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Paul Kalkbrenner
Born June 11, 1977 in Leipzig. Techno Artist from Berlin, Germany. Brother of Fritz Kalkbrenner.

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July 27, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
One of the best artists of techno i've ever heard
He did great song for Berlin Calling and Global Player..
On live, it's a genius


May 17, 2015
The best and only PK. You inspired us all producers, I wish I could see you one day and talk to you.


January 12, 2013
He got really famous after the movie "Berlin calling" and i've seen lot of people starting loving is production since that. For me this artist is incredibely boring. A real lake of punch in his trancy minimal techno, but it's probably what the public ask nowadays. Flabby melodies on a repetitive boring minimal tech-house beat with tons of reverbs and delays. I'm not sure i could even like it in an after party.


February 8, 2010
Paul Kalkbrenner is the best DJ in the world.
But where in the list is the remix of Mad World?


November 4, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
In my honest opinion , this is one of the best electronic music composers of these days.His music is a mixture of beats and sound effects usual in elctronic music composing but without neglecting something many other wellknown artists do; Melody.

He knows how to create a song by combining beats, sounds and effects and ,at the same time, all these elements join together reaching a melody line , which results attractive to anyone with a minimun sense of music.
Kalkbrenner is a graet composer, even many of his songs could be transformed into innovative Classical Music Masterpieces.

His album "Superimpose" is the best example of all this.

9 out of 10.


March 21, 2004
Paul Kalkbrenner is, without doubt, the most innovative European electronic artist of the past five years. Even his releases pre-Bpitch Control are outstanding in terms of structure, constraint, and melody. As he mentioned in one interview, he likes the elements of 'early' trance (early Platipus, A13, Dragonfly, T.I.P., etc.) and he's not afraid to incorporate the amazing minor-key melodies characteristic of early trance into his records. This is unusual given the fact that a lot of people have written trance off almost completely.
The fact that Kalkbrenner can sustain two simple synth chords over an entire track, "Brennt" for example, and yet keep the tension and changes so that the track moves <i>and</i> grooves is extraordinary.

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