Luis Rodriguez

Real Name:Luis Rodriguez-Salazar

Spanish producer, arranger, mixer and engineer born 15.03.1948. He started in mid-seventies as a singer, but is mostly known as the co-producer of Dieter Bohlen's projects 1986-1993.
Luis Rodriguez co-produced such artists as C.C. Catch, Blue System, Chris Norman (ex-Smokie), Bonnie Tyler, Les McKeown (ex-Bay City Rollers), Errol Brown (ex-Hot Chocolate) etc.
In mid-eighties he worked on numerous projects like New Baccara, Mike Mareen, Loco Loco (2), Chicano (4), T. Ark etc.
With vocals of his wife Josephine Hiebel he made a string of dance-projects such as: Creative Connection, Josy, Dana Harris (3) etc.
Nowadays Luis keeps on working on various projects: 2 Eivissa (No1 in Spain in 1997), David Tavaré (No1 in Spain in 2006), Matthias Reim, Mark Ashley (2), Oliver Lukas and, of course, with Lian Ross.
He is founder/owner of LR Musikverlag (also known as LR Music) and Studio 33 (1988) (later renamed in Studio 33 Mallorca).

Aliases:Bobby To, José Rodriguez (9), Luigi Ricco, Terry Lewis (9)
In Groups:Chicano (4), Don Luis Y Compania, Loco Loco (2), Sunday Afternoon, Team 33, The Producers Of Fun Factory, United Concert
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