DJ Marcelle

Real Name:Marcelle van Hoof

DJ, producer and musician from Amsterdam, she regularly plays live in locations throughout Europe and on the interwebs, using three turntables to combine and merge various styles of music, her main radio show is called Another Nice Mess. She regularly releases three turntable mixes on the German Klangbad label, run by Faust founding member Hans Joachim Irmler and produces her own music. She also collaborates with other artists, like Guido Mobius (in Quiquoiou), Lianne Hall (in Murmuration), Holger Mertin (in Fodderstompf) and circus/performance group Animal Religion. Check DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess for all her releases. , Facebook
Aliases:DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess, Marcelle Van Hoof
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