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Uk garage/hip hop collective from Battersea, South London. Rose through their shows on pirate radio station Delight FM, occupying most of the Sunday schedule which became known as 'So Solid Sundays'. The emphasis on MCs during the period where the darker side of UK garage side was developing would be an early influence towards what would develop later into grime.

So Solid's first single "Oh No" would arrive in 2000, followed by breaking into the UK top 40 with "21 Seconds" (UK no.1), "They Don't Know" (no. 3), and "Haters" (no. 8). These would all appear on their debut album "They Don't Know" released in October 2001, reaching no. 6 in the UK album charts.

Their follow up album "2nd Verse" would follow in September 2003. Various members have also had solo success and produced for others, and So Solid were still touring into 2013.

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Members:AC Burrell, Alex Rivers, Ashley Walters, Dan Da Man, Darren Weir, DJ Mex (2), Dwayne Vincent, G. Phillips (2), J. Williams (9), Jason Moore (4), Karl Daniel, Kowdean, Lisa Maffia, M. J. Harvey, Mark Oseitutu, Marvin Dawkins, Morgan (4), PDS, Pierre Neil, Shabi Naqui
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