They Might Be Giants


Alternative/indie rock band that was formed in 1982. The band was started by John Linnell and John Flansburgh, who are still the band's only official members. They were initially accompanied by a drum machine before employing a backing band in 1992.

Current backing band members:
Dan Miller (guitar since 1998)
Danny Weinkauf (bass since 1998)
Marty Beller (drums since 2003)

Former backing band members (years are approximate):
Brian Doherty (drums, 1993-1996)
Dan Hickey (drums, 1997-2003)
Eric Schermerhorn (guitar, 1996-1998)
Graham Maby (bass, 1994-1997)
Hal Cragin (bass, 1997-1998)
Jay Sherman-Godfrey (guitar, 1993-1996)
Jonathan Feinberg (drums, 1992)
Kurt Hoffman (keyboard and woodwinds, 1992-1994)
Tony Maimone (bass, 1992-1993, 1998-2001) , Bandcamp , Facebook , MySpace , X , Wikipedia
Aliases:The Avatars Of They
Members:Dan Miller (2), Danny Weinkauf, John Flansburgh, John Linnell, Marty Beller
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