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Sound nerd & visual artist Albert van Abbe has just about covered the whole field of electronic music over the course of the last 21 years; from minimalistic sound installations to uncompromising Hardcore Acid productions, a long list of collaborative works, institutional partnerships and public projects with artists of various mediums add to an exciting list of performances both inside and outside the club.

Having worked within the broader audio-visual arts field for over two decades, Albert van Abbe creates sonic architectures for intimacy, sensibility and movement. Spaces in which you can lose yourself and find oneself at the same time. He has a deep interest in the concept of synaesthesia, in addition to ongoing research in kinetic and spatial sound experiments. Albert van Abbe’s musical output can be perceived as deeply melancholic in one sense, and genuinely uplifting from another.

Published in early 2022, a collaborative album with Byetone and Albert van Abbe’s new solo album ‘Nondual’ are out on Raster, deeply inspired by Nondualism. The term non duality refers to the recognition that what we essentially are, behind this seeming multiplicity and diversity of objects, others and selves, a single indivisible reality.

On the horizon, van Abbe continues to experiment with various formats, in particular with shifts in the live music and events industry. Further A/V projects, installations and reactive light works are central, working closely with light-art crews in the Netherlands. Studio production is still active as well, with another collaboration with Speedy J – created using an array of 1950’s-era measuring equipment, in addition to an ongoing residency program at Willem Twee Studio’s, in which van Abbe invites guests to collaborate on a massive analog modular system together.
Aliases:Datasmok, The Pulse Projects
In Groups:Clay (6), Harpoen, Penik Ettek
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