Venus Fly Trap


British alternative rock band founded in Northampton in the late 1980's. Their eclectic style of alternative music blended post-punk with goth to form a dark psychedelic hybrid.

Early releases came out via French label DANCETERIA (Venus In Fleurs) that led to tours in France, Belgium and Germany. European interest has always been strong further albums came out via AZYL (Czech Republic), SPECTRE (Germany), SOUNDBUSTER (Germany) and SPV (Germany/Poland). More tours followed getting to new territories including Holland, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Poland.

Major festival appearances have had the band sharing the stage with the likes of NEW MODEL ARMY, DAS ICH (Castle Party, POLAND), PSYCHE (Vampira, Warsaw, POLAND), CLAN OF XYMOX, (Gotham, London, UK) and TWO WITCHES (Carnival of Souls, UK), SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK & FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY .

Veering away from mid-period alternative rock later albums embraced dark electronica and surreal psychedelic atmospherics. In 2002 the back catalog was re-vamped / reissued closely followed by the album ZENITH and a DVD video compilation CELLULOID in 2005. In 2009 the release of METAMORPHOSIS 1987-2007 finally collates all of the singles , popular album tracks and 2 brand new numbers ( HUMAN FLY & GEMINI LOUNGE)

VENUS FLY TRAP are a hard band to pigeon hole taking their influences from a myriad of sources try VELVET UNDERGROUND, BOWIE, KRAFTWERK, BAUHAUS, JOY DIVISION, SISTERS OF MERCY, NIN, ROXY MUSIC, GOLDFRAPP, DOORS, SIOUXSIE & BANSHEES, CURE ... , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Alex Novak, Andy Denton, Brian Ansell, Curtis E Johnson, John Novak, Tony Booker
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