ghanaian, Trad. Gipsy Song, trad. Gospel, Trad. Gr., Trad. Grec, trad. Greece, Trad. Greek, Trad. Gregorian Chant, Trad. Grønlandsk, Trad. Grønlandsk Mel., Trad. Grønlandsk Polka, Trad. Guadeloupe, Trad. Guerra Civil Española, Trad. Guinean, Trad. Guinée Forestière, Trad. Gypsy, Trad. H.P. Adrian, Trad. Haiti, Trad. Halling Telemark, Trad. Halling-Joron, Trad. Hallingdal, Trad. Halsa, Trad. Halyard-Shanty, Trad. Hassidic, Trad. Haut Agenais, Trad. Hawaii, Trad. Hebrew, Trad. Heidal, Trad. Himmerland, Trad. Himmerland / Rebild Spillemandslaug, Trad. Hindu Chant, Trad. Hollande, Trad. Hung., Trad. Hungarian, Trad. Hungary, Trad. Hymn, Trad. Hymn From Dalecarlia, Sweden, trad. Iceland, Trad. Icelandic, Trad. Icelandic Rím, Trad. Ierland, Trad. Iers, Trad. India, Trad. Indian, Trad. Indian Melody, Trad. Indiens Pima, Trad. Indijska, Trad. Instrumental, Trad. Ireland, trad. Ireland/Hungary, Trad. Irisch, Trad. Irish, Trad. Irish And Irish-American, Trad. Irish Jig, Trad. Irish Melody, Trad. Irish Reel, Trad. Irish Tune, Trad. Irish Tune "Paddy Ryan's Dream, Trad. Irish Tune "The Bunch of Keys", Trad. Irish-American, Trad. Irl., Trad. Irland, Trad. Irlanda, Trad. Irlandais, Trad. Irlande, Trad. Irlandesa, Trad. Irlandese, Trad. Irlandia, Trad. Irländsk Folksong, Trad. Irlandzka, Trad. Irlantilainen Kansansävelmä, Trad. Irsk, Trad. Irsk Melodi, Trad. Isl., Trad. Island, trad. Isle Of Man, Trad. Israel, Trad. It., Trad. Italia, Trad. Italian, Trad. Italian Folk Song, Trad. Italien, Trad. Italiensk, Trad. Japan, Trad. Japanese, Trad. Jewish, Trad. Jewish Folksong, Trad. Jiddisch, Trad. Jimnaska, Trad. Judéo-Espagnol, Trad. Jüdisch, Trad. Jug./Rum., Trad. Juutal., Trad. Kabuki, Trad. Kanteletar, trad. karelisch, Trad. Kentucky, Trad. Kenya, Trad. Ketchua, Trad. Klezmer, Trad. Klezmer Macédoine, Trad. Klezmer Tune, Trad. Koralmelodi Från Orsa, Trad. Korea, Trad. Korean, Trad. Kurdish, Trad. Kurdistan, Trad. Kuubal., Trad. Lang Menuet From Lolland-Falster No. 171 In DFS 358 / Vald After Ole Kjær, Trad. Languedoc, Trad. Latvian, Trad. Le Abbruzzese, Trad. Leonesa, Trad. Lincolnshire, Trad. Litauische Voksweise, Trad. Londonderry Air, Trad. Louisiane, Trad. M. Paul Guigner, Trad. Macedonia, Trad. Macedonian, Trad. Macedonië, Trad. Madagascar, Trad. Madrileña, Trad. Magyarisch, Trad. Malien, Trad. Manouche From Holland, trad. Martinique, Trad. Mazedonien, trad. mazedonisch, Trad. Medelpad, Jämtland, Värmland, Gästrikland, Trad. Medeltida Ballad, Dalarna, Trad. Medeltids Visa, Trad. Mel., Trad. Melodi, Trad. Melody, Trad. Messico, Trad. Mexicain, Trad. Mexican, Trad. Mexikanisch, Trad. Mme Alida Delhomme, Trad. Mme Maumont, Trad. Moldavia, Trad. Moldavian, Trad. Montañesa, Trad. Montserrat, Trad. Moravian, Trad. Morocco, Trad. Mors, Trad. Music, Trad. Music: Guinea - Africa, Trad. Narodna, Trad. Native American, Trad. Neapolitan, Trad. Nederland, Trad. Negro, Trad. Negro Spiritual, Trad. Népdalfeldolgozás, Trad. Nigeria, Trad. Nigeria, Cuba, Trad. No "På Jorden Fred Og Glæde", trad. Nordic, Trad. Nordmøre, Trad. Nordsjælland, Trad. Norge, Trad. Norsk, Trad. Norte Potosi, Trad. North Hebridian, Trad. Northumberland, Trad. Northumbrian, Trad. Norw. Melodie, Trad. Norway, Trad. Norwegian, Trad. Nouvelle-Angleterre, Trad. Occitana, Trad. Old English, Trad. Old English Carol, Trad. Old German Tune, Trad. Pakistan, Trad. Palentina, Trad. Palestinsk, Trad. Pérou, Trad. Persian, Trad. Persisch, Trad. Peruvian Mountain Climbing Song, Trad. Poland, Trad. Polen, Trad. Polish, Trad. Polka, Trad. Pols Røros, Trad. Polsk From Billinge, Trad. Portugal, Trad. Præstø, Trad. Pump-Shanty, Trad. Puolal.-venäl., Trad. Québec, Trad. Queensland, trad. rätoromanisch, Trad. Reel, Trad. Rev. Newton, Trad. Roemeens, trad. Roma, Trad. Romania, Trad. Romanian, Trad. Ront Pagan, Trad. Rouergue, Trad. Roumain, Trad. Roumanie, Trad. Rumania, Trad. Rumanian, Trad. Rumänisch, Trad. Rumensk, Trad. Ruotsal., Trad. Russia, Trad. Russian, Trad. Russisch, Trad. Russisk, Trad. Russland, Trad. Saint-Alban, Trad. Salling, Trad. Sangiovannese, Trad. Sanskrit, Trad. Sardenya, Trad. Sætesdal, Trad. Scandinavia, Trad. Schlesic Melody, Trad. Schott. Volksweise, trad. Schottland, Trad. Schweden, Trad. Schwedisch, Trad. Schweiz, Trad. Scotl., Trad. Scotland, Trad. Scott., Trad. Scottish, Trad. Scottish Carol, Trad. Scottish Song Fom The Hebrides, Trad. Scottish Tune, Trad. Scottish/English, Trad. Sdr. Jylland, Trad. Sefardí, Trad. Sefardisch, Trad. Segoviana, Trad. Senegal, Trad. Senegal / Africa Soli, Trad. Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea, Trad. Sénégalais, Trad. Sephardic, Trad. Sephardisch, Trad. Serb, Trad. Serbian, Trad. Shaker, Trad. Shanty, Trad. Shetland, Trad. Shyerwandi (Balochi Classical Music), Trad. Sierra Leone, Trad. Sierra Leone Song, Trad. Silesian, Trad. Skyllingatryck, Trad. Slovakia, Trad. Slovenia, Trad. Sogn, Trad. Soldatvise, Trad. Somerset, Trad. Song, Trad. Song From Haute Cornouaille, Trad. South African, Trad. South Indian, Trad. Sønderhoning After Peter Uhrbrand, trad. Spain, Trad. Spain/Finland, Trad. Spanish, Trad. Spiritual, Trad. Spirituals, Trad. Spritual, Trad. Square, Trad. St. Croix, Trad. Stev, Trad. Streetsinger Hymn, Trad. Suaheli, Trad. Sud Africa, Trad. Sudan, Trad. Sunndalen, Trad. Suomal., Trad. Sussex, trad. sv folkvisa, Trad. Svensk, Trad. Svensk Bön För Barn, Trad. Svensk Melodi, Trad. Svenska Julsånger, Trad. Sverige, Trad. Swazi, Trad. Sweden, Trad. Sweden And Norway, Trad. Swedish, Trad. Swedish 'Wärmeland Du Sköna', trad. Swiss, Trad. Szkocja, Trad. Tailka Melody From Kenya, Trad. Taiwanese, Trad. Telemark, trad. Texas, Trad. Text, trad. Thrace, Trad. Thy, Trad. Todalen, Trad. Togolais, Trad. Togolian Song, Trad. Toscana, Trad. Touareg, Trad. Transylvania, Romania, Trad. Transylvanian, Trad. Transylvanian], Trad. Trois-Rivières, Trad. Tune, Trad. Tune From Brittany, Trad. Tunisia, Trad. Turc, Trad. Turkey, Trad. Türkisch, Trad. Turkish, Trad. Tuvan, Trad. Tyrkisk Kærlighedssang, Trad. Tysk Salme, Trad. U.S. Spiritual, Trad. Ukraina, Trad. Ukraine, Trad. Ulster, Trad. Ungarisch, Trad. Ungarn, Trad. Uppland, Trad. USA, Trad. Vallachia, Romania, Trad. Vallisoletana, Trad. Västmanland, Trad. Västmanland & Dalarna, Trad. Vejle, Trad. Venezianisch, Trad. Venezolana, Trad. Venezuelan, Trad. Vest-Romania, Trad. Vestindien, Trad. Visa, Trad. Vlaams, Trad. Volksweise, Trad. Wales, Trad. Weise, Trad. Welsh, Trad. Welsh Carol, Trad. West Africa, Trad. West Country, Trad. Western Country Carol, Trad. Words, Trad. Yemenite, Trad. Yiddish, Trad. Yoruba, Trad. Yoruba, Nigeria, Trad. Yougoslave, Trad. Yugoslave, Trad. Yugoslavia, Trad. Yugoslavian, Trad. Zaïre, trad. zamorana, trad. żydowska, Trad.-Arr, Trad.-Bibeltext, Trad.-D.P., Trad.,, Trad., 18th Century English, Trad., American, Trad., Andes Folksong, Trad., Anon., Trad., arr., trad., arr. Garrett, Trad., based on a song by O'Carolan, Trad., Codes Buranus, Trad., Collected Donegan, Trad., D.P., Trad., Dalarna, Trad., Hälsningland, Trad., Irish, Trad., Malung, Trad., North Carolina, Trad., P.D., Trad., Possibly 16th Century English, Trad., Scot., Trad., Sicilian, Trad., Skaftö, Trad., Södra Serbien, Trad.,Arr., Trad.: "Melchiors Rejlænder" & "Rejlænder" From Madvig Vilsen, Trad.: "No. 6 Waltz" & "No. 5 Waltze" From Anders Christensen, Agerkrog, Trad.: "Nr. 1244, Fynsk Polka" From Jens Peter Dam & "Fynbo" From Jens Carl Førby, Trad.: "Nr. 33 Hamborger" From Svenske Nils, Trad.: "Nr. 51 Otte Mands Reel, Roskilde" From 358, Trad.: "Nr. 93 Seras" & "Nr. 37 Uden Titel" From The Bast Brothers, Trad.: "Sekstur På Langs" From Karl Skaarup & "120. Waltz" From Anders Christensen, Agerkrog, Trad.: "Tyrolerhopsa I A" From Frederik Iversen, Trad.., Trad..., Trad.("Brynhildur Táttur" 14th Century), Trad./, Trad./Adapt., Trad./Arr., Trad./Colombia, Trad./Dansk Folkemelodi, Trad./Jojio/Suckman, Trad./Kalevala, Trad./Nachdichtung, Trad./P.D., Trad./Public domain, Trad./Russian Folk Song, Trad./Suaheli, Trad./Unknown, Trad.arr, Trad.arr., Trad.arr.:, Trad.Bretagne, Trad.Bulgarien, Trad.Danmark, Trad.Frankrig, Trad.From Baluchistan, Trad.Iers, Trad.Manx, trad.mel, Trad.Middelalder, Trad.Nordisk, Trad.Norwegian, Trad.Sefardí, From India, Trad.US, Trad', Trad'l, Trad'l Highland Air, Trad'l Welsh Song, Trad'l., Trad/Arr, Trad/Arr:, Trad/Arr., Trad/Emmaste/EE, Trad/Irish, trad/Jewish, Trad/Karksi/EE, Trad/La Patum De Berga, Trad/Mustjala/EE, Trad/NO, trad/Norwegian, Trada, Tradd, Tradd., Tradd. Llydaweg, Tradd.arr, Tradditional, Traddodiadol, Trade, Tradi, Tradic., Tradic. Svahili, Tradiccional, Tradicijska Iz Belgije, Tradicijska Iz Gradišća, Tradicijska Međimurska, Tradicijska Polka, Austrija, Tradicinal, Tradicinė, Tradicinė Giesmė, Tradicinė Melodija, Tradicinė Žydų Melodija, Tradicinis, Tradicion, Tradición de Al-Andalus, Tradicional, Tradicional Ecuador, Tradicional (Canción Mapuche), Tradicional [Folklore Aymara, Tarapacá], Tradicional Alemanya, Tradicional Americana, Tradicional Americano, Tradicional Americano (D.P.), Tradicional Anglesa, Tradicional Anónimo, Tradicional Asturies, Tradicional Âustria, Tradicional Basca, Tradicional Bolivia, Tradicional Boliviana, Tradicional Bretanya, Tradicional Cántabra, Tradicional Catalana, Tradicional Catalunya, Tradicional Catalunya (Principat), Tradicional Chile, Tradicional Colonense, Tradicional Comanche, Tradicional de Asturias, Tradicional de Cáceres, Tradicional De La Quebrada De Humahuaca, Tradicional de Murcia, Tradicional De Salvador De Bahia, Tradicional de Sanabria, Tradicional de Valencia, Tradicional Ecuador, Tradicional Ecuatoriano, Tradicional Escocesa, Tradicional Espanhol, Tradicional Español, Tradicional Finlandesa, Tradicional Folk Swahili, Tradicional França, Tradicional Francés, Tradicional Francesa, Tradicional Frnacés, Tradicional Gallega, Tradicional Grčka, Tradicional Gregoriano, Tradicional Inglés, Tradicional Inglesa, Tradicional Instrumental, Tradicional Irlandesa, Tradicional Italia, Tradicional Italiano, Tradicional Japonés, Tradicional Kosovo, Tradicional Mallorca, Tradicional Mallorquina, Tradicional Maoča, Tradicional Mexicana, Tradicional México, Tradicional Nord-Americana, Tradicional P. D., Tradícional Panameña, Tradicional Paradela, Tradicional Paraguay, Tradicional Perú, Tradicional Peruana, Tradicional Popular, Tradicional Portuguesa, Tradicional Provençal, Tradicional Rumunija, Tradicional Ruso, Tradicional Sefardí, Tradicional Sicília, Tradicional Španija, Tradicional Srbija, Tradicional Tirol, Tradicional Turca, Tradicional Vasca, Tradicional Venezolano, Tradicional-Recopilación Robles, Tradicionāla, Tradicionales, Tradicionális, Tradicionalna, Tradicionalna Indijska, Tradicionalna Iz Meksika, Tradicionalna Iz Perua, Tradicionalna Pesma Mađarskih Roma, Tradicionalna Pjesma, Tradicionalne, Tradicionalne Narodne Pesme Ruskih Roma, Tradicionalne Pesme Ruskih Roma, Tradicionalni Motiv - Instrumental, Tradicionalno, Tradicionals, Tradicionals Catalanes, Tradicionau, Tradiční, Tradiční Moravská Lidová Píseň, Tradictionális, Tradidional Folk Song, Tradidional Sephardic, Tradiitionnel, Tradintional, Tradional Tune From Setesdal, Tradionelle, Tradionnel, Tradisional, Tradisional Makyong, Tradisioneel, Tradisjonel, Tradisjonell, Tradisjonell Skogfinsk Runetekst, Tradit, Tradit., Traditcional, Tradition, Tradition Arménienne, Tradition Hébraïque, Tradition Locale, Tradition Occitane, Tradiţional, Traditional African, Traditional - Finland, Traditional - Folk, Traditional - Folk Lore, Traditional - Gospel, Traditional - Latvian Folk, Traditional - Man, Traditional - Norway, Traditional - Portugal, Traditional - South Africa, Traditional - Sweden, Traditional - Tuva, Traditional "West Country" Carol, Traditional (Amami Folk Song), Traditional (American), Traditional (arab-greek), Traditional (Austrian Tirol), Traditional (Bolivian), Traditional (Catalonia), Traditional (Celtic), Traditional (Dersim & Erzincan), Traditional (Dersim), Traditional (England), Traditional (Eritrean Liberation Song), Traditional (France), Traditional (India, Sri Lanka), Traditional (India; Sri Lanka), Traditional (India), Traditional (Indonesia), Traditional (Macedonia), Traditional (Maldives), Traditional (Myanmar), Traditional (Norwegian), Traditional (Old Russian), Traditional (Platerspil), Traditional (Primavera), Traditional (Roud 3193), Traditional (Russian), Traditional (Scotish), Traditional (Slovenian), Traditional (Spanish Liberation Song), Traditional (Swedish), Traditional (Tajikistan), Traditional (Thailand), Traditional (Ukrainian), Traditional (Unknown Author), Traditional (USA), Traditional ["Balada Lui Lancu Jianu" Romanian Traditional Song 19th c.], Traditional [Algeria], Traditional [American Anthem], Traditional [Angol Népdal], Traditional [Axi], Traditional [Byzantine Chant], Traditional [Catalan], Traditional [Catalonia], Traditional [Chippewa-Cree], Traditional [Corse], Traditional [Croatian Traditional Song], Traditional [Dél-amerikai Népdal], Traditional [Finnish], Traditional [Folk],