Hunee vagueblack

April 13, 2015
edited over 4 years ago
It's a bit confusing that there is this Hunee above and also the Swedish dj/producer, HNNY ("Honey" is how it's said). They're both kinda hot right now, emerged around the same time, and play somewhat comparable styles of house/techno. They should either have a duel to decide who gets to keep the name...or collaborate.

Hunee comrademassie

August 17, 2015
Was saying this exact same thing recently - it's a conspiracy I tell thee! ...and yes the duel sounds like the most apt way. Either they merge or one must atrophy and die.

Hunee _roygbiv

July 3, 2015
hunee is pronounced hoo-nee, which makes it a bit less confusing

Hunee RyanFoley

April 19, 2015
different guys, both with great names haha