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The Superradio supergroup featuring Franco Scopinich & Venise at it's core along with a host of other vocal talents, most frequently Barry Mason (2) & Alessandro Novaga who also recorded as Camaro's .
Other contributers included Enzo Vallicelli (writter), Tony Carrasco (writter) of Klein & M.B.O. fame, Fabio Sbaragli (production & mixing), Fulvio Mazzotti (percussions and vocals), Symona (vocals), Pierre Feroldi (vocals and dancing), Sandro Casiglieri (vocals), and Franco Abrignani (vocals).

A group of friends, including Venise, Barry, and Franco, longed to share their love for italian disco and synth pop with others by setting up a pirate radio station, which they called Superradio. Eventually, those involved began writting their own songs to play on the station, and after attempts to get distributed by record lables failed, the Superradio crew decided it best to form Superradio Records. After the initial success of tracks by Sun La Shan and Barry Mason (2) the crew began working on a large unit collaborative project, Camaro's Gang, which would become the crown jewel of Superradio's roster. After the release of successful singles, including Ali Shuffle (SR 7005), Move A Little Closer (SR 7008), Bronx (SR 7014), and Fuerza Major (SR 7015), the band re-mixed and created different edits to be included in a proper full length album, entitled "Decamerone (the Camaro One)" (SR 8002), released in 1985 to moderate success. The last track released by Camaro's Gang was Motel Lovers (SR 7016) in 1986. Sleeves for the vinyl releases often featured photo-collage art work with images of the band members with their cars (such as Franco's metallic red Chevy Camaro, from which the band got it's name), exotic locales, or glamour shots of the band's iconic beauty Venise.

The newly reformed Camaro's Gang has released two new singles, Young School Lovers and Born for Making Dancing/Born For Loving Friends, which stay faithful to the original italo sound which drew the group of friends together in the first place.

The current Camaro's Gang members are Max De La Sierra (vocals and keyboards), Angel Pierre (sound enginering and vocals), and Stalwarts Venise and Franco Scopinich.

Members:Fabio Mason, Franco Scopinich, Fulvio Mazzotti, Sandro Casiglieri, Venise
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