Barry Blue

Real Name:Barry Ian Green

British singer - songwriter - producer

Born on 04.12.1950 in London
His first hit as a songwriter is "Rainmaker Girl", produced by Tim Rice, for Gene Pitney. He is best known for his hit songs, "Dancin' (On A Saturday Night)" (1973), which he co-wrote with Lynsey De Paul, and "Do You Wanna Dance" (1973). He has written and/or produced songs for a wide variety of such artists as Andrea Bocelli, Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Bananarama, Pixie Lott, Cheryl Lynn, Toto Coelo etc. Co-founder of dance label Purple City. His songs are published by Bluey Tunes/Bluey Tunes Ltd.

Sites:Wikipedia , MySpace
Aliases:B.T. Lang, Barry Ian Green, Big Wheel (3), Brad Lang, Bruce Laing, D.J. Midnight, Darcus Knight, Dominic Holmes, Dr. Vibes
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