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Hunee location.ak47

March 2, 2021
I think Hunee consider himself as the Jimi Hendrix of what they call (in their gangs) '' diggin' '' - but after some time looking and hearing 'the man', we could say that except nice selections and some good transitions... There's no real talent or prestance except that shaking hands stays his best activity... To everyone thinking i'm talking bad, I do! Because we need to slow down the jet-set and find real interesting dj's as Alain Ho could have been at the time in France, or more underground people that spread movements with energy... This guy only serve discogs platform and admirators... That he probably paid. No worries, we won't talk about his producer talents, we would not make shake a mountain... Of course, all that wrote with love and devotion for... Records, music, rush hour and...Market!

Hunee vagueblack

April 13, 2015
edited over 8 years ago
It's a bit confusing that there is this Hunee above and also the Swedish dj/producer, HNNY ("Honey" is how it's said). They're both kinda hot right now, emerged around the same time, and play somewhat comparable styles of house/techno. They should either have a duel to decide who gets to keep the name...or collaborate.
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Hunee Hadox

January 19, 2021
Trial by Stone! Trial by Stooooone! trial by stoned? word

DJ Crystl should remix the winner word word word word

Hunee rjtholl

July 1, 2020
Trial by Stone! Trial by Stooooone! trial by stoned? word

Hunee comrademassie

August 17, 2015
Was saying this exact same thing recently - it's a conspiracy I tell thee! ...and yes the duel sounds like the most apt way. Either they merge or one must atrophy and die.

Hunee _roygbiv

July 3, 2015
hunee is pronounced hoo-nee, which makes it a bit less confusing

Hunee RyanFoley

April 19, 2015
different guys, both with great names haha