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6002-2 The Pigs In Space Oforia E.P. — Ofer Dikovsky Ofer Dikovsky The Pigs In Space Oforia E.P.(CD, EP) Phonokol 6002-2 Israel 1999 Sell This Version


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December 24, 2007
For what it's worth today, I think Ofer Dikovsky is (was) the greatest, and by quite some distance most talented, Israel based producer of psychedelic trance. While today he is hardly distinguishable from uncountable other cheesy full-on acts, overflooding the market on a daily basis with nothing but cheap fodder.
But, back in the day, Ofer was involved in some of the key projects which greatly aided shape the old school sound, and he had a key role in furtherly developing and placing the israeli scene in the middle of the map. Indoor, Tandu, Phreaky, Sound Pollution, and his uniquely fantastic album under his Pigs In Space alias are just the most famous and talked about acts and collaborations this man was involved in.
Leaving behind the typical, and at that time very in demand light hearted, ear friendly and easy on the listener melodies the israeli acts became known for, Ofer introduced trance with much more edge. He spiced up his relentless and harsh production with killer and sharp metallic effects hitting hard on the dancefloors, and getting stuck in listeners heads for weeks! His old school goa trance production successfully flirted with more techier sounds and straighth forward psychedelic madness much before it became a household trademark for modern psy trance producers. Unfortunately, his creativity and the omni present challenge factor in his music seemed to have faded away together with the entire old school wave. Today, Ofer Dikovsky's legacy lives on, and his older production is still venerated by old school lovers all over the globe, but unfortuantely for most, his recent output manages to please only the least demanding fans, churning out onto the market exclusively the lowest common denominator of what is allegedly called psy trance.
Not to be confused though, virtually any pre 1999 track you pick with Ofer Dikovsky's name stamped on it should properly blow you away. Maximal respect should be given to this immensly talented individual for his enormous input in this once constantly flourishing scene.
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