Gaias Pendulum

Gaias Pendulum

Goth metal band from Medellín, Colombia.

Looking like a prophecy the group was formed in 1995 under the name of Afliccion. Truly this was it gave the feeling that the last form January 26, 1997 at GAIAS PENDULUM entity, because this name is in the definition of our concept. Man as part of the whole, his feelings, his thoughts, what makes us human and all factors that our Mother Earth (Gaia) gives our lives to see our insignificance against everything besides our conflicts within ourselves and a concept called Violet Gothic musical that gives us the deepest feelings with the idea of ​​being "Man Hurts".
In those first days of life as Gaias Pendulum consisted of Andres Merchan (Drums), Miguel Gongora (Keyboards), John David Palacio (guitar), Johan Erebor (Bass), John D.Duque (Voices). This training bore fruit primordia, songs like Paradise and Autumn came to consolidate the sound, this led to the need to include another guitar to give a more solid feel, this would be interpreted by Hernan Yepes.
Now with the equipment, we worked on a concept of Live Body Art and uniformity in the image of the members to show that each concert is a gala evening where the group is the host. We did several concerts before considering a recording. In 1998 he recorded a promo that was titled "Tears of Sand" with four songs, solofue promotional and went on sale. Since the year 2000 it was decided to record the first album to be entitled "Vite". Life, evolution, metamorphosis was reflected in the name that prompted each member to keep working and see how it was accepted by the public in each of the concerts. This album was recorded by Jorge Jorge Mejia Ceballos and the Fish Studies Medellin / Colombia during March-April 2000 and was released on July 15 of this year by Debelis Records (Argentina).
The evolution and transition have been an integral part of the group and as every living thing has had its critical periods, after a while Erebor Johan decided to leave the project leading to a short transition period where as for reasons of fate reaches Gaias Pendulum a new bassist, Adrian Diaz comes to fill and provide feedback that route again the band's musical work.
Already for 2002 shows a significant change in the group's formation as D.Duque Juan leaves the country to fulfill their duties of family man. Giving the group a full sabbatical exchange of feelings, now comes to work for a short period Freddy Ruiz who with his stage presence gave a very interesting group vision, we conducted two concerts with him but could not continue on the basis of time, this gave confidence to the group and with all the experience I had had in the vocalization is decided not to incorporate a new vocalist but follow five members and assume that role.
Adrian Diaz currently assumes the leading voice in addition to his role as bassist, and vocal work Hernan Yepes Miguel Gongora and giving new directions to build style and vocals. For 2003, work began production of the new work is titled "Scarlet Visions", this name was given because there was a contribution of all members for the thematic focus of the disc. A uniform view seen through five different lenses. For this production is also recorded in the Fish Studies also signed a contract with the record company decides Hateworks also buy the rights to the first album, which was reissued in deluxe edition with a multimedia track.

"Scarlet Visions", second official release (HateWorks Records, 2004), recorded in Medellin as a major conceptual bets that have been generated in the metal of the country. Gaias Pendulum claimed his toe position american gothic metal scene with this concept album, neat and evocative (even beyond what a label might suggest obscurantist among the common public). The contemporary and conceptual development of this piece is beautifully planted gardens between the cover and the valleys of the last chords of the track list.

GAIAS PENDULUM literally means: "The balance of Mother Earth", our theme is about the man from his vulnerability as a living and this struggle as a balance against their own existence and nature. Emotions like anger, disappointment, sadness, loneliness, forgiveness, are the common factor in the compositions.

VIOLET GOTHIC conceptually express ideas and feelings that show the duality between light and dark, beauty, horror, deep melancholy and sadness.


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Gaias Pendulum Vité (Album) Debelis Records Argentina, Viuda Negra Music Colombia 2000 Sell This Version
HWS14CD Gaias Pendulum Scarlet Visions(CD, Album) Hateworks HWS14CD Colombia 2004 Sell This Version
none Gaias Pendulum Nebula(CD) Not On Label (Gaias Pendulum Self-released) none Unknown Sell This Version

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