Luke Slater

Real Name:Luke Simon Arthur Slater

Luke Slater (b. 12 June 1968, Reading, Berkshire, England) is an English electronic musician, DJ and record producer from Crawley, UK. He is one of the UK's longest standing techno producers and DJs, active since the late 1980s when he worked in the Mi Price record shop. He was involved with the founding of the Jelly Jam Records shop and label, and went on to release on a number of seminal labels. Was also a resident DJ at Troll.

In 2006 he set up Mote-Evolver. , Facebook , Lastfm , MySpace , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , Tumblr , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Aliases:1st Bass, 4 Slots For Bill, Clementine, Deputy Dawg, Earnest Honest, Jan Van Janssen, Krispy Krouton, L.B. Dub Corp, Lloyd Owes Me A Packet, Offset, Planetary Assault Systems, The 7th Plain, Translucent
In Groups:Heamaglobien, LSD (48), Machine (3), Morganistic, Re-Animator (2), Roog Unit, S/D, Spinach
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