Pauline Anna Strom

a blind composer and keyboardist from San Francisco (USA). A most her albums was released between early and up to late of 1980s. She claims to be a musical consort to time and the living incarnation of an all-embracing entity of music. Celestial and harmonious, her music invites the listener to travel into the profound realm of his psyche. A call to transcend the concepts and standards of his existence. Drifting through a vivid scope of an unformed pulsating myriad of colours and shades, the discover of the spirit. Serenity and peace rein throughout the entire musical experience, sometimes breaking the boundaries of a sci-fi oriented ambient-era. From the profound mellow mood overflowing in this new age work, arises a unruffled affinity to internal perception and solipsism. Numinous fields and spectacular sceneries; creations of the mind... Pauline currently is a Reiki master, spiritual counselor, and healer living (still) in San Francisco. She shares her apartment with Little Solstice — her beloved Cyclura Iguana.