Tomash Gee

Real Name:Tomasz Garczewski

Tomasz Garczewski was born in 1982 in Glogow, Poland. The music he liked always differed from the mainstream. At first his interest was in hip-hop, and at this stage the adventure of producing his own tracks began. In secondary school, he produced incidental music for his mates, who were in favor of the music he made on his PC. At the end of 1990 Tomek discovered Aphex Twin and other well-known artists connected with his style. This absorbed him into the world of electronic music, and also led him to producing his own tracks. The first tracks were in an experimental style, rather agressive and noisy. Later he became interested in minimal techno, which quickly turned to hard techno and schranz; which is what is continously taking up in his tracks and live acts, which have gained recognition in Poland and abroad. Tomash has already played in different countries like Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Hungary. He released his first vinyl release in 2003 on Crowbar Rec, Combat Skill, and his own label - Methadon. Now he releases on such labels like FAK, Audio Assault ARMS, Carnage, Dark Force, FATTM, and of course his own Methadon. In 2006 he released the Methadon sublabel Methanabol. Creating music is not Tomash's only passion. Another one is graphics, which stands on side because music is his main interest. You can watch his older works on

Aliases:Tomasz Garczewski
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