Drop The Lime as reviewed by somebedroomdj

May 23, 2008
Never really understood the hype about this guy's music. The green 7" he put out was quality, but everything else I've heard by him just seemed cheesy and devoid of any real substance. I think the only thing he'll be remembered for in the breakcore scene (that made him, by the way) is writing it off and jumping the bandwagon to the next thing that might pay him. Basically pretends now that he was never a part of such an unsavory scene. Himself, showing that his output is forgettable and not to be taken seriously. Damn hipsters.

Drop The Lime noizstepper

March 26, 2012
BC never really had to do with "quality". It's about innovation and cut up groovy sounds.
DTL does quite well. He mixes up crazy loops and cut up vocal lines and mashed it with his own voice, which is quite nice and typical recognisable. If you want "quality" BC there is ONLY venetian snares!

Drop The Lime as reviewed by Hardmageddon

October 18, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
well, I did not know his music, altough I know most artists around him... I just saw his show in the most unpredictable place ever... in Bairro Alto, downtown Lisbon! Awesome show! Nice stage performance, nice sound and mixing. Never spent too much time on the Mac and made people go jiggy, even wild! Sound? from Breakcore to speedy breaks with some sparse gabber beats... then dark ambient... then vocals with all this. unforgettable! And he seemed a nice person too. :) May he keep surprising us all...