Asmus Tietchens


German experimental musician (born 3 February 1947, Hamburg).
He began recording sound experiments in 1965 with electronic musical instruments, synthesizers and tape loops. In the 1970s he met producer Okko Bekker who has been credited as producer on Tietchens' releases ever since.
Although some of his better-known recordings from the early 80s are what he refers to as "electronic pseudo-pop", most of Tietchen's works are much more experimental in nature, drawing on influences as diverse as Industrial, Electro-Acoustic, Ambient, and Musique Concrète, moving toward more abstract sound collages.
The sleeves on his albums often quote philosopher Emil Cioran. , Bandcamp
Aliases:Achim Stutessen, Assistent Meusch, Chestnut Ameis, Club Of Rome, Hans Tim Cessteu, Hematic Sunsets, Mischa Suttense, Sam 'The Cute' Sins, Senta Steumisch, Statische Musen, Stu 'Snatch' Seemi, Tina Tuschemess, Tussi Schemante
In Groups:Das Zeitzeichenorchester, Doc Wör Mirran, Kontakt Der Jünglinge, Liliental, Spiders on Phasing, Statische Musen
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