Paris Radio Orchestra

French orchestra founded 1937 and run by French broadcasting service Radio France.

1937-1960 - Named Orchestre Radio-symphonique de la Radiodiffusion-télévision Française or Orchestre Radio - Symphonique De Paris, conducted by Eugène Bigot (1937-1960).

1960-1964 - Renamed Orchestre Philharmonique de la Radiodiffusion-télévision Française or Orchestre Philharmonique de la RTF, conducted by Eugène Bigot (1960-1964).

1964-1976 - Renamed Orchestre Philharmonique de L'office de la Radiodiffusion-télévision Française or Orchestre Philharmonique de l'ORTF, conducted by Eugène Bigot (1964), then Charles Bruck (1965-1970).

1979-1989 - Renamed Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique or Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, conducted by
Gilbert Amy (1976-1981), Emmanuel Krivine (1981-1984), Marek Janowski (1984-2000)

1989- Renamed Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France or Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France, conducted by Marek Janowski (1984-2000) and Myung-Whun Chung (2000-).
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