Mezzrow from Nyköping, Sweden recorded two demotapes (Frozen Soul and Cross of Tormention) before they got in contact with Active Records. In 1990 they released their only full length-release "Then came the killing" and it is still today considered as one of the best thrash metal releases from Sweden and Scandinavia. Mezzrow recorded another demo in 1991 before disbanding. During their short career Mezzrow gigged with all important swedish bands at the time like Candlemass, Entombed, Midas Touch, Hexenhaus, Kazjurol, Fallen Angel and Meshuggah to name a few. In late 2006 Mezzrow reunited for a special show, which was filmed and released as part of a double DVD, titled "Then Came The Video", It was made available only from the band, this DVD set put together by the band with some old photos, demos, videos, liveconcerts, articles and fanzines.. MEZZROW have created their own Youtube Channel where they are broadcasting their official video 'Then Came The Killing'.
Former / Past Members: Peter Rosén - Guitar (Mortality, R.I.P.)

Members:Alvaro Svanerö, Conny Welén, Jon Skäre, Nicke Andersson (3), Staffe Karlsson, Steffe Karlsson, Ubbe Sehlstedt, Uffe Pettersson, Zebba Karlsson
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