Real Name:
Randy Roopnarine
With roots in the style of Pop and Dance traditions of songwriting. Randy Roopnarine (ROOP-na-reen) manages to have a flavourable style of lyricism while staying true to the heart and soul of a beat. 'Heatseeker' is the type of track that gives multiple listeners a combination of new-age Electro-pop and Dance music taken to a new level of musical pleasure.
The first thing you will notice about Randy is his unique style of songwriting and his voice. His lyrical Rhythm can make you rise and shake your soul, all in a heartbeat. Then he captures you with the way his melodies flow together, and leave you wanting more. Beautiful, sentimental, energetic, but mostly fun, Randy writes songs that are noticeably personal. You will want to dance- volume up, on a dancefloor- and simply listen. But that doesn't mean he won't emotionally capture you. Because he will. Since the release of Randy's first single 'Heatseeker' in September 2012. Randy has been working very hard on his debut album. He has played shows in local bars of Montreal, a charity event for the lost ones of the Tsunami, in the span of less than a year. From the downtown city lights of Montreal, Randy has been recieving praise for his upbeat, fun lyrical prowess, and powerhouse pop vocals.
Randy currently resides in Montreal, Quebec working on his debut album entitled 'Renaissance'. The album is set to feature the fiery-energetic 'Heatseeker', along with songs that include positive, upbeat, catchy dance-pop productions from producers in Montreal. "I want this album to be a reflection of things that I've been through in my life. Hopefully people can connect to the messages that I've written in these lyrics, but at the same time, smile, and dance. I want this record to be a fun, emotional dancefloor, whether you're happy, sad, angry, or in love, to just let it all out, be yourself, and always know in the end, you got you."- Randy


Singles & EPs

KSPRO006 Randay - Manipulation (5D Psychic Systems Tribal Progressive Mix) album art Randay Manipulation (5D Psychic Systems Tribal Progressive Mix)(File, MP3, Single) Karma Soul Records - EDM-Progressive KSPRO006 Canada 2017
KSHOU010 Randay - Manipulation (5D Psychic Systems Club Mix) album art Randay Manipulation (5D Psychic Systems Club Mix)(File, MP3, Single) Karma Soul Records - EDM-House KSHOU010 Canada 2017