Kirlian Camera


Italian electronic act fronted by Angelo Bergamini.
Kirlian Camera are one of the pioneers of the Italian electronic scene, who have encompassed many genres. Active from 1979 under the name Suicide Commando, the band changed name in 1980 releasing their first demo-tape "Dawn" and the self-titled mini-album in late 1981.
The early records contain a mix of synth pop and new wave/dance songs, while towards the end of the 1980s' Kirlian Camera's music became darker, turning into electro-gothic sound. Nearly every release since then has explored different fields, from industrial to ambient and trip-hop.
Mind of Kirlian Camera has always been Angelo Bergamini, together with many members, performers and vocalists.
Other important members have been
Fabrizio Chiari (1979-1982) Synthesizer, Keyboards,
Simona Buja (1980-1987) Vocals, Synthesizer, Keyboards,
Paul Sears (1982-1985) Guitar, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Vocals,
Charlie Mallozzi (1985-1987) Electronic Drums,
Mauro Montacchini (1988-1990), Bass, Synthesizer, Sampler,
Simon Balestrazzi (1991-1996 / 2009- ) Guitar, Synthesizer,
Ivano Bizzi (1997-1999) Keyboards,
Gianluca Becuzzi (1999-2000) Synthesizer,
Andrea Savelli (2000-2008) Guitar,
Falk Pitschk (2008-2009) Electronics.

Current line-up:
Angelo Bergamini - keyboards, electronics, vocals
Elena Alice Fossi - lead and backing vocals, keyboards, electronics, bass guitar
Davide Mazza - (live member) keyboards, electronics, vocals
Mia Wallace - (live member) bass guitar , Bandcamp , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , MySpace , Reverb , Soundcloud , Tumblr , Wikipedia
Aliases:Ordo Ecclesiae Mortis, Stalingrad
Members:Andrea Fossi, Angelo Bergamini, Barbara Boffelli, Bianca Hoffmann-Santos, Elena Alice Fossi, Emilia Lo Jacono, Fabrizio Chiari, Falk Pitschk, Gianluca Becuzzi, Giorgio Vecchi, Graziano Mallozzi, Ivano Bizzi, Kyoo Nam Rossi, Mauro Montacchini, Mia Wallace (4), Nancy Appiah, Paul Sears, Simon Balestrazzi, Simona Buja
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