Real Name:
Eric Normandin
Who is Type-Z.E.R.O.?

Type-Z.E.R.O. started back in 2003, when as a progressive DJ, the appeal of the harder sounds started to pull him away from what he had been producing and spinning for years. Type-Z.E.R.O. started out as a hard acid trance production alias. As the years went by, he found that the harder sounds kept on pulling him deeper and deeper into the the genre. Eventually the Progressive Trance sound fell completely and Type-Z.E.R.O. was the only focus...

A DJ career dating back to 2001, and production dating back to 1997, Type-Z.E.R.O. Has been at this game for a while. Originally taking root in progressive and techno, his sound has evolved across almost every genre of trance and now settling in on Hardstyle. Obsess with the genre, Type-Z.E.R.O. has dedicated himself to perfecting his mixing techniques and playing some of the most uplifting and driving melodies combined with the hardest and dirtiest drum beats around.

After an almost 4 year hiatus, Type-Z.E.R.O. returned with a vengeance in 2010... with a new sound and a new company, Type-Z.E.R.O.'s Overdrive Canada has been ripping it up, and destroying dance floors. Leading the way for hard dance and Hardstyle in Canada, Type-Z.E.R.O. has become a driving force. His sets are always super high energy and raw. His trademark tempo changes and style changes ranging from hardest slow tempo kick drum break downs, into the funkiest of electro grooves and all the way into hardcore and gabber. Nothing is off limits, and nothing is to far fetched. Combined with an unparallelled energy behind the decks, Type-Z.E.R.O. brings a whole new experience to hard dance lovers. Continuously gigging, always practicing and ever refining his sound, Type-Z.E.R.O. has had the pleasure to be showcased on several mix compilations. He has also won “Most requested DJ” and also claiming the title of “Best DJ in Ottawa in 2011”. A title he kept in the 2012, taking it by storm.

With the launch of Overdrive Canada Digital(OCD) label, the push continues to showcase Canadian hard dance talent. The only all Canadian Hardstyle label, with the sole purpose of bringing Canadian hardstyle to the intentional scene. Since it's launch, Type-ZERO has had several Top100 international releases on the Hardstyle charts, and reaching the Top40 in 2013.

In early 2012, Type-Z.E.R.O. also teamed up with the Hard Dance Nation from the United States, to bring more intentional talents to Canada. In March 2012 OCD teamed up with Hardstyle.com to sell originally produced Canadian hardstyle tracks on their website. Bringing the Canadian hard dance sound to the world.

Working with his partners, both locally and on the intentional level, Type-Z.E.R.O. has shown that his drive, determination and love for the music is second to none. An energy that's impossible to resist, a sound that always leaves people wanting for more, and a stage presence that just draws people in, Type-Z.E.R.O. is on a level of his own.

Having played along side of such names as DJ Coone, DJ Sharkey, DJ Unknown, Angerfist, CLSM, Crisis Era, Luna-C, Rodi Styles, DJ Prospect, DJ Pinnacle, Mark Smith, Original Sin, The Divider, Zoe Van West, No-Left-Turn, The Blizzard Boys, Dain-Ja, P4L4DIN, DJ Mad, DJ Tamerax, DJ Virus, Starscape, DJ Joe Rowe just to name a few.

Get ready for a hardstyle experience like no other, It's time to play...


Type-Zero Discography

Singles & EPs

NA Type-ZERO Would You?(File, WAV, Single) Fiberline Audio NA 2004
NA Type-ZERO Samurai(File, WAV, Single) Beatmaka NA 2005
AMB003 Type-Zero Phase(File, MP3, Single) Ambiguous Recordings AMB003 Canada 2009
OCD-12004 Type-ZERO They Drew Their Plans Against Us(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-12004 2012
OCD-12003 Type-ZERO System Overdrive(File, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-12003 2012
OCD-12002 Type-ZERO Our World(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-12002 2012
OCD-12002 Type-ZERO Speed Of Life(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-12002 2012
OCD-12001 Type-ZERO SHIFT(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-12001 2012
OCD-13001 Type-ZERO All Systems Nominal(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-13001 2013
OCD-13006 Type-ZERO Try Again(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-13006 2013
OCD-13002 Type-ZERO Bass Kick! (Original Mix)(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-13002 2013
4040217008105 Type-ZERO Bass Kick (Original Mix)(File, WAV, Single) Hard Dance Nation 4040217008105 2013
OCD-13005 Type-ZERO Elevate(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-13005 2013
OCD-13004 Type-ZERO Go and Go(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-13004 2013
OCD-14002 Type-ZERO Dose(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-14002 2014
MPR-029 Type Z.E.R.O.* My Mind E.P.(File, WAV, EP) Metrophonic Resistance MPR-029 Germany 2014
OCD-14001 Type-ZERO It Ain't Over(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-14001 2014
OCD-15004 Type-ZERO Retribution(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-15004 2015
OCD-15001 Type-Zero Retribution(File, WAV, EP) Overdrive Canada OCD-15001 Canada 2015
OCD-15003 Type-ZERO Spud Warrior(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-15003 2015
OCD-15002 Type-ZERO, Tamerax Type-ZERO, Tamerax - TRIP (Type-ZERO Hard Mix)(File, WAV, Single) Overdrive Canada OCD-15002 2015


20151221 Type-Zero Pure(File, Single, Comp) Metrophonic Resistance 20151221 2015