Вячеслав Мещерин

Real Name:
Вячеслав Валерианович Мещерин
Vyacheslav Mescherin (1923-1995) was a Soviet musician who used synthesisers to produce his music. For a long time he was the director of the Moscow Orchestra of Electromusical Instruments. It was informally known as Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra, and for some quirk of translation, Mescherin's name entered many song lists in the form of Vyacheslav Orchestra Mescherin.

Although Mescherin's name is relatively unknown in both North America and the former Soviet Union, his music is known in both countries in different ways.

In the Soviet Union, Mescherin's music could be heard virtually everywhere, in elevators, on television backgrounds; the Soviet government asked him to prepare a version of the Internationale (The former national anthem and anthem of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) for use in a Sputnik satellite in 1957.

Mescherin's music has been collected in two albums entitled Easy USSR Volumes I and II (1960s and '70s, and 1970s and '80s, respectively).

He had produced over 1,000 music tracks all of which are archived in the old Soviet Sound Recording Museum in Moscow.
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