Ryoji Takahashi

Ryoji Takahashi

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With hundreds of original productions, arrangements, and remixes under his belt to date, Ryoji Takahashi is one of the very few Japanese DJs/dance music producers who has taken the leap to the global stage. With his genre-less identity, he has taken the top position across hundreds of charts among the U.S. and U.K.’s most popular download sites. His original releases as well as remixes have been supported by world-renowned DJs on both the dance floor as well as popular radio shows, including airplay on BBC Radio 1.

His own dance music productions aside, Ryoji’s studio skills have led to high demand for his work, ranging everywhere from music for Hakone Art Museum’s 40th Anniversary film to remix and arrangement work for Japanese idols Ami Suzuki and Idoling!!, to a stage theme for Japan’s top summer festival SUMMER SONIC. More recently, he was also asked to create a bonus track for the “Final Fantasy” 25th Anniversary tribute album, remix work for popular anime “Toriko,” and co-produce music for the musical stage production “Samurai Rock Orchestra.”

Currently, Ryoji has expanded his activities to take a more main-stage approach as part of the DJ duo TINY DUCKS, who appear as the main act at Japan’s most famous clubs ageHa and Womb, among others.


Ryoji Takahashi Discography Tracks


VE2ML-69509 Ryoji Takahashi Rinne(8xFile, AAC) Rookiestar VE2ML-69509 Japan 2006
R135-AL-0001 Ryoji Takahashi Yoake(8xFile, MP3, Album) R135 Tracks R135-AL-0001 Japan 2009

Singles & EPs

R135EP0001 Ryoji Takahashi Last Samurai(2xFile, MP3, WAV, EP, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0001 Japan 2008
R135EP0006 Ryoji Takahashi The Smallest Rave(2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0006 Japan 2008
SHUSEI vs. Ryoji Takahashi SHUSEI vs. Ryoji Takahashi - Revolver (EP) R135 Tracks, R135 Tracks Japan 2009
R135EP0043 Ryoji Takahashi Memories In The Sand (Part 2)(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) R135 Tracks R135EP0043 Japan 2011
R135-EP0041, R135EP0041 Ryoji Takahashi Imagination(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) R135 Tracks, R135 Tracks R135-EP0041, R135EP0041 Japan 2011
R135EP0078 Ryoji Takahashi A1ic3(File, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0078 Japan 2014
R135EP0073 Ryoji Takahashi Honey8ee(2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0073 Japan 2014
R135EP0079 Ryoji Takahashi The Wonder14nd feat. IA(2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0079 Japan 2014
R135EP0074 Ryoji Takahashi The 9ght(3xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0074 Japan 2014
R135EP0071 Ryoji Takahashi To6ether(3xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0071 Japan 2014
R135EP0081 Ryoji Takahashi I'1l Chan6e Myself Anytime(2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0081 Japan 2014
R135EP0072 Ryoji Takahashi Kick I7 (2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0072 Japan 2014
R135EP0067 Ryoji Takahashi, Shusei Ryoji Takahashi, Shusei - Playback(2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0067 Japan 2014
R135EP0077 Ryoji Takahashi E1ement2(In The Rain)(3xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0077 Japan 2014
R135EP0070 Ryoji Takahashi Over5ync(2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0070 Japan 2014
R135EP0068 Ryoji Takahashi T3ars(Don't Wanna Cry)(2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0068 Japan 2014
R135EP0066 Ryoji Takahashi Fee1ing U(2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0066 Japan 2014
R135EP0080 Ryoji Takahashi 1o5t (Last Humanoid)(3xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0080 Japan 2014
R135EP0076 Ryoji Takahashi Im1tation D1sco(2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0076 Japan 2014
R135EP0075 Ryoji Takahashi Jingle Bell (The Cr1stmas S0ng)(2xFile, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0075 Japan 2014
R135EP0088 Ryoji Takahashi Light Blue(2015 Mix)(File, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0088 Japan 2015
R135EP0087 Ryoji Takahashi Velvet Overdrive (2015 Mix)(File, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0087 Japan 2015
R135EP0083 Ryoji Takahashi Bring1ng 8ack(File, MP3, WAV, Single) R135 Tracks R135EP0083 Japan 2015