Hardcore punk band from Sydney, Australia
Deathcage began back in 2008 since then the boys have created an explosion impact on the heavy metal punk scene, not only local but also worldwide. Deathcage began with an idea to re –create the sound of early nineties Japanese hardcore with a contemporary Aussie bastardisation. Members of Deathcage have played in numerous other cult bands among Sydney such as Smash’n Grab, Red stain, Headless Horsemen and Deadstare. Deathcage pay ohmage to their Japanese forefathers such as “Deathside, Crude and Bastard” but also draw strong influence from British heavy metal such as “Iron Maiden”. Deathcage’s sound has matured from Japanese ”burning sprits” into something a little more cutting edge. Deathcage fans range from punks, crusties, to metal heads and thrashers.

In the short three years the band has been together they have released three 7”eps which sold out instantly overnight, not only here locally at shows but in Japan also. The 7”ers were released domestically and internationally and were received well by the internationally DIY community. In 2011 Deathcage will release a full-length lp/ cd that will be a co- release with a domestic and Japanese label, which will coincide with their European tour. Deathcage have countless excellent reviews in Maximum Rock ‘n Roll and other fanzines to thank for this.

Deathcage is will know for the intensity of their stage show which captures the offensiveness of punk rock and over kill of glam metal. Imagine if Iron Maiden and GG Allin had a car crash, Deathcage would be the hideous mess crawling from the wreckage. Expect blazing solos, intense drum fills and a maniac in leather gloves screaming at you like your trapped in hell. The circle pit they create is like a holocaustic whirlpool of death which isn’t for the faint hearted. As still a young band, Deathcage has toured extensively across Australia leaving a crumbling wasteland of rabid metal heads wanting more.



Deathcage - Plague Of The Rats album art Deathcage Plague Of The Rats Agipunk Italy 2011 Sell This Version
Deathcage - Deathcage / Unknown To God album art Deathcage / Unknown To God Deathcage / Unknown To God - Deathcage / Unknown To God (Album) Coffin Cut Records Australia 2013 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Deathcage - From Despair To Where EP album art Deathcage From Despair To Where EP (EP) Endless Blockades Australia 2008 Sell This Version
Deathcage - Chaos Nightrider album art Deathcage Chaos Nightrider Schizophrenic Records (2) Canada 2009 Sell This Version
Deathcage - Tomorrow We Die album art Deathcage Tomorrow We Die Sniper Fucker Australia 2009 Sell This Version


none Deathcage - Deathcage / Nailed Down album art Deathcage / Nailed Down Deathcage / Nailed Down - Deathcage / Nailed Down(Lathe, 5") Not On Label none Australia 2012 Sell This Version

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