Suecae Sounds

Suecae Sounds

Real Name:
Robert Halvarsson
Suecae Sounds is the moniker for Swedish electronica artist and writer Robert Halvarsson.
While in the past being involved in the tracker scene,
he felt the need to grow and Suecae Sounds became the name to channel the intent of evolving musically and technically.
While at the same time staying true to the spirit of Creative Commons and Net-audio.

His first EP Looking Back while Stepping Up was released on Mephtik Netlabel in 2008.
Since then he has been featured on compilations and have had his music involved in several media projects.
Giving and Receiving is his second full release, out for free on Load and Clear Net-label.


Suecae Sounds Discography


[L&C 36] Suecae Sounds Giving And Receiving(2xFile, MP3, 320) Load And Clear Netlabel [L&C 36] Belgium 2010
[L&C 49] Suecae Sounds 12 O' Clock Dubs(2xFile, MP3, 320) Load And Clear Netlabel [L&C 49] Belgium 2011