SST (8)

Real Name:Christa Brüggemann

Chris Brüggemann was a mastering and cutting engineer at SST Brüggemann GmbH since 1970. She also owned the company until she retired from the job in the beginning of May 2011.

If the credit for this artist is derived from an "SST" etching in the runout groove, please enter the following credits:

For cuts prior to May 2011:
Add a company: Lacquer Cut At – SST Brüggemann GmbH
Add an artist credit: Lacquer Cut By - SST (8)

For cuts between June 2011 and 2016:
Add a company: Lacquer Cut At – SST Brüggemann GmbH

For cuts since 2017:
Add a company: Lacquer Cut At – SST GmbH

Note: only credit SST (8) with Lacquer Cut By if "SST" is not accompanied by other initials; if it is, please credit the company SST Brüggemann GmbH (or SST GmbH since 2017) along with the following engineers, with ANVs:
"/L SST" "Λ_ SST" (combined AL) – Alex Nimmermann
"SST ▽Z" (combined / stylized D and Z) – Davi Rodrigues De Lima
"SST-H" or "SST Ha" – Michael Haas
"K SST" or "Kr SST" – Daniel Krieger
"SST MW" – Martin Wegner
"SST TK" – Theo Krieger
Aliases:Chris Brüggemann




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