Alexander Nemtin

Alexander Nemtin (1936-1999) was born on July 13, 1936 in Molotov (now Perm, Russia). His brilliant musical talent and gift for music composing became apparent to his mother who had graduated from an all girls’ gymnasium and played piano rather well, from his early childhood. In 1944 little Alexander entered primary school and joined a piano class at a music school. In the same year he wrote his first music, and December 26, 1949 is the date of his first appearance on the stage as a composer. In 1954 Alexander Nemtin began to work as an orchestra leader in amateur music associations in Perm. In 1960 after a brilliant graduation of the conservatory Alexander Nemtin was supposed to work for the Composers Union of Siberia in Novosibirsk. But he could not find a job as a composer there, so he had to return to Moscow. In 1961 he began to control the ANS Synthesizer – a photo-electronic musical instrument, invented by a Russian engineer Eugene Murzin. ANS is the abbreviation for Alexander Nikolaevich Scriabin, a Russian composer who dreamt of new ways of sound forming. On March 4, 1965 Nemtin became a member of the Composers’ Union. In 1970 Alexander Nemtin undertook a unique attempt to reconstruct Scriabin’s “The Prefatory Act (Preparation for the Final Mystery)”. He finished this titanic work in 1998. Alexander Nemtin died in on February 2nd, 1999.

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